• Show Date: 09/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ian Sinclair Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Dundee Canine Club

Junior Dog 3 (2 ) 

1st Wakker – Barking Brooks Mountain Mist at Ceannabeinne (imp USA) – Love this 14 month old Black boy (with a little white). In between puppy and adult coats at the moment so had to look/feel through this. Correct almond shaped eye and well placed ears of the right size. Well balance angulation, deep chest, level top line, correct tail set. Moved well around the ring and showed good reach and drive. 

Graduate Dog  5 (1 ) 

1st Wynne – Mydisa Golden Ticket – 2yr old grey boy well-presented and handled, nice shaped eye, good ears. Good front & rear angulation. Level top line. Moved well around the ring. Being picky, feet are a little too round, toes could be a bit longer. 

2nd Pack – Arcticpack’s Prop Joe, 5yrs old Agouti, lovely head in this boy with eyes correct shape, muzzle of medium length, ears slightly on the larger side but still gave a foxy appearance. Well balance angulation. Chest deep and strong, well sprung ribs, top line level. Let down by movement which was difficult to judge due to someone wanting to play more than show. 

3rd Wakker – Sassicaia Irish Mist at Ceannabeinne 


Limit Dog 5 (2 ) 

1st Pack Arcticpack’s Little Omar, 5yr old Agouti. Litter brother to 2nd in Grad and very similar except his movement was a lot better once settled.  

2nd Houston – Rajarani Dominique. Dilute B/W boy coming up to 3yrs old. Left his coat behind so nothing to hide. Nice shaped eye, very foxy, balanced angulation. Nice deep chest and good length of leg. Moved ok but just missing that spark. 

3rd Rodgers – Jedisibes Dark Expresso 

Open Dog 6 (2 ) 

1st Wakker – Zarchenski Mist A Zeehond at Ceannabeinne. Striking monochromatic B/W 4yr old boy. Lovely head with correct eye, ears set, length of muzzle and stop. Balanced angulation with good length of leg. Level top line, sloping croup, good tail set. Moved effortlessly with good reach and drive. Overall just one stunning Siberian Husky. BD BOB 

2nd Wakker – CH Zima Cruiser at Ceannabeinne. Coming up to 12 years old and not really showing it. Nice head with good expression, balanced angulation, level top line. Moved well.  

3rd Jones & Mihulka – Icynights Sons on Anarchy 

Junior Bitch 2 (2 ) 

Graduate Bitch 7 (2 ) 

1st Hay – Hushwing Buttercup of Sura. Very pretty B/W blue eyed 18 month old. Nice almond shaped eyes set obliquely. Nice feminine head., Good angulation front and rear, nice length of leg and  level top line held on the move.  

2nd Wynne – Mydisa Golden Night Fury ShCM JW – 2yr old grey girl. Good eye shape and set. Head not quite a foxy. Good proportions overall and sound on the move.  

3rd Wakker – Shaytaan’s Ooermissus at Ceannabeinne 


Limit Bitch 6 (3 ) 

1st McInnes – Hushwing Happy Feet at Inneska, Dk Grey/White 3 year old, Lovely almond shaped eye, nice sized ears placed well on her head. Front looked a little straight from a distance but hands on proved my eye site wrong and angulation was correct and balanced. One of the best movers of the day. 

2nd Wynne – Mydisa Golden Deelishus JW. Litter sister to 2nd in Grad bitch and again very similar in most aspect although she was a little wide in the rear when moving away.  

3rd Wakker –Shaytaans China White at Ceannabeinne.  


Open Bitch 3 (1 ) 

1st Casola – Prodricals Starlite Express JW. 6yr old Grey in lovely condition and well presented. Lovely feminine foxy head with correct eye shape and ear carriage, Good front and rear angulation giving balanced movement which was best of the day. Good length of leg and overall proportions, Level top line held on the move, good tail carriage. BB/RBIB 

2nd Wakker – Icynights Sparkle in the mist at Ceannabeinne. 4yr old B/W bitch, another lovely feminine head with nice shaped eyes and good ear carriage. Good well balance angulation, good topline. Lost out to 1 on movement, may have been the length of the grass but she was throwing one of her rear legs slightly out on the move.