• Show Date: 25/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ian Gabriel Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Sealyham Terrier Breeders Association

Sealyham Terrier breeders Association

0pen show 25th of March 2018

Many thanks to the officers and committee of the Sealyham Terrier Breeders Association for asking me to judge their 90th anniversary show. I was very honoured to be asked and even more honoured by such a wonderful entry including many quality specimens. The show was really very well organised and had a wonderful atmosphere. Many thanks to show manager David Winsley for his hospitality and to all the exhibitors for accepting my placements so sportingly. I am sorry that the Club chairman Mr. Jack Watson was unable to be there as his wife Shirley has been unwell of late. I have known both Jack and Shirley since childhood and I wish her a very speedy recovery.

Minor puppy. 1. Dudwell Hickory Higgins (IMP DEU) TAF. This is a very promising seven and a half month old youngster. Overall he presents a very pleasing outline. Excellent head of correct proportions, good dark eye and correct ear placement. Strong jaw. Lovely correct length of neck into well-placed shoulders. Good topline with plenty behind the tail. He needs time to drop into himself and to fill out to complete the picture. Moves away with correct drive from excellent hindquarters. Just needs to tidy himself in front, which hopefully will come with age. Should do well and one I will watch with interest. Puppy dog. 1. Jacott Dancers Welsh Wizard. Quality dog of excellent type. Typical head and expression. Good front with super bone and good tight cat feet. Lovely length of neck into well placed shoulders. Level top line. Well-angulated hindquarters with deep muscular thigh and good second thigh development for such a young male. Moved well with excellent drive. Will benefit from a change of jacket. Wouldn’t want him any bigger. BPD and BPIS. 2. Dudwell German Gambler Gandalf By Ornella. Another nice quality Sealyham of different type to the first placed dog. Very pleasing head and expression. Good neck and shoulder. Correct front and good depth of chest. Level top line. Excellent harsh jacket, which was well put down. Another quality puppy that should do well. Would prefer him a little more positive in hind action. 3. Oldstable Bruce Banner. Another quality exhibit. Good head and expression. Very raw overall and needs time to body and to tighten up. Junior dog 1. Nileda Our Mutual friend. Super smart Young dog. Correct broad skull with pleasing length of head. Lovely dark eye and correct ear carriage. Good neck and shoulder. Good level topline. Excellent coat and easily one of the best jackets of the day. Moved well. 2. Eleighwater Alibrando. Young male of correct size. Typical head with good strength of underjaw. Longer cast down the first placed dog and not quite the front assembly which lost him this class. Novice dog. 1. Eleighwater Alibrando. Graduate dog. 1. Eleighwater Alibrando. Open Dog. Very interesting class with two high-quality specimens both with many attributes but of differing type. 1. Kamryan Bleu De Chanel. He is a new dog to me but I thought he was of super type and was quality throughout. He has the most pleasing silhouette with correct proportions. His head is typical Sealyham with breath of skull combined with correct length of head. He has correct ear placement and carriage, and has a super keen dark eye, which gives him a overall excellent expression. Really super length of neck into well placed shoulders. Excellent front assembly. He has a rock solid topline which he maintained on the move. Correct tail set with plenty behind the tail. His hindquarters are well-developed with a well-developed second thigh and correct bend of stifle. His jacket is typical and of the correct texture. Moved soundly. BD and RBIS. I hope his third CC comes soon. 2. Ch Ornella Country Living. Another quality dog that was not belittled by being placed second to the first place dog. I have placed this young dog highly before, having given him two open show groups in the past. More compact than 1. His head is of the typical with excellent placed ear carriage, good breadth of skull, strong muzzle with good strong jaw. This dog has a lovely length of neck which is not in any way weak, into correct shoulder angulation. Excellent topline. Well off for bone, and tight cat feet. Well ribbed up and short strong loin. Not so positive moving away as I have seen him before. Special beginner.1. Ornella Idaknow. Typical head of good proportions. Strong jaw. Correct front. Good bone. To be critical, I would prefer her to be a little broader in muzzle. 2 Firstwish Ara. Good bitch. Needs to grow a little all over and tighten in elbow. 3 Tyniadgen Deep Shad of Blue. Good size and shape. Veteran 1. Champion Jacott Joy Bells. Seven year old. This is a really super bitch of great quality. She has the most beautiful head and expression with correct eye, good ear placement and excellent strong underjaw. Clearly Sealyham and clearly feminine. Super length of neck into well placed shoulders excellent topline for a bitch of her age with out any slackness and which was held on the move. Excellent backend with plenty behind the tail, which is carried correctly. Strong powerful hindquarters. This bitch is as sound as any on the move RBB.2. Cibach Cheeky Chops at Firstwish. Another good bitch of excellent type. Slightly longer cast than the first place bitch. Good neck and shoulder. Super spring of rib. Well let down broad chest. This bitch had by far away the best backend of the day. Her front action was just showing her age and not quite as correct today. Junior handling Eneja Smith. This young lady made a sterling job of charge. Unfortunately her charges litter brother was the other side of the ring which was rather a distraction to this young lady’s charge and further compounding this was the fact that this young bitch could see her own reflection in the glass of the hall. This lead to a terrier slightly more difficult to handle then I suspect on an easier day. Nevertheless this young handler was not phased in anyway and she did not let the difficulties of the hall and the environment distract her from her job. When she got the bitch to settle she didn't excellent job in handling her both on the table and on the move. I think this lady is an excellent handler in the making. The charge was well put down adding good condition. Well done. Puppy bitch Good class. 1. Zippor Miss Fairy Footsteps. Pleasing bitch of quality. Won this class on her overall substance and type. Good correct headpiece Excellent bone and feet. Moved well. 2. Dudwell Goldern Girl Gwenny at Grevenia (IMP DEU) Bitch of a good size and type not quite the front assembly of the first placed dog and not quite as finished. Good topline Super hindquarters which gave her excellent drive from the rear. 3. Whitecpisla Tiffintime. Bitch of good size and shape. Another that needs time to mature. Junior bitch 1. Firstwish Ara. 2. Whitecpisla Tiffintime. Graduate bitch. 1. Firstwish Blossom Hill. This bitch is very pleasing to go over. She had a really very pretty head of correct type and proportion. Super keen eye. Well placed shoulders. Good strong topline. Excellent coat and condition. Not so positive on the move today. Limit bitch. This class was a very challenging in parts with a number of exhibits all of a very different type. 1. Blomendell Cookies and Cream. Quality head and expression. Although to be hypercritical, I would like her a fraction broader in skull. Good neck and shoulder. Good H/Q with plenty behind the tail. Not so strong in topline. Did enough to annexe this class. 2. Cibach Carys at Firstwish. Nice sized bitch, placed second on her overall size and proportions, moved well and in great jacket.3. Ornella Idaknow. Open Bitch. What a privilege to be able at this level to have such an impressive class of three lovely mature bitches, all of excellent quality yet all of differing type. 1 Jacott Jubliee Queen SHCM. Really lovely bitch of great quality. Super head of correct proportions and with typical expression. Very correct front assembly. Good bone and tight feet. Excellent length of neck into well laid back shoulders and strong topline. Correct tail carriage with plenty behind the tail. In super jacket and presented in A1 condition. I thought this bitch was really delightful and I was more than happy to award her BB and subsequently BIS. Another one two CCs and again I hope her crown is not too far away. Should make up with ease with fair play. 2. Eleighwater Almira at Leomona. Another quality bitch. A fraction larger and rangier overall compared to 1. Very typical headpiece. Excellent shoulders and front. Good H/Q. Excellent coated and condition. I would just prefer her little more positive and hind action. 3. Ch Nileda Great Expectations SHCM. Another real quality bitch that should not be belittled by being placed third in this lovely class. She is of excellent type excellent size and presents a very pleasing silhouette. Pleasing head with excellent ear carriage and eye. Strong underjaw. To be hypercritical would like a little more breadth in back skull. Good in shoulder and well ripped up. Good topline. Was just not so positive in front action today. Would prefer she carried her tail more upright. Overall three nice bitches.

Dr Ian H Gabriel