• Show Date: 15/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Helen Bakewell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Alfreton & District Canine Society



15th July 2018 


Puppy 4 (2Ab) 

1st Kurg & Milton WILMIT RAFFLES AT ESTILL Nice overall and well balanced, nice head, mouth, muzzle and eye. Good neck, shoulders, front and body. Nice tail set and well made rear. Moved well keeping nice head carriage and good front and nice correct rear movement. 

2nd Milton WILMIT CHINDIT All the same attributes as winner but lost out on the rear movement. 

Junior 2 (1Ab) 

1st Bartley KREMENETSKI D’GLULETTA DI VERONA ATELIB (IMP) judged her earlier in the year good head, mouth, eye, ear placement. Good neck and shoulder, nice front and body, well-made rear. Seems to be going through that junior stage now Waiting to blossom.  


Post Grad 3 (3Ab) 

Open 4 (4Ab) 

AV Terrier Veteran 2 (1Ab) 

1st Hemsell TETANI SPIRIT OF THE WIND (Manchester Terrier) In lovely condition for age. Nice head, shoulder and front. Nice shoulder and body good rear with muscle. Moved well in front and rear keeping nice top line. 

Terrier Group 

1st Smith JAVIDEL WALK IN THE PARK (Norwich Terrier) Stole the ring today moved so well with lovely attitude. Nice head moth and eye, good neck, shoulders, front and body. Well made rear quarters which he used driving around the ring. 

2nd Cartwright ZAKSTAFF WINTERFELL JW (SBT) Lovely head, eye and muzzle, strong neck and shoulders with good rib and body. Well muscled and made rear Moved well fore and aft. 

3rd Gee WATERCROFT TOP TOTTY (Norfolk Terrier) One I judged as a puppy, nice head, good mouth with strong teeth, dark eye and good muzzle. Well set ear carriage, good neck and shoulder, short and cobby. Moved well.    


4th Goodwin DIGELSA DATE NIGHT AT HOLTAIRE (Manchester Terrier) Nice balanced with good head, eye, mouth and muzzle. Good neck and shoulder. Good front, body and rear moved soundly too and away. 


Terrier Puppy Group 

1st Hirst TARAIEL SOULJA BOY (SBT) Wow what a head, nice mouth, eye, neck and well muscled shoulders good body shape and good bone. Nice front and rear. Moved well effortlessly in the very hot heat as well. Heard later that he took RBPIS 

2nd Smith JAVIDEL DESPICABLE MAY (Norfolk Terrier) Shame to meet the staffy today because she is typical breed standard with that added sparkle. Lovely head, eye, mouth and lovely expression. Nice front construction, good body and well made rear. Moved well fore and aft. 

3rd Kurg & Milton WILMIT RAFFLES AT ESTILL (Dandie Dinmont) 

Judge: Helen Bakewell