• Show Date: 04/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jacky Cutler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Rhyl Canine Society




Lovely to see the dogs all lined up ringside waiting - they made a real picture and it was a good advert for the breed.

Junior (2) 1. Stanley & Bibby's Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik. Super temperament on this sable male of seventeen months. Strongly built lad with a masculine head. Correct topline running into a well moulded croup of good length, well angulated behind, moved well, just needs time to fill his frame. 2. Finnegan's Reyakosa Brando. Seventeen month old black and gold male, nicely proportioned but preferred the topline of (1).

Open (8, 3) 1. Stanley's Blanik Jeevana. Two year old black and tan bitch, strong but feminine head, used her ears well, good reach of neck into excellent topline and correct croup, stands on very good feet, well angulated and moved very well in this indoor ring. Best of Breed and Group 4. 2. Turner's Tuna Com Mit Tasella ShCM. Four year old black and tan bitch, stronger built bitch than (1), good front and rear angulation, decent topline, moved well but had left her coat at home. 3. George's Marinita Briana Of Kymara.


Puppy (1) 1. Prandle's Borderbrook Spring Dreamer At Baywern. Very promising young lad of six months, broad head, dark eyes and well used ears, good reach of neck, level topline and well angulated. Stands on neat feet and moved well, his gleaming black and white coat was in lovely condition. Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3.

Post Graduate (3) 1. Charlesworth's Beesting Last Fling At Ginnylands. Two year old black and white male. Broad head and well placed stop, ears perhaps a tad low set. Well angulated and good reach of neck, carrying a bit of weight. Overall good breed type which gave him Best of Breed. 2. Lavington's Sheltysham Secret Space For Sandmont. Three year old black and white male, attractive head with a dark eye, would prefer a bit more reach of neck, held his topline on the move but was a bit close behind. 3. MacPherson's Borderbrook Heart On Fire At Jazzanna.

Open (3) 1. Lavington's Brannasdale Leading The Way To Sandmont IMP ESP). Eye catching heavily marked black and white male, good head with dark eyes and a well placed stop. Well boned and held his topline, Good hind angulation and moved well. 2. Charlesworth's Ginnylands Back In Black. Five year old black and white male, broad head but could do with a bit more stop. Well off for bone, good topline, hind movement not as positive as (1). 3. Adshead's Dancaroo's First Moon.


Junior (1) 1. Roberts' Magical Love Elvikam (IMP POL). Well presented red tri bitch of fifteen months. Good head with dark eye, well boned with a pleasing outline and has a good topline. Well angulated and driving well from behind. Best of Breed.

Open (3, 1) 1. Magical Love Elvikam (IMP POL). 2. Venton's Little Red-cap Du Chemins Des Korrigans (IMP FRA). Three year old red tri bitch. well balanced with a good topline, preferred the movement of (1).


Puppy (4, 1) 1. Williams' Maysinder Buttons And Bows. Nine month old tri bitch with an attractive head, dark almond shaped eyes, well angulated front and rear, lovely topline and in full coat for her age. Moving well. Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2. 2. Beardsworth's Maysinder Empress Of India. Litter sister to (1), similar remarks apply, slightly stronger all over and not quite as settled on the move. 3. Mellish's Demelewis Double Dare.

Junior (1) 1. Mellish's Demelewis Truth Or Dare. Nine month old blue merle male. Strong head with a good underjaw, ears a tad low set and would prefer a larger eye. Well off for bone, and well proportioned body with good angulation. Carrying a lot of coat and colour needs to clear. Side gait ok but moving a bit close behind.

Open (3, 1) 1. Mellish's Demelewis Dare To Tell. Tri bitch of almost four years. Nice head and expression, well boned and good angulation front and rear, moved well, decided to take her coat off. Best of Breed. 2. Harrison's Elshajo Lil Miss Moonshine. Nine year old bitch in super coat, head not as balanced as (1), good proportions, hind movement could be more positive.


Puppy (2) 1. Spencer's Balidorn Rock Star. Seven month old sable and white male, well balanced head with well developed underjaw, eyes perhaps a tad full, good bone and topline, well balanced all through and shown in nice coat and condition. Best Puppy and Puppy Group 4. 2. Botham's Balidorn Black Spice. Eight month old tri male, well used ears, underjaw needs to develop, nice dark eye, good outline and moved ok.

Junior (1, 1)

Post Graduate (1, 1)

Open (2) 1. Gamble's Solyric Inaugural Gold. Lovely sable and white of thirteen months, pretty head with well placed ears used to advantage. Well balanced throughout and shown in lovely condition, super on the move. Best of Breed and Group 3. 2. Botham's Balidorn Soloman. Three year old sable and white male, nice head and well balanced body, out of coat today but showing a lovely outline.


Puppy (2, 1) 1. Kirkwood & Mair Jones Vandreem Imperial Kazhiya (Samoyed). Not long since I last judged him and did him well, but in that extra few weeks he has settled to the job in hand and was more willing to show off his excellent attributes. His head is superb and he has a well arched neck, correct body proportions and super hind angulation. Movement today was more settled and this was probably the easiest judging decision I have ever had to make. Best of Breed, Best Puppy, Group 1 and Puppy Group 1. Pleased to see him go on to take Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

Junior (1, 1)

Post Graduate (2, 1) 1. Samuel's Oberitz Upponalle (Finnish Lapphund). Three year old brown male with a gorgeous well balanced head, good bone and body proportions, well balanced all through and moved with drive.

Open (2, 1) 1. Samuel's Bridus Ukkonen (Finnish Lapphund). Four year old tricolour male, strong head with lovely expression, in lovely coat, well angulated and moved very well.


Open (1, 1)


1. Kirkwood & Mair Jones Vandreem Imperial Kazhiya (Samoyed).

2. Edwards' Ch Nellbrook Imagination JW ShCM (Bearded Collie). Lovely head and expression on this eye catching seven year old slate bitch, good forechest, well balanced all through with a good length of back and well sprung ribs, covered the ground with an easy action.

3. Gamble's Solyric Inaugural Gold (Shetland Sheepdog).

4. Stanley's Blanik Jeevana (GSD).


1. Kirkwood & Mair Jones Vandreem Imperial Kazhiya (Samoyed).

2. Williams' Maysinder Buttons And Bows (Collie, Rough).

3. Prandle's Borderbrook Spring Dreamer At Baywern (Border Collie).

4. Spencer's Balidorn Rock Star (Shetland Sheepdog).

Judge: Jacky Cutler