• Show Date: 14/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jacky Cutler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel Association


14th October 2018


Junior (1) 1. Hendrick's Mertrisa Wild Jasmine With Anpasch NAF. Really sweet sable and white puppy bitch of just seven and a half months, with a pretty head and well placed ears and eyes. Good front, nicely balanced for her stage of development, well angulated and moved well once she realised what was expected of her. Very promising and with her excellent hind movement was happy to give her Best of Breed and Puppy Group 4.

Post Graduate (2) 1. Lyall's Santaloly's Sky Amidalas. Three year old sable and white bitch with a nice head and expression, good reach of neck, lovely outline and good hind angulation. In lovely coat and condition. Tending to move a tad close behind. 2. Hanson's Ambartr Plancee At Jards NL JW. Sable and white bitch, balanced head but ears a bit fly away, longer cast than (1) and rather fine boned.

Open (3, 1) 1. Santaloly's Sky Amidalas. 2. Hendrick's Mertrisa Emrys Destiny At Anpasch. Seven year old blue merle lad, ears rather low set which spoiled the expression, good reach of neck and topline, in good coat but a bit loose behind on the move.


We were playing musical dogs with transfers due to printer's errors in the catalogue so hopefully the results are correct!

Junior (5) 1. Shahmatova's Nashdom La Vie Est Belle. Pretty thirteen month old black and white bitch, well balanced in head with a broad skull and well used ears, good bone but tending to stand wide in front, good topline held on the move, well angulated behind and moved very well. 2. Hartfield's Moshanta Making A Move JW. Impessive outline on this eleven month old black and white bitch, keen expression, good topline and good rear angulation. Tended to wander a bit on the move. Best Puppy. 3. Greaves' Moshanta Midnight Hour.

Post Graduate (3) 1. Cooper's Moshanta Mystic Maiden. Black and white bitch of nineteen months, nice head with a broad skull, held her topline on the move but outline not helped by carrying a little too much weight, in lovely coat, moving slightly close behind. 2. Croft & Peters' Falconmoor Love Me Do. Eleven month old tricolour bitch, head needs to balance as she is a bit short in muzzle at present, good topline, slightly longer cast than (1), good rear angulation, movement a tad erratic. 3. Criddle's Champarla Murano Star.

Open (5, 1) 1. Hartfield's Moshanta Movin On JW ShCM. Three year old black and white bitch who has fulfilled her early promise, pretty, well balanced head with a keen expression, good front, excellent topline held well on the move, super hind angulation and turned out in lovely order. Movement such a joy to watch, dropping her head with that typical Collie action. Beast of Breed, Group 1 and thrilled to see her take Reserve Best in Show. 2. Shahmatova's Nashdom Putting On the Ritz (AI). Impressive two year old black and white male with a super head and expression, good topline and angulation front and rear, full of pop and not suited to this indoor ring - would love to see him outside. 3. Carr's Rajjinka Safe Bet.


Puppy (5, 2) 1. Mair Jones & Kirkwood's Vandreem Imperial Kazhiya (Samoyed). Stunning - checked my book to ensure it was a puppy class! Upstanding young male of ten months who looked a real picture both standing and on the move. Well built with a classic headpiece, well set eyes giving super expression, well arched neck, good front with enough depth of chest, compact body with well sprung ribbing and decent amount of angulation. Coat looking very nice and he moved with drive like he owned the ring. Best AVNSC Puppy, Puppy Group 1 and so chuffed to see him take Best Puppy in Show. Will follow his career with great interest. 2. Costelloe-Templeman's Karmidale Black Lace (BSD Groenendael). Sweetest of heads with a lovely expression on this six month old bitch, nicely proportioned, very raw at present but showing a lot of promise. 3. Begley & Mowatt's Tabanyaruu Salo Malachi (Finnish Lapphund).

Post Graduate (4, 2) 1. Delemare's Madincrowd Robin (Lancashire Heeler). Four year old black and tan male Heeler, super head with well placed tipped ears, good forechest and level topline held on the move, excellent rear angulation and hard topcoat, looks like he could work, brisk easy action. Best AVNSC. 2. Blake's Joy For Ever For Pemelg De La Caverne Des Anges (IMP FRA) Welsh Corgi (Pembroke). Four year old red and white bitch, well balanced head, good body length and proportions with a level topline but carrying too much weight which affected her movement.

Open (1, 1)


Junior (3, 1) 1. Organ's Kombiniert Gerti. Eye catching eleven month black and red bitch with a super head and expression, well used ears, could perhaps do with a tad more strength of bone, correct topline and presented a nice outline standing and moving. Enough angulation front and rear, in good coat and moved very well for her age. Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3. 2. Jones' Suzdans Ollivanders. Masculine fourteen months old black and gold male, super temperament, strong head with well used ears, good height to length ratio, well off for bone, covered the ground well, just a tad rangy at present but to be expected at this age.

Open (2, 1) 1. Jones' Kintaro Hot Off The Press ShCM. Medium strength five year old black and tan bitch without exaggeration, well balanced, feminine head and lovely expression, good reach of neck, enough bone, excellent proportions, good topline flowing into a well moulded croup, moved with a steady side gait and sound coming and going. Best of Breed, Pastoral Group 2. Also 1st in AV Pastoral Open and a big Open Stakes.


Puppy (5) 1. Haensel's Sherkarl Copper Rogue (Shetland Sheepdog). Attractive six month old male with a lovely head, well placed and used ears, well off for bone, nicely put together with compact body and good angulation. 2. Croft & Peters' Falconmoor Love Me Do (Border Collie) 2nd in PG in breed 3. Begley & Mowatt's Tabanyaruu Salo Malachi (Finnish Lapphund).

Open (5) 1. Jones' Kintaro Hot Off The Press ShCM (GSD). 2. Allen's Kelgrove Honeybee Magic At Sanbrakel (Shetland Sheepdog). Five year old sable bitch, good size, rather full in eye, compact body, good topline, moved a tad close behind. 3. Allen's Kelgrove Just Amazing At Sanbrakel (Shetland Sheepdog). Bigger stamp of bitch, lovely outgoing nature, rather proud of her ears, moving well.

Veteran (7, 2) 1. Carr's Rajjinka Safe Bet (Border Collie). 3rd in Open in breed giving way to two top class youngsters. Belied her ten years, lovely breed type and super free movement. 2. Dumbrell's Mojo Magical Mystery For Bethlyntee (Bearded Collie). Nine year old black and white male with a super head, good forechest with excellent ribbing, held his topline on the move. 3. Shahmatova's Nashdom Unpredictable (Border Collie).


1. Hartfield's Moshanta Movin On JW ShCM (Border Collie).

2. Jones' Kintaro Hot Off The Press ShCM (GSD).

3. Webb's Megamaree Just Amazing JW ShCM (Bearded Collie). Well balanced three year old black and white male in good coat and moving well, would prefer a broader head.

4. Dennis' Bailey Of Sereno Spirit (IMP ESP) (White Swiss Shepherd). First time getting my hands on this breed and I was not disappointed. Super masculine six year old male, lovely proportions and good topline, well angulated and moved with drive.


1. Mair Jones & Kirkwood's Vandreem Imperial Kazhiya (Samoyed).

2. Baker & Van De Hoef's Malandex Xpat's Image (Bearded Collie). Appealing slate bitch, real baby of six months with good outline, needs to develop in forechest but moving well for one so young.

3. Organ's Kombiniert Gerti (GSD).

4. Hendrick's Mertrisa Wild Jasmine With Anpasch NAF (Collie, Rough).

AV OPEN STAKES (30, 16) 1. Jones' Kintaro Hot Off The Press ShCM (GSD). 2. Taubman's Meonstoke Hawthorn (Spaniel, English Springer). Masculine head on this smart lad, good reach of neck and well sprung ribbing, well angulated and moved effortlessly. 3. Mitchell & Ashton's Our Little Cracker (Staffordshire Bull Terrier). No mistaking the masculinity of this blue lad, strong upstanding boy with a strong head and well muscled body. Moved like he means it.

Judge: Jacky Cutler