• Show Date: 17/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Huw BISHOP Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Whitstable & District Canine Society

Whitstable and District Canine Society

Open Show

17 June 2018

My thanks to the officers and committee for their invitation and warm hospitality also to my steward for his invaluable assistance and to all the exhibitors who entered and made for such an enjoyable day. I was delighted with the final line up for the gundog group, including the puppies, with final decisions made particularly on strong and driving movement.

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy 6.0

1. Brown’s Graygees Gigolo. GSP. Striking young male of almost 10 months. Pleasing expression on a well-furnished head. Really liked his well-proportioned body and good outline with enough substance for his age. Correct sloping shoulders, straight front legs, nice and muscular. Really liked this lad – a promising future ahead of him I feel. Super reach on the move BP PG1

2. Grenetrest Canterbury Bell. GSP. Another promising youngster giving a first impression of alertness and energy. Clean cut head with long sloping shoulders. Adequate muscling front and rear. Moved well but preferred the driving rear movement of 1 on the day.

3. Scanlon’s Zakova Hellz Bells. GSP

Junior 3.1

1. Sladden’s Tyrbechgyn Believe You Can At Canemamans. Attractive 14 months Bracco girl with correct head and deep set oval eyes giving a lovely and attentive expression. Correct ear set, powerful neck well in proportion to her body. Strong, smooth driving movement which really gave her the edge in this class. RBoB

2. Braine’s Grenetrest Canterbury Bell

Post graduate 1.0

1.Caffel & Kavanagh’s Hushwing Louboutin To Doberway. GWP. Stood alone but stood out as alert and intelligent. Correct head balance in proportion to body. Strong neck of correct length. Good shoulders, sloping nicely into a deep chest. Strong back with slightly tapering topline. Rear angles nicely formed with strong and well-muscled thighs. Movement was outstanding with a driving rear action, covering the ground well. BoB G3

Open 0

Retriever (Flat Coated)

Puppy 1.1

Junior 1.1

Post graduate 1.0

1.Delamere’s Gamerights Deep River Blues RBoB. Feminine but active expression. Good breed type. Well balanced and correctly proportioned. Flowing neck into deep and broad chest. Body well ribbed up and moved well. Not in her best coat today but there was enough. RBoB

Open 2.1

1.Smiths’s Esined Boston. Upstanding and so pleasing to the eye whichever way you looked at him. Well balanced standing, effortless and strong on the move. Masculine head with the required proportions. Kind eye with lovely expression. Muscular hindquarters and coat of correct texture. Movement was flowing and true front and rear. Well-deserved BoB today.


Puppy 5.0

1.Roberts’s Byphar Bombay Sapphire Pleasing and biddable expression. Well balanced. Correct head eye and ear set. Well laid-back shoulders falling away at muscular loins. Deep chest and well-sprung rib. Good angulation. Moved soundly. BP PG3

2.Welch’s Hoockwood Billie. Another sound and accurate mover. Head and muzzle of correct proportions, slightly finer than 1. Correct eye and ear set. Good well laid-back shoulders. Muscular hindquarters and well let down hocks.

3. Roberts’s Medogold Black Betty by Kananaskis

Junior 0

Post graduate 2.0

1. Barham’s Kenwardsgold Minnie Me. Well proportioned. Correct head with kind expression. Long muscular neck with no throatiness. Enough fore chest. Good bone tight elbows. Strong, well angulated rear quarters with driving movement in profile with tail carried on a level with back. Liked her a lot. This movement secured the BoB in the challenge

2. Maber’s Hookwood Summer Nights. Pleasant head with correct finish to foreface and correct ear set. Correct front assembly muscular and unexaggerated in rear angulation and slightly arched loins.

Preferred the head of my winner today.

Open 4.1

1. Baker & Baker-Roullier’s Desfrisa Flirtini JW ShCM Very appealing and kind head. Good in shoulder placement, fore chest and width of chest. Well laid back, sloping shoulders – lovely front angulation. Well bent stifles showing definition at the hocks. Moved purposefully around the ring covering plenty of ground. Seriously considered in the challenge and a well-deserved RBoB

2. Tregaskis Moenfair Spicewood Summer. Again in proportion but slightly larger than 1. Good medium breadth head without being coarse. Well assembled forequarters, good shoulder placement. Moved well but 1 had the edge.

3.Crawte’s Leascliffe Lorelei ShCM

Retriever (Golden)

Puppy 6.4

1.Hermitage’s Shmonte Secret Angel. Won this class on movement which was straight and true – a remarkable debut on his first outing. Lovely appealing and balanced head and expression. Body developing nicely showing off his outline. Has lots of time on his side to mature. BP

2.Linfield’s Rosgar Esperanza At Tonara. Again, so much to like about this youngster. Stands and shows to advantage. Such an appealing and kind head balanced and well chiselled, no coarseness at all. Good bone, well laid-back shoulders. Preferred the movement on 1.

Junior 7.3

1.Furbank’s Kayzaelle Karamel Kookie. A classic example of breed type and such a charmer. Lovely head on flowing, clean and muscular neck. Compact body, good angles front and rear and moved well and true to win this class.

2. Pounds-Longhurst’s Rosgar Dolly O’dare Among Mossburn. Clean cut, good eye and ear set, good reach of neck and plenty of bone. Good depth of chest and stood proud. Well-bodied with good front and rear angulation.

3. Gray & Hales Sunnyoak Morning Glory At Grayales

Post graduate 8.1

1. Morrisey & Tappenden’s Messano Flaming Star JW. This girl looked absolutely stunning and was such a joy to go over. Such a sweet and alert expression on a head completely in proportion to her overall size. Biddable and intelligent. Excellent ear-set and eye, good reach of neck, deep chest and excellent front and rear angulation. Her movement was faultless – motoring around the ring with a long stride demanding to be watched. She presented to almost perfection in the class, challenge and group. BoB G1

2. Kayzaelle Karamel Kookie

3. Stallard’s Maplerose All Tuckered Out

Open 6.1

1. Todd’s Toddrosa Sprinter Sacre. Upstanding, dignified just over 2 yo dog, in proportion, well balanced, and presented a picture of strength and activity with no trace of coarseness. Strong neck leading to well-laid shoulders. Eyes full of intelligence and alertness. Good angulation front and rear. Strong mover too and won this class easily. A serious contender in the challenge and a well-deserved RBoB

2. Hughes’s Aymsbury Albertino. So much to like about this one. So nice to go over. Strong well-made front and lovely side profile going around the ring. 1 had the clear edge on movement though.

3. Rose’s Ruler of the World Over Azteca


Puppy 1.0

1.Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki Born To Move. At 10 months, a lovely example, feminine, full of energy and demanded notice. Kept her well-balanced structure on the move, which was effortless and just covered every inch of space. Correct head, eyes and pigmentation and in super condition. BP

Junior 1

1. Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki Born To Move

Post graduate 1.0

1.Olner & Harrison ‘s Schonhund Show La Diva Loca . Presented in super condition. Good head with keen and alert expression, good reach of neck, correct length of athletic body, well sprung ribs and deep chest, balanced front and back. Moved really well using hindquarters to drive forward. BoB G4

Open 2.0

1. Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki It’s De Lovely JW. Pleasing and biddable expression. Well balanced Correct head eye and ear set. Well laid-back shoulders leading to a level topline. Deep chest and well-sprung rib. Good angulation. Moved soundly. RBoB

2. Husak’s Pol Ch Only Our Amelia Camaxtli (Imp Pol) Again in proportion but slightly larger than 1. Good breadth head, moderate stop and correct proportions from nose to occiput. Well assembled forequarters, good shoulder placement. Movement, whilst ok, was compromised by appearing slightly stiff in the upper arm on the day.

AV Gundog

Puppy 8.3

1. Skilaki Born to Move

2. Grenetrest Canterbury Bell

3. Sladden’s Feel Of Pride Eva Elettra At Canemamans (Imp Rus)

Junior 7.0

1. Grenetrest Canterbury Bell

2. King’s Linthwaite Indiana. Lab. Although she took a little time to settle, at 12 months a nice example of breed type. Has a feminine head and nice alert expression. Good shoulder placement leading into a level topline which she kept well on the move.

3. Sladden’s Tyrbechgyn Believe you Can At Canemamans

Post graduate 4.3

1. Jones’s Julita Rumours At Treosley. WSS. Correct size, compact and balanced. Strong, muscular body length in proportion to leg. Level topline and moved well around the ring.

Open 4.2

1.Todd’s Toddrosa Sprinter Sacre

2. Pol Ch Only Our Amelia Camaxtli (Imp Pol)

Gundog Group

1. Messano Flaming Star. (Retriever – Golden)

2.Cassidy’s Manchela Hugo Boss JW ShCM (Cocker Spaniel)

3.Hushwing Louboutin To Doberway (Pointer)

4. Schonhund Show La Diva Loco (Weimaraner)

Gundog Puppy Group

1. Graygees Gigolo (GSP)

2.Metcalfe’s Carromer Jack Flash To Baileydale (Retriever - Labrador)

3.Byphar Bombay Sapphire (Pointer)

4.Mitchell’s Peasblossom Vienna (ESS)

Huw D Bishop