• Show Date: 26/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Culverhouse Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Salisbury & South Wilts Canine Society

Salisbury and South Wilts Canine Society

26th. August 2018

Many thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge, I received a warm welcome on my arrival. It was such a pity that the weather was so awful.

Longcoat Chihuahuas

PUPPY (2, 1a) 1. Ayres' Juchi Casper 6 months and at his first show. Dark cream and white, slightly overawed by his first entry into the show ring. Nice front and hind angulation with good top line. Just needs his confidence building up. BP.


POST GRADUATE (3) 1. Ayres’ Juchi Hilda Ogden, 20 month old blue fawn bitch. Good ear set and carriage, with nice tail set. A bit steep in front, but with good hind angulation. Moved well. 2. Grey's Cheech’s Milky Way, 20 month old cream dog, larger than 1, moved well, his coat is not his fortune at the moment as it is a trifle curly and needs settling. Good dentition. 3. Smart-McMullan's Doobyave Truly Scrumptious JW.

OPEN (3, 1a) 1. Ayres’ Happy Chidonna at Juchi (IMP POL), 3 yr old Parti colour dog. He is in good coat with a nice front and hind angulation. He was playing his owner up to start with, but did eventually settle into his movement. He has good dentition and level top line. He has a nice dark eye which gives him a nice gentle expression. BOB. 2. Repeat from Junior.

Smoothcoat Chihuahuas

PUPPY (3) 1. Sutton’s Now or Never De L'isle Au Vert Coteau Nikitos (IMP FRA), 9 month old cream dog in good body and condition. He has a good ring presence which he uses to his advantage. He has good dentition and his movement is correct, both up and back and in profile. BP and Puppy Group 3. 2. Grey’s Shoopshoop Lady Zsa Zsa, 8 month old pale cream bitch, who needs to use her ears more. Her movement was very ragged today. 3. Brackstone's Pickelsberry Precious Pica.

JUNIOR (2, 1a) It was a pity that the other animal had to withdraw due to a slight accident at the show.

POST GRADUATE (4) 1. Sutton’s Jicara Heartbreaker Nikitos, nearly 10 month old cream dog. Good level top line held on the move. He has a good mouth and tail carriage. 2. Bird's Parisland The Shy One, 18 month old dark sable bitch. Nice animal but carrying a little more weight than is ideal which caused her to lose her top line on the move. She needs to use her ears more to improve her expression. 3. Brackstone’s Tinamyrose Tinas Gem Avec Pickelsberry.

OPEN (4) 1. Sutton’s Nikitos Nowherenearnormal JW, 17 month old cream dog who nearly lost the class because he was fooling about on the move. He did however, managed to compose himself in the final decision between him and his sister who was second. He has a good strong head with nice earset and good body condition. BOB. 2. Sutton’s Nikitos Nothinglikenormal JW. Litter sister to 1 and pushed him hard for the top spot. Tricolour bitch, with good ears and front. She is a bit loose in her top line at present and was a trifle unsettled on the move. 3. Grey’s Shoopshoop Lady Zsa Zsa.

Jim Culverhouse