• Show Date: 18/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jacky Cutler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Matlock & District Canine Society

Matlock & DCS


Bearded Collies

P (3, 2) 1. May's Sengalas Indiana True. Nine month old black and white bitch with attitude. A well balanced head, chest developing on the right lines, good body shape, level topline and decent length of back. Well angulated and moving with drive. RBOB and BP. Thilled to see her take the Puppy Group.

J (2, 1) 1. Butler's Ceilmear Malt Teaser. Thirteen month old brown and white male with matching eye colour, broad skull but sightly long in muzzle. Still needs to develop in forechest, topline level and showing plenty of daylight. Lacking undercoat at present. Moved well when speeded up.

PG (1) 1. Peirson & Palfreyman's Scalbeck In The Spot Light. Two year old dark slate bitch with a well balanced head and expression. Good forechest and level topline, well sprung ribs with good length of back. Moved well with a ground covering gait.

O (2, 1) 1. Hardy's Potterdale Harrier At Otterswish. Three year old blue and white male, with a lovely well balanced head and lively expression. Good forechest and ribcage, level topline and good length of back, nice tight feet and moved with ease covering the ground well. BOB and pleased to see him take Group 2.

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

P (3) 1. Lindsay & Davies' Fablehawk Creole Dreams Ambrajai. Seven month old red bitch with a dark mask, well set ears which she used to advantage, good reach of neck, balanced outline and topline held on the move, with an easy action. RBOB and BP. 2. Metcalfe & Willingham's Fablehawk Winterheart To Belshedo. Attractive grey litter sister to (1), smaller ears, carrying a heavier coat and a tad too much condition. Well angulated and moved well. 3. Lindsay & Glenton's Fablehawk Wolfheart. Red dog, not as forward as his sisters and not quite as relaxed, but showing promise.

PG (2) 1. Elliott's Sulanevaeh Raul Thane. Two year old red male, maturing into a very handsome dog. Super head planes of good length, well placed ears which he used to advantage, excellent reach of neck. Good front, level topline held on the move and well balanced outline, enough angulation and stands well over his ground. Shown in excellent coat and condition and moved easily here to take BOB. 2. Such's Norlissa Freyja By Norlyght (Imp). Two year old red bitch with an inquisitive expression, good overall body shape, but found her a tad on the small side, tends to high step in front and is rather over angulated behind.

O (1, 1).

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)

P (3) 1. Brett's Goldmali Over The Rainbow. This class gave me a read headache – all three were reluctant to show off their virtues but the winner made the most progress throughout the class and challenge. At seven months she is such a pretty red bitch with a good mask, perhaps a tad light all over but she has a good front and level topline, scored on breed type and movement which improved with her gaining confidence. Could not deny her this class and ultimately BOB and BP. 2. Schofield's Goldmali Noyau's Fire At Toverheks. Eleven month old grey bitch, good head and body shape, not as well angulated as (1). 3. Davis' Jotunheim Morgan. Eight month old red male, rather strong in head for me, good front, needs to strengthen in topline, moved well.

PG (2) 1. Brett's Goldmali King Of Hearts. This two year old fawn male has a balanced head, dark eye, and well used ears. He gas a good front and holds his topline, stands on good feet and moved easily here. RBOB. 2. Brett's Goldmali Lullaby. Bitch of twenty-one months of nice size, could do with a tad more stop, good reach of neck, slightly steep front, she is a bit longer cast but maintains her topline, rear angulation is sufficient.

O (1) 1. Brett's Mats Vd Vaardekenshoeve At Goldmali (Imp). Four year old red male of a smaller stamp, ears are quiet low set and could do with more stop. Lovely dark eyes, good front and level topline, bit straight in stifle, stands on good feet and moved well.

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)

PG (2) 1. Snook's Bonvivant Liquorice Liquer. Attractive well proportioned head with well placed ears on this twenty-one month old male, well balanced body with a good outline, feet could be tighter, good rear angulation and moved out well. RBOB. 2. Heap's Telegraph Road Du Chemin Des Sorcieres At Depamead. Two year old male with a very alert expression, dark eyes and well used ears. Rather rangy at present and needs to fill out his frame but time is on his side.

O (2) 1. Davies' Xanova Black Pearl At Daelois. Two and a half year old bitch with a pretty head and super expression. Very elegant, balanced outline, good bone and feet and well angulated. In super coat and condition. BOB. 2. Heap's Run For Cover Du Chemin Des Sorcieres At Depamead. This almost three year old male is a bigger stamp of dog, has a strong head with well placed ears. He stands over good ground, holds a level topline and moves well.

Judge: Jacky Cutler