• Show Date: 22/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jacky Cutler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bedford & District Canine Society


22nd September 2018


Thank you to the exhibitors for accepting me as a late stand in for your judge and your generosity for not only accepting my decisions but affording me an impromtu mentoring session afterwards. I enjoyed judging your breed and learning more about them.

Post Graduate (4, 1) 1. Cowley's Somogyi Betyar Bodza At Kashbeluli (IMP HUN). Three year old black bitch, small, compact and square in outline, moderate neck, firm topline and shown in decent coat. Brisk movement. RBOB. 2. Knight's Enter Suzy Q Vom Mullersgrund To Weetoneon (Imp Ger). Another three year old, white bitch bigger stamp than (1), well proportioned with good coat and tailset. Not as settled on the move as the winner. 3. Henshaw & Gardner's Magikus Belatrix Black. This two year old is maturing nicely but was giving a lot away to the older bitches today.

Open (3) 1. Knight's Ch Weetoneon Polly Flinders. This one stood away for quality, almost six year old bitch she is super for size with a fine head, dark eyes, well sprung ribbing, perfect topline, leading to a good tailset. Angulation was excellent both ends, she carries a fabulous coat and her brisk movement was a joy to watch. BOB. 2. Cowley's Callendu Despicable Me At Kashbeluli ShCM. Four year old male of good size, carries a good topline and coat, well proportioned but not as free moving as I would have liked. 3. Henshaw & Gardner's Tyngeli Snow White For Magikus. Five year old white bitch, coat not as well furnished as the first two, balanced all through and moved well.


1. Hannington's Boudivella Oscar (Glen of Imaal). Impressive three year old wheaten male, strong head with well placed neat ears, good bone, well sprung ribbing, muscled hindquarters. Carries a harsh coat and moves with drive. 2. Samways' Erpingham Magnus Cassacre (Deerhound). Elegant grey two year old male, long head and good reach of neck, deep chest, excellent rear angulation and moved with a lovely stride. 3. McDonald's Roanjora Castelao JW ShCM (Irish Red and White Setter). Masculine head on this five year old male, good neck and deep chest, effortless movement.


1. Adams, Adams & Scales' Fisherbloom Re'encountered (Pointer). Eight month old black and white male, very well put together, lovely head and expression, excellent neck into super topline, well angulated front and rear, movement belied his young age. 2. Fenton's Layoli Glowing Embers (Tibetan Terrier). Pretty head and level topline, in lovely coat and condition, moved well with drive. 3. Denby's Chifido Stuck On You (Shar Pei). Appealing ten month old bitch, strong muzzle, well proportioned with moderate hindquarters, harsh coat, moving freely.


1. Tousent & Ingram's Jojavik Camorra (Dobermann). Impressive thirteen month old black and tan bitch, super head, excellent proportions, well angulated front and rear, tight feet, moved very well. 2. Cherry's Lynces Made In Heaven (Tibetan Terrier). Well balanced feminine bitch with a square outline and holding a level topline, good angulation, correct coat and moving well. 3. Leach's Islanza Sprinter (Welsh Springer). Good head and neck, balanced outline and moved with drive.


1. Cherry's Lynces Whatever You Want ShCM (Tibetan Terrier). Masculine head on this four year old male, good neck, well sprung ribbing, good angulation and well muscled, moving with style. 2. Master's Esquimaux Skin Deep (Chinese Crested). Six year old hairless male, very eye catching and has a super head with excellent mouth, nicely put together, good neck into a good topline, skin in lovely condition and moved beautifully. 3. (No details in catalogue).

Judge: Jacky Cutler