• Show Date: 07/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Helen Geeson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Anglian Whippet Club

Afternoon Open Show - Whippet Bitches

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge bitches at their lovely show, and for the sporting way in which exhibitors accepted my decisions, in some classes I was spoiled for choice and although the extreme heat did affect some exhibits more than others I took this into account in my decisions.

Special Racing/Lure Coursing (4 entries, 1 absent)

1. Webber’s Diamond Web - Lovely brindle and white bitch of good size, good head but slightly too much stop, good shoulder which showed on move with excellent front reach. Good rise over loin and decent rear. Best Racing/Lure Coursing in Show with the agreement of my Co-Judge.

2. Third’s Gorewater Jura Joy at Bruntsfield - Fawn bitch of lovely type, preferred her head to 1st and stacked thought she would be the winner of this class but she didn’t extend in front as much on the move and this was the deciding factor.

Minor Puppy (6 entries, 1 absent)

2 beautiful puppies headed this class, who I am sure could swap places another day.

1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Queen of Diamonds - Brindle and white gorgeous 7 month old baby of excellent type. Lovely head and neck, great shoulder and ribbing. Good top and excellent rear which she used so well on the move. More settled on move than 2nd but close decision.

2. Johnston & Wilson’s Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea (TAF) - Less mature brindle bitch but of an excellent type. Lovely head and neck, very alert. Good ribbing and excellent rear. Needs to settle in front movement which I’m sure she will as she matures.

Puppy (8 entries, 3 absent)

1. Thomas’ Aarminias Princess of China at Bowdonia - Beautiful brindle and white 11 month old bitch of great type. Beautiful head and neck leading into good shoulders and upper arm. Good ribbing with deep chest and correct tuck up. Well angulated rear. Moved soundly with good drive and extension. Delighted to award her Best Puppy Bitch and with the agreement of my co-judge Best Puppy in Show

2. Ellis’ Railfield Rainnymph - Lovely fawn bitch with a good head and good angulation both ends. Moved well front and rear. Just lacking the front extension of 1st in profile.

Junior (7 entries, 2 absent)

2 lovely bitches headed this class.

1. Lancashire & O’Donnell’s Danluke Dark Chocolate Drishaun – Fawn with white trim mature bitch of 17 months, lovely head and neck, great shoulder placement, good ribbing and rise over loin. Balanced rear angulation. Moved soundly and was more together than 2nd showing slightly more front extension in profile.

2. Mycroft, Morris & Waddell’s Crosscop Let It Shine - 12 month old fawn and white with a good length of neck and well angulated shoulder. Good ribbing and strong loin. Strong well angulated rear. When mature will trouble the best. Nice type.

Yearling (5 entries, 1 absent)

1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Misty Eve - Another close decision but felt 1st had the edge on the move today. Cream bitch of lovely type, slightly bigger than I prefer but lovely type and excellent front and rear angulation. She floated on the move with excellent front and rear extension, close up in the challenge.

2. Lancashire & O’Donnell’s Danluke Dark Chocolate Drishaun

Novice (5 entries, 1 absent)

1. Ellis’ Railfield Rainnymph

2. Johnston & Wilson’s Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea (TAF) 

Graduate (6 entries, 2 absent)

1. Lancashire & O’Donnell’s Danluke Dark Chocolate Drishaun

2. Third’s Gorewater Jura Joy at Bruntsfield

Post Graduate (8 entries, 3 absent)

1. Handley’s Lawleymoon First Love - Lovely type of bitch standing over lots of ground. I felt she was more feminine than 2nd. Sound on the move and showing typical movement with little lift in front and good drive from the rear.

2. Winkley-Balmer’s Edenwhip For Your Eyes Only - Beautiful head and neck, slightly flatter in top line than I prefer but very stylish on the move when settled, good front and rear angulation and stands on super well knuckled feet.

Mid Limit (6 entries, 3 absent)

1. Johnston’s Danluke Della Rocca - Brindle white trim, lovely head and neck, good shoulder, good ribbing and strong loin. At times on the move slightly too much rise over the loin for me, excellent rear. Very good on the move with excellent reach and drive and little lift in front.

2. Whitaker-Crosby’s Cobyco Could Be The Last At Mulcair JW ShCM - Brindle and white bitch with a beautiful head good length of neck and good shoulders. Good depth of ribbing but I would prefer them to extend further. Ok on move but not the rear extension of 1st.

Limit (5 entries, 1 absent)

1. Boughton-White’s Ipanema Girl On Fire - Beautiful fawn bitch of excellent type. Lovely head and neck leading into well angulated shoulders. Good ribbing that extends well back and strong loin with correct rise to topline and tuck up. Excelled on the move covering plenty of ground. Stood away in this class. Pushed hard in the challenge and well deserved Reserve Best Bitch.

2. Mckenzie’s Aberlark Cookies N Cream - Fawn and white bitch of good size, lovely head and neck good shoulder and ribbing. Well angulated rear. Didn’t quite have the movement of 1.

Open (5 entries)

1. Bray’s Cyangrange Giocomo Delfino JW - Loved this lovely sized fawn bitch, she is such a super type, good head and neck, leading into good shoulders. Super ribbing and loin. Excellent rear angulation. Effortless on the move, true front and back and showing the reach and extension desired from the breed standard. Really lovely. In the challenge every time I asked them to move she upped her game and couldn’t be denied Best Bitch and on agreement of my Co-Judge Best in Show.

2. Whitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW ShCM - Cream bitch again a lovely type. Lovely feminine head, good neck and shoulder. Good ribbing and loin. Neat rear. Just carrying a little too much excess weight today. Moved soundly with good rear drive.

Veteran (4 entries)

1. Mason’s Aphrael Casting Pearl – 8 and a half year old fawn brindle bitch of lovely type. Beautiful head and neck, leading into great shoulders and ribbing. Lovely rear which she used to power round the ring.

2. Vaughan’s Shirotae Silken Lady - Lovely 12 yr old fawn and white bitch in fabulous condition. Good type with a lovely head and neck. Good shoulder and ribbing. Good rear. Moved soundly with lovely front and rear extension.