• Show Date: 06/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Helen Upton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Of England Gundog Club

South of England Gundog Club  

Sunday 6th May 2018  

Judge Miss Helen Ann Upton (Roydack)    

Junior Handling Association   6-11 (1, 0)   1st HEBE DAVIES-RATCLIFF (aged 10)    Handler stood alone in the class, but deserved her place, well presented, handler stood her Viszla to advantage and produced a clear picture of her dog, however did miss the opportunity on 1st occasion when I moved the foot to incorrect position, but on second go she corrected this. Nice clean and even lines on her triangle, would like to see her just encouraging her dog a little bit more and moving with her dog as one. (Best Junior Handler).  

12-16 (1, 1)    

YKC Members Stakes (2, 1)   1ST – HAZELTINE& WELCH, HOOKWOOD LENNOX   6 month old puppy dog at his first show, well presented and in the hands of a very experienced and empathetic handler. A balanced youngster with it all to there. Correct head with dark eye and a noble expression. Nice length of neck leading into well laid back shoulders, correct spring of rib and depth of chest for one of this age. Nice to see such clean lines from head right through to tail. This boys correct construction was shown as he covered the ground in the ring effortlessly, lashing his tail as he went. This is a very promising puppy one to watch for the future.   

Senior Handing (8, 5)   Although this class is judged on the dogs and not handlers, I would like to say all three handlers made the most of their dogs.   1ST – BROOKSMITH & ADAMS, SH CH MEDOGOLD KISS N’TELL JW ShCM    A liver pointer bitch, worthy of her title, from the moment she walked in she took my eye. There is nothing over exaggerated on her, it is simple she has it all there, pretty head in correction proportions, dark eye with a soft and gentle expression. Lacking a little weight today, however brisket well let down and correct spring of rib for her frame, she is a muscled well and you can see that she could work all day long. Moved well, however I would of liked to of seen a little bit more enthusiasm which was lacking today in the heat.   2nd – TYES, KYUNA OLYMPIC ARROW OF TYMORA ShCM    A male Gordon setter compact in size but balanced, well coated and presented in good condition. Typical brick on brick head with a gentle expression. Good neck and shoulders leading into level topline and tail set. Well sprung ribs and depth of brisket. Angulations front and rear correct, nice bend of stifle and correct hocks, which he showed on the move, he drove off the rear moving true and covering the ground well slashing his tail and holding it correctly as he went.    

Bracco Italiano  

Puppy (4, 0)   1st – BURDENS, BORGIA DELLA RADURA (IMP HU) NAF TAF   9 month old puppy bitch, that took my eye straight away when she walked in, honest bitch with everything in the right places, nothing over exaggerated just perfectly balanced. Correct head and in proportion to body, soft expression with right eye shape and colour. Neck rounded and of correct length leading into well laid shoulders, needs a bit more muscle tone over the shoulders to give her the strength in the forequarters, good straight forelegs with correct bone and the best feet of the day. Good length in body and well tucked up, spring of rib perfectly balanced today, however would like to see more as she grows up. Front and rear angulation correct which showed in her movement, when she got her act together she moved out driving from the rear and covering the ground well in such a small ring. Would like to see handler presenting her better in the future, I will watch with interest. BP, BOB   2nd – SLADDENS, FEEL OF PRIDE EVA ELETTRAAT CANEMAMANS (IMP RUS)   6 month old chesnut bitch, who is smaller in size than I would prefer, however she is balanced. Petite throughout in both body and bone, pretty bitch with gentle expression, good front and rear angulation, nice tight feet, moved true and steady for one so young took it all in her stride.  

Post Grad (2, 0)   1st-CONNOLLY & WHITES, DEFALCO RAFFAELLO OF NGUVU   A masculine dog, who ruins it for himself by being a fidget for his handler, he has lots of qualities. Nice head, slightly longer in foreface than I would like, but strong and masculine with a great expression, you can almost read this dogs mind through his eyes. Well boned and muscled could do with cleaner front angulation however rear angulation is strong, this dog won this class on his sound, enthusiastic movement around the ring, he covered the ground effortlessly.   2nd – SLADDENS,TYRBECHGYN BELIEVE YOU CAN AT CANEMAMANS   A bitch, slightly finer throughout than I would prefer, would like more detail in her head, she has a pretty head with gentle expression, nice tight feet.  Good amount of muscle throughout, moved well.  

Open (3, 0)   1st – CONNOLLY & WHITES, RUS DE’VIARO VENEZIA OF NGUVU (IMP RUS)    A bitch I have admired from the ringside, handler spoils this bitches head by pushing the skin around the skull forward making her eyes look saggy which when asked to release the lead she has a pretty head in good proportion with a soft expression. Well boned and muscled throughout, correct body length for height with good depth of chest and spring of rib, slightly dips on her topline, would also like to see her slightly more tucked up. Moved well, but really wasn’t feeling it today as she lacked enthusiasm. RBOB  2nd – PARRS, BONARIO CHATELAINE   7 year old bitch with beautiful head and expression, slightly larger and finer in bone than 1. Well muscled throughout can tell this bitch has been worked as she looks like she has the capability to work all day long.  

German Shorthaired Pointer  

Puppy (4, 0)   1st – BROWNS, GRAYGEES GIGOLO   7 month old dog with a promising future ahead. A well proportioned  masculine head and fitting his body correctly, nice to see the correct rise from the nose to the forehead which is lacking in so many. Mature and well balanced youngster, for one so young he has muscles in all correct places and you can tell he would be able to work all day long. Won this class on his movement, he strode out covering the ground with enthusiasm and drive. BP and pleased to see him shortlisted in a great puppy group.   2nd – WARRINGTONS, ZAKOVA AMARETTO    A 6 month old bitch, very close decision between 1 & 2. Petite bitch with finer bone than 1, in amazing coat and condition, she shone today. Pretty head with gentle expression, would like a little bit more to her hindquarters, which hopefully will come with age and increased exercise. Moved well just didn’t have the drive from the rear that 1 had.  

Special Yearling (3, 2)   1st - BELLINGER & FELSTEAD’S, CUSHATLAW CHAOS AT WOODHAWK   What can I say about this bitch she might be smaller in size than some, but it is all there. I would say she is the correct size for a GSP Bitch, as I find they are getting too big. Clean, Pretty head with a gentle expression, she was being mischievous today by giving her handler a hard time standing which you could see in her face (she thought it was fun).  Muscular neck leading into well laid shoulders, good amount of forechest and spring of rib, short in back leading into a correct croup. This bitch is well boned and muscled in all the correct places, giving an overall balanced picture. Correct confirmation was shown in her free-flowing movement around the ring, moving effortlessly and covering the ground well. BOB and pleased to see shortlisted in a fabulous Group.  

Post Grad (2, 0)   1st - BELLINGER & FELSTEAD’S, CUSHATLAW CHAOS AT WOODHAWK  (Repeat of Special Yearling winner)   2nd - EDWARD’S, KACELASWEET IMANI IN JADENCO   Balanced bitch, would prefer a softer head, she is broader over the skull than I like. I would also prefer a smoother coat as she is slightly coarse over the neck which deters from her outline. Well balanced and with good forechest and bend of stifle. Moved well.  

Open (2, 1)  1st - JOHN’S, KEIGAME JIGSAW   5 and half year old dog, a very honest dog of correct size and proportions, with typical head masculine with an gentleman’s expression. Strong neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and spring of rib. Well angulated front and rear and well muscled up throughout. A really balanced and clean outline presented. Moved well, however would like to of seen a little bit more enthusiasm from both handler and dog.   RBOB.   

Irish Red and White Setters  

Puppy (1, 0)   1st – WALTON’S, GALLYBOB SCARLETINA BOLETE  6 ½ month old bitch, pretty head with dark eye, head well proportioned and with correct bite. Well boned and bodied youngster, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, well angulated front and rear, body of correct length, with deep chest and well sprung ribs for one so young, however still needs to go up on legs to create balanced picture. Good tail set and carried level on the move, once this bitch got her act together she moved well with enthusiasm and drive, tended to slightly roll on the move however this will go once she goes up on her legs. Nice to see such a happy puppy enjoying her time in the ring.  BP 

Yearling (1, 1) 

Post Grad (5, 1)   1st – PAYNE’S, LOVENJOEL PRINCE CHARMING   Well balanced dog, needs a little bit more weight and muscle tone for me. Masculine head in good proportions, level topline with correct tailset. Good front and rear angulation, would prefer a little bit more width throughout however perfectly balanced as he is and moved out well driving from behind and covering the ground well. RBOB  2nd – MCDONALD’S, ROANJORA MONTEPULCIANO   Beautiful bitch with lovely expression, very close to 1, however lacks the rear angulation and bone of 1. More compact in size with good depth of chest and spring of rib and well muscled throughout. Moved very well round the ring.  

Open (7, 5)   Two dogs from the same kennel in this class and I was really splitting hairs, both worthy of their titles and honoured they came.   1st -  BARRY’S, SH CH RUSTASHA RHAPSODY IN RED ShCM    This dog took my eye as soon as he walked in, presented in tip top condition and with one with his handler throughout. I preferred his cleaner lines than 2, I preferred his overall balance and breed type. He is angulated correctly front and rear and has plenty of bone and muscle providing a strong and athletic outline. This dog moved out effortlessly he owned the ring drove off his strong hindquarters covering the ground with ease. BOB pleased to see him take Reserve Best in Show.   2nd – BARRY’S, SH CH RUSTASHA GOLDEN RAPPER JW   Very similar comments to 1, preferred the head on this chap as slightly more softer in expression, however he was slightly heavier throughout for my liking. I am well aware that these two swap places between each other and can see the qualities of both.