• Show Date: 04/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ian Gabriel Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Kent Canine Society


Puppy.1. Blandings eyes On The Prize. Super brindle bitch of excellent type. Lovely overall outline, moderate and without any exaggeration. Pleasing head. Excellent neck and good shoulder placement. Lovely topline. Good Hindquarters. Moved well both ways. 2. Bunehug Blessed and bewitched. Cream bitch with much to like. Good head and neck. Correct outline. Just rather unsettled into her job and needs time to settle and mature. 3. Jasarat Sugar Candy

Junior. 1. Lolani Storm Rider. Typy dog of quality. Good overall shape although I would prefer a little more rise over the loin. Pleasing front assembly and good depth of chest. Good bone and feet. Just a little on the large size for me and needs to make a little more effort on the move.

Novice. Blandings eyes On The Prize

Post Graduate. 1 Starwift Since Yesterday with Bunehug. Nice enough bitch but certainly up to size. Nice head proportions, correct ear carriage. Ok front. Good overall shape. Not over done behind. Heavier in front action than I would like and could be a little tidier coming towards you.

Open. 1. Citycroft My Fair Lady Of Jasarat JW ShCM. I thought this bitch quite lovely. Lovely for size and quality throughout. Super silhouette. Good bone and feet. Correct front. Lovely feminine head, pleasing length of neck. Unexaggerated topline, Super hindquarters which were moderate and without any over angulation. In excellent good hard condition. Moved soundly. 2. Citycroft Sundae With Oxana . JW ShCM. 3 Jothryn Bjorne To Party With Bunehug. Another lovely bitch of excellent type and with many of the virtues of the first placed bitch. Just a little more exaggeration compared to the winner. In great condition. Moved soundly. Should do well.

Dr Ian H Gabriel