• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jacky Cutler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Walsall & District Kennel Association


10th November 2018


Puppy (1) 1. Hough's Natterjack Angel Hayz For Seacharmzed. Nine month old bitch, pretty head with a soft expression, dark eyes, forechest developing nicely, good length of body with level topline, well angulated and has good feet. Moving nicely. Best Puppy and Puppy Group 4.

Post Graduate (2) 1. Butler's Ceilmear Malt Teaser. Brown male of twenty-one months, broad skull, eyes matching coat colour, forechest starting to devleop, well ribbed, balanced body and moving with drive. Not in his best coat. Reserve Best of Breed. 2. Hopkins' Croftcaileag Dugald Dubh. Four year old male wth a masculine head, dark eyes, lacking in forechest and a bit longer cast than (1). Good hind angulation but moved a bit close behind.

Open (3, 1) 1. Butler's Ceilmear's Hot To Trot. Five year old bitch, good head, excellent forechest, well proportioned body with a good topline. Good hind angulation and moved well, tends to fly her tail if moved too fast. Best of Breed. 2. Croftcaileag Dugald Dubh.


Puppy (2) 1. Lee & Ratcliffe's Arrodare Royal Flush. Six month old baby girl, pretty blue and white with a gorgeous head with correct stop, dark eyes and using her ears well. Nicely put together with a compact body, good topline, nice for size and moving in true Collie fashion. Well presented and sympathetically handled. Reserve Best of Breed, Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2. 2. Austin's Miraje Frozen Again For Hysteps (AI). Nine month old black and white male, head needs to develop and ears a bit wide, dark eyes, good front angulation, longer cast than () moving ok.

Junior (1) 1. Walters' Goytre Summer Breeze. Black and white bitch of sixteen months, keen expression, well set and used ears, good skull/muzzle ratio, good front, level topline, excellent rear angulation and moving well.

Post Graduate (2, 1) 1. Lee's Master of Illusion JW. Eighteen month old black and white male, likes his food a bit too much! Well balanced head but ears are a tad low set. Nice outline, enough neck, well balanced body with good bone and excellent rear angulation. Took a while to settle in movement.

Open (1) 1. Walters' Sh Ch Goytre Daddy's Saucie Girl JW. Beautiful four year old black and white bitch, super head and expression, darkest of eyes, well used ears. Good angulation front and rear, level topline held on the move, shown in excellent coat and condition and moving like a dream. Best of Breed and Group 3.


Junior (4, 1) 1. Windsor's Holanja Go Wild. Thirteen month old male with a masculine head, well balanced in body and good bone. Good movement. Best of Breed. 2. Deakin's Holanja Goody Too Shoes At Darwillow. Sister to the winning and as feminine as he is masculine. Pretty head and expression, good front, compact body and moved well. Reserve Best of Breed. 3. Woods' Vigilat's Rhapsody In Blue (IMP). At seven months old this young lad was giving away a lot in age and needs to strengthen in head, body coming nicely and he moves well for such a youngster. Best Puppy.

Post Graduate (1) 1. Kirby's Macopa Moment In Time. Twenty-two month old well grown lad, with a masculine head. Slightly longer in back than I would like, good bone and carrying a heavy coat, not giving of his best today.


Junior (3, 1) 1. Milligan & Marley's Ladnar Trust In Me. Blue merle bitch of just a year. Well balanced head although reluctant to use her ears, good underjaw, well put together front assembly, good topline and enough angulation. Steady mover. 2. White's Mejola Physical Attraction. Nine month old tri bitch, nice head and expression although underjaw needs to develop. Dark eyes, ears a tad low set, good front, topline could do with more rise over the loin. Moved quite well. Best Puppy.

Post Graduate (3, 1) 1. Davis' Most Majestic Victory of Rosschell (IMP). Sable and white bitch of twenty-one months, well put together but a bit on the small side. Lovely head and expression, well used ears, nice outline, in lovely coat which framed her body beautifully. Moving with a very easy action. Best of Breed and Group 2. 2. Skinner's Samhaven Time Is Money With Nikal. Four year old tri bitch, pretty head but ears a tad wide. Slightly longer cast than (1), good angulation front and rear.

Open (3, 1) 1. White's Mejola Fate And Fortune. Two year old blue merle male, colour not the clearest. Masculine head, dark eyes and good underjaw. Good outline, in full coat, well angulated and moved ok. 2. Skinner's Nikal Its Gud To Be Black. Seven and a half year old tri male, darkest of eyes, balanced head, topline levels out too much with no rise over the loin, good hind angulation not moving as freely as the winner.


Puppy (2, 1) 1. Wallis Baga's Morval Nainen Varda At Velrok (Finnish Lapphund). Ten month old tri bitch with a super outline. Lovely head and well used ears, compact body, good topline and well angulated. Moving very well. Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3.

Post Graduate (2, 1) 1. Cowley's Somogyi Betyar Bodza At Kashbeluli (IMP) (Hungarian Puli). Three year old black bitch with a super head and balanced body. Good forechest and ribbing. In good coat and moving well.

Open (2) 1. Elliott's Sulanevaeh Raul Thane (BSD Tervueren). Two and a half year old male, now maturing nicely. Super head and expression, out of coat today which just showed his lovely outline, good angulation and moving well. 2. Cowley's Callendu Despicable Me At Kashbeluli ShCM (Hungarian Puli). Almost five year old black male, super head, well balanced body and shown in lovely coat, just a tad sluggish on the move.


Veteran (3) 1. Jefford's Zakasia Zena At Lexanthi (GSD). Eight year old bitch, super head and expression, good bone and feet, lovely topline, well angulated, didn't appreciate this floor but a super example of the breed. 2. Legerton's Ermyn Flickering Flame At Solaw (Welsh Corgi, Pembroke). Eight year old sable and white bitch, good head with well used ears, good front and balanced body, in lovely coat and with a super temperament. 3. Skinner's Nikal Its Gud To Be Black (Collie, Rough).


1. Foster's Fostebrie Supremo Noir (Briard). Stunning shape on this lovely sixteen month old black dog, looked a picture standing and moving.

2. Davis' Most Majestic Victory of Rosschell (IMP) (Collie, Rough).

3. Walters' Sh Ch Goytre Daddy's Saucie Girl JW (Border Collie).

4. Gibbons' Ch Ir Ch Austrian Dream Cupcake To Go With Wispafete (IMP) JW ShCM Ir J Ch CJW 16 (Australian Shepherd). Lovely head on this three year old red merle bitch, balanced in body and moving with drive.


1. Jones' Madincrowd Mercy Chant (Lancashire Heeler). Eleven month old black and tan bitch with the sweetest head and expression, well used ears, good reach of neck into a level topline which she kept on the move, good front and rear angulation, enough substance to do the job and a super attitude. Moved and showed well.

2. Lee & Ratcliffe's Arrodare Royal Flush (Border Collie).

3. Wallis Baga's Morval Nainen Varda At Velrok (Finnish Lapphund).

4. Hough's Natterjack Angel Hayz For Seacharmzed (Bearded Collie).

Judge: Jacky Cutler