• Show Date: 27/01/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Hazel Fitzgibbon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Lichfield Canine Society

Lichfield Canine Society 27th January 2018.

Many thanks to the Society for the invitation and also their warm hospitality. Exhibitors were enthusiastic and all decisions accepted sportingly. A lovely day all round.

Tibetan Mastiff

Open (2,1)

1. Rose; Richeardon Pema at Caselden

Substantial and majestic, this two year old bitch is a good representative for the breed and stood alone today. Well developed throughout with broad back and deep ribcage. Well developed and strong, stifles and rear pasterns. Thick weatherproof jacket, well presented. Her calm demeanour was lovely to behold. BOB

English Setters

Puppy (1)

1. Kelly; Alolfrana Memphis Rock

8 month male with promising head piece with good occiput and well developed stop. Good neck and shoulder but would benefit from more upper arm. Topline good for this age. Excellent rear with well developed stifles. Good tail set. BP

Junior (1)

1. Loakes; Goldbirch Wings of Desire

Fabulously presented, excellent colour and coat and with gleaming silky featherings, this girl was very much my type. Feminine head, long and elegant and with that lovely English expression. Lovely neck going into the cleanest of shoulders and with correct upper arm length and angulation, it is hard to find this in any breed nowadays. Lovely topline and slashing tail completing the picture. Moving with balance and precision and sound in all directions. BOB and Gundog Group 3

Post Grad (1)

1. Brown; Mariglen Top Gear

Very masculine head going into clean neck on this boy. Good bone and well muscled throughout. Welll bent stifles making for a driving rear. Over reaching on the move.

Open (4,2)

1. Harding; Mariglen Fenella at Cumbersett

Feminine girl, well presented. Most lovely head piece. Clean neck and shoulder. Good overall proportions. Moving out freely. ResBob

2. Schoneville / Derry; Balvenie Clandestine JW

Mature lad with a very masculine outlook. A little heavy in the head which lacks some elegance for me. However many good breed points. Tending to stand well outside himself. Moved enthusiastically.

There no St Bernards entered in the four classes scheduled.

AVNSC Working Open (1)

1. Jordan/Whitelam; Vallino Hero of the Day

Two year old well developed Neopolitan Mastiff boy who I think is a testament to the strides this breed has made in recent years. Powerful profile with good topline and excellent rear, he has the frame to carry his substance and excellent, strong feet for such a big dog. Moving out soundly and easily, he was still quite agile at the end of a long day. Lovely muscular and coat condition. Working Group 3

AV Working Veteran (3,2)

1. Edwards; Abuklea Brief Encounter

Rottweiler bitch who is in exceptional condition, not carrying an ounce of extra fat. Clean teeth and gleaming coat. Moving out with ease. Looks nowhere near her age, Best working veteran

Working Group

1. Santoriello; Korifey Amulet

In fabulous hard condition this boy stole the day. Built on very sound lines, from his long head, he is class all the way through. Particularly liked the front infill. I must mention the handler who did such a tidy job, with no excesses and her eyes on her dog constantly and doing the job at hand. Well done. Went on to BIS under Lee Cox, so a good day for him.

2. Lindley; Hyerdunscar Red Square of Copperfield

Mature Bullmastiff male. Lovely across the skull and into a broad neck, his head type was not what normally appeals to me but the rest of him is good. Broad back, good spring of rib, equal angles at both ends and moving out soundly and easily.

3. Vallino Hero of the Day

Neopolitan Mastiff, see previous notes.

4. Miles; Jaybiem Burli Shassy JW

Bernese Mountain dog, bitch. Very sound In all directions. Typical profile, excellent markings. Kept topline on the move.

Puppy Working Group

1. Middleton; Taysca Must be Cartier

Great Dane, not my usual breed of choice for puppy groups, but this girl impressed me. Wonderful balance for such a youngster. Long elegant head and neck. Good topline and long sweeping stifles. Very sound.

2. Warren/White; Copperfield Georgiana

Lovely Bullmastiff bitch who I have liked before. Good front and well filled body. Lots of promise; she is maturing well.

3. Tinker; Zaltana Heartbreaker Kid at Lolotea (imp Pol)

Good type of Siberian Husky who is masculine without having an overdone head. Very sound in all directions; Good coat quality

4. Pallier/ Sands; Camnoire Daretobe

Newfoundland baby, who has a lot to grow on yet, but has the bone and substance to do it. Moving out freely; I preferred her to the BOB representative.

Fiocara Post Graduate Stakes (45,39)

1. Romeo-Dieste; Hopevalley Morning Dakota

Lively Flatcoat, Excels in overall type. Good angles used well on the move. Good tail set. An easy winner here

2. Handley; Top Tallulah

Whippet build on elegant, graceful lines. Good front construction. Mature without being coarse.

3. Mason; Knotdog Chocs Away NAF TAF

Judge; Hazel Fitzgibbon 27th January 2018