• Show Date: 30/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Helen Geeson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chertsey & District Canine Society


Puppy (4 entries)

1. West’s Byabye Brillare with Archidax – Red Mini Wire Dachshund bitch of 8 months, lovely type showing a good head and neck, particularly good front assembly with prominent prosternum, decent ribbing and well angulated rear. Good coat. Moved soundly holding a correct topline at all times. BP and Hound Puppy Group 1

2. Roth-Brown’s Yegorov Cloudberry – R/W 6 month old Borzoi dog with a lovely head, good front, well developed ribbing, correct top and underline. Hind quarters well developed for age. Sound on the move. A very good prospect for the future.

3. McEwan’s Hibeck Barney Bear at Marunnel

Graduate (4 entries)

1. Ward’s Russkiy Azart Illuninada La Vie Est Belle (IMP IT) – R/W Borzoi bitch with a lovely head with correct detailing. Good front and ribbing, holds a good topline both standing and on the move. In excellent condition. Moved well covering the ground despite the tiny ring. RBOB

2. Wilenczyc’s Kerrijoy The Scorpian King at Kashiba – BMG Afghan male with a good head, would prefer more length to neck. Decent shoulder and hind angulation. Moved soundly.

3. Baroutsaki’s Sapphire Graitus (IMP LVA)

Open (6 entries,1 absent)

1. Collins & Hunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Dallas Maverick – Very smart Pharaoh Hound male, very typical head and lengthy neck leading into good shoulders. Very good in body and rear. Moved soundly covering plenty of ground in profile. This young male never stopped showing and just got better and better as the day progressed. BOB, Hound Group 1 and delighted to watch him win BIS.

2. Webber’s Mistweave Miss Sunshine at Zoraden – 3 yr old Greyhound bitch of a lovely type, good head and neck, well laid shoulders, good ribbing. Ok rear. Moved soundly but would like to see more drive from her rear.

3. Seamarks & Nemoto’s Sayadena Northern Lights (IMP Bel)


Junior (2 entries, 1 absent)

1. Holloway’s Aksaifleet Russki Rose – R/W 13 month old bitch, typical head, good front, ribbing could be carried further back. Ok rear. Sound coming and going, just needed to settle more in profile. RBOB

Open (3 entries, 1 absent)

1. Holloway’s Aksaifleet I’m Cheetah – R/W bitch, preferred her size to 2nd. Good head and front. Correct tail. Moved well when settled. BOB

2. Richardson & Wood’s Woodella Purple Haze Over Cooperland ShCM – Tri bitch of a bigger type, head ok, good length of neck and decent front assembly. Moved well when settled but tending to roach her topline today.

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

Puppy (2 entries)

1. Knowles’ Reggaedog Frodo (IMP SVK) – Smart dog of a good type, lovely head and ear. Good front assembly, a touch long in body. Well angulated rear. Moved true coming and going showing more width behind than 2. BOB & BPIB

2. Knowles’ Reggaedog Flower of Love (IMP SVK) – Litter sister to 1 and as yet not as mature. Good head, decent front. Preferred her length of body to her brother but was moving slightly narrow behind.

Graduate (3 entries, 1 absent)

1. Knowles & Metselaar-Williams’ Anya Hindmarch Avec Braillement – Well fronted bitch with a decent head and good ears. Good ribbing carried well back. Would prefer slightly more angulation behind. Moved soundly with good reach and drive. RBOB

2. Cooper’s Stinton Eau Sauvage – Big masculine dog who was enjoying his day. Good front assembly, rear angulation ok. Moved soundly when settled. Preferred the size of 1.

Open (1 entry)

1. Knowles & Metselaar-Williams’ Stinton Au Contraire Ave Braillement – male of good type, excellent head and ear. Strong neck. Good shoulder placement, well ribbed back. Moved well.

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Junior (3 entries, 1 absent)

1. Reid’s Fox’s Nightmare Jessica Biel At Maudaxi (IMP RUS) – Compact bitch with a lovely head and front. Needing time to develop in body but so sound on the move.

2. McEwan’s Marunnel Miss Adelaide – totally different type of bitch, being larger throughout and longer cast. Excellent head and neck, good body. Moved well when settled,

Open (2 entries)

1. Reid’s Maudaxi Nick Nack – 3yr old dog of a lovely type, good head and neck, excellent front assembly, good ribbing and neat rear. Moved really well. BOB & Group 4

2. McEwan’s Marunnel Orinocco – 8 month old dog of excellent type. Gorgeous head and front construction. Good rear. Moved really well for one so young. Lovely puppy showing great promise for the future. RBOB & BPIB


Puppy (3 entries, 2 absent)

1. Brownlow’s Rushwater Pili Pala – 7 month tri bitch with a lovely temperament. Good length of neck leading into a well angulated front. Could use longer ribbing. Balanced rear angulation. Moved ok. BPIB

Graduate (5 entries, 1 absent)

1. McBain & Stevens’ Blitzlilie Winter Is Coming – Lovely headed bitch of a good type. Slightly on the big side for me but she has a good length of neck leading into well angulated shoulders and good ribbing. Moved really well which won her this class. RBOB

2. Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenless Laurina – preferred the size of this bitch. Good length of neck and layback of shoulder. Well ribbed back. Good rear angulation. Moved true but preferred the movement of 1.

3. Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenless Lucas

Open (10 entries, 4 absent)

1. McBain & Stevens’ Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShCM – Lovely bitch with an attractive head, good length of neck and correctly angulated front. Well ribbed back and balanced rear angulation. Super on the move and this won her this good quality class and BOB. Hound Group 2

2. Caple’s Tregoniggie Colour of Magic at Morsefield JW ShCM – Lovely sized bitch of a totally different type to 1. Slightly plain in head for me but good front construction, well ribbed back and balanced rear. Very sound on the move showing good reach and drive.

3. Ambridge’s Tiger Lilly Blossom

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Junior (1 entry)

1. Mitchelson’s Diamondridge Dream Chaser at Voortrekker – 9 month masculine dog with a good head and front construction which showed in good reach in front on the move. Needs to settle in topline and drop into his hind angulation. BOB & BPIB


Open (2 entries)

1. Martin’s Canerikie Vivaldi for Stalwart – Very little between these 2 lovely 19 month old males, both being of excellent type. Slightly preferred this boys head. Excellent length of neck leading into good shoulders. Well ribbed back and correct rear which he used so well on the move. In super coat and condition. BOB, close up in the group.

2. Sawer’s Canerikie Lucan at Bumpkiss – Litter brother to 1 and similar comments apply. This boy has slightly more angulation behind but didn’t appear to cover as much ground on the move, however this could easily have been due to the small ring. 2 lovely dogs. RBOB


Puppy (4 entries)

1. Osborne’s Florancy Above and Beyond Derohan – Most attractive brindle and white bitch. Lovely head and neck leading into well angulated shoulders. Good top and underline. Very sound on the move. Lovely prospect for the future. BPIB Hound Puppy Group 3

2. Chappell’s Jemalsheva Golden Fleece into Blueflight – Fawn and White male of a lovely type, stacked could easily have won here but he was moving a little wide behind today. With time to tighten up and settle on the move he should be lovely.

3. Davis’ Jemalsheva Goldikova

Junior (2 entries)

1. Reed & Pace’s Dejare Dutch Dream – Fawn bitch with a lovely head, neck and shoulder. Standing over more ground than 2. Lovely on the move.

2. Anderson’s Gazenorth Secret Service – Fawn male with a lovely head and front. Preferred the rear angulation of 1. Moved well.

Graduate (3 entries)

1. Chappell’s Blueflight Fun In The Sun – Brindle and white bitch with a lovely head and neck. Shoulders could have slightly more angulation. Good top and underline. Well angulated behind. Moved well.

2. Julian’s Blondessa Be Happy JW – Lovely sized bitch with a good front and rear. Moved true coming and going but would like to see her cover more ground in profile.

3. Reed & Pace’s Southgrove It’s My World at Dejare (IMP NLD)

Post Graduate (2 entries)

1. Chappell’s Blueflight Tiger Mist – 5yr old brindle dog with an excellent head and front. Could use more angulation behind for me. Moved well.

2. Franklin’s Haccasbrook Madam Gigi – Lovely sized bitch with a good head and neck. Slightly upright in shoulder. Better angulated behind. Moved well.

Open (8 entries, 1 absent)

1. Shepherd’s Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM – Lovely fawn and white dog of quality. Well angulated front and rear, correct top and underline. On the move he excelled showing the true whippet movement. Lovely. BOB & Hound Group 3

2. Hall’s Blandings Fortune Cookie – Brindle & white with an excellent front and well angulated rear. Moved well but preferred the topline of 1. RBOB

3. Reed & Pace’s Dejare Daydream Believer

Hound Group

A really lovely group of hounds where many worthy exhibits went unplaced. The group was topped by the lovely Pharaoh Hound dog who put on a super performance and was determined to be noticed. Group 2 was the Beagle who impressed me greatly for her overall type and balance. Group 3 the very smart Whippet dog and Group 4 the PBGV.

Hound Puppy Group

The puppy group was headed by the smart Mini Wire Dachshund who surely has to have a bright future. Group 2 the lovely PBGV who had finally decided to calm down in time for the group and put on a lovely performance. Group 3 the lovely Whippet and Group 4 the GBGV