• Show Date: 20/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Helen Upton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Coventry & District Kennel Association

Coventry and District   Kennel Association  Sunday 20th May 2018   Judge Miss Helen Upton (Roydack)    

Welsh Springer Spaniel   Puppy (1,0)   1st THOMAS, BURCHMORE & BOWD – BOWDONIA MOON RIVER   7 month old bitch, stood alone but well deserving of her win, currently going through the difficult growing stage today and was slightly bum high. Pretty head with soft expression, head still needs to break as slightly narrower than I prefer at the moment but I can see the potential, good length of neck into well laid back shoulders, correct topline, good depth of chest and spring of rib for one so young, slightly longer in loin than I would prefer, but this bitch makes up for this with her fabulous angulation front is correct and one of the best I have seen in long time, rear is strong with good bend of stifle, this bitch showed off her correct angulation in her movement where she strode out driving from behind effortlessly covering the ground, holding her topline and enjoying herself with a happy slashing tail. BP 

Post Grad (4,1)   1st TEW’S – PAMICKS FIELD OF DREAMS JW  A bitch I have admired from the ringside and I wasn’t disappointed when I got my hands on her, she is everything a ‘welshie’ should be and I could quite easily of taken her home. This bitch is so well balanced with good bone and well muscled up. She has correct head proportions and eye, with a gentle but mischievous expression; good length of neck leading into well laid back shoulder and correct body length. She has plenty of lung room with correct spring of rib and depth of chest. Good front and rear angulation were proved when this bitch took the ring in movement, nice driving action with correct footfall would like to see handler let her go to show her off a little more as I believe she has more to offer in regards to being the star of the show. BOB   2ND COOPERS’S – ISFRYN LADY GREY   More workmanlike than 1, compact in size and with less coat. Pretty head with soft expression, would like to see a little more width throughout, she is well muscled and has good proportions. She doesn’t have the rear angulation of 1, moved well but lacked the drive and enthusiasm of 1.  

Open (0,0)   

English Springer Spaniel  

Puppy (0,0)  

Post Grad (2,0)  1st AINSLEY & NICKLIN -DAENERYS WINDS OF WINTER TAF  2 completely different bitches in this class, both of which I liked for their different attributes. 1 compact in type, but well balanced, finer in bone than 2 but well muscled throughout. Pretty head in correct proportion, good lay back of shoulders, handler needs to be careful to not stuff her neck into her shoulders. Correct front and rear angulation which was used to advantage on the move, driving from rear and covering the ground with ease, tail set however deters from overall picture on move.   2nd JOYCE – KINGSHEATH TOTAL DIVA AT FELLTOPS  Bigger bitch than 1 in body and skull, preferred the overall substance of this bitch, however lacked the balance of 1. Head in correct proportion for body with a beautiful expression. Good spring of rib and depth of chest, correct length to body and correct tail set. If I am being picky, I would prefer slightly more bend in stifle, a little more width throughout and tighter feet. Moved well, however tended to be slightly close behind.  

Open (4,1)  1st AINSLEY & NICKLIN – DAENERYS FIFTY SHADES  2 Year old dog who commands the ring, well presented and with one with his handler. Masculine head in good proportion with dark eye giving a gentle expression, nice length of neck leading into correct topline and tailset, slightly longer in loin than I would prefer, however well ribbed up and carrying enough weight and muscle overall. This male owned the ring when moving, moved with drive and enthusiasm, covering the ground with ease. BOB and really pleased to see him win a strong Gundog Group.   2nd WALLIS & LEVENE – PETRANELLA THE REAL DEAL OF PENDARLOW   2 year old bitch, who is more workmanlike than 1, really liked her but she just didn’t have the movement of 1. Compact in type but perfectly balanced; pretty head with a soft expression, good front and rear angulation, great spring of rib and depth to chest, well muscled throughout. Moved well just would like a little more enthusiasm. RBOB