• Show Date: 10/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Hazel Fitzgibbon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Plymouth & District Canine Society

Plymouth and DCS Premier Show 10 February 2018

Many thanks for the invitation to judge at this warm and friendly show. My stewards were invaluable to get through my slate.

Shetland Sheepdog


Sp Yearling (1)

1. Eldred; Stoneycombe Secret Venture to Belthorne

Handsome male. Good profile. Quality coat. Excellent topline and tail set and well carried on the move. Light free mover. Res BD

Post Grad (3)

1. Eldred; Karmidale Talk of the Town at Belthorne

A little sparse on coat, but a lovely head type and eye, with good planes and ear set. Good body. Tail carried off slightly sloping croup. Good feet

2. Moore; Avonwick Black Jack at Santiara

Different style of dog, with heavier bone than 1. Very thick coat. Moving with ease. Rather broad to do over.

3. Lampier; Pencoppen Soul Shakedown

Open (3)

1. Hiirst; Sundark Starlight ShCM

At 9 1/2, moving like a youngster. Good outline and coat quality. Moderate bone. Most balanced overall here. Lovely male head with no coarseness and sweet expression. Excellent for weight and a very fit dog. BD

2. Moore; Invictus Prince Iago du Domaine des Danaides at Santiara (imp Fr)

Merle. Compact dog moving with great drive. Very alert and very well presented. Youngest in this class. OK for neck and croup.

3. Eldred; Dippersmoor Star Struck at Belthorne

Italian Spinone Open (3)

1. Smith/McVittie; Sh Ch Jaylynne Fabrizio ShCM

Very typical male who I would not want any bigger. Substantial to go over with quality muscle. Noble head with excellent expression. Good top line with correct rise over loin. Excellent bone. Scores on movement with excellent reach and drive

2. Kruglow; Amberellie Adrianna

Sweet bitch who scores in outline and elasticity on the move. Good neck. Not as mature as 1 and needs to settle in rear movement going away.

3. Mortimer; Scodinzolare Perlescenti

Immature puppy but very promising, I thought. Great front angles and good sternum. Rib to drop yet. Lovely rear. One I will watch.


Post Grad (4,2)

1. Fenn/Foster; Chalksville Running Cool over Jandeburn ShCM

Mature male presenting an excellent outline with good body and well presented coat. Stands four square easily. Clean shoulder and god topline. Excellent stifles used well on the move. A handsome head and excellent outlook. BOB

2. Shaw; Astradine Keepsake JW

Rather longer cast than 1 with the length being in the loin. Very clean shoulder and front and good pro sternum. Good tail set. Moving cleanly and soundly.

Open (5,2)

1. Shaw; Astradine Cornishman

Imposing male with a handsome head and well set ears. Good neck and clean shoulder. Solid topline and good overall proportions. Lovely rear going away. ResBOB

2. Hensley/Swift; Monksley Prunella at Zuberg

Feminine head on this rather excitable bitch. Double weatherproof coat. Good legs and feet. Tending to loose topline on the move.

3. Organ; Bundaberg Yolanda at Chapelforge

Finnish Lapphund

Limit (3)

1. Cooper; Elbereth Kippis to Pavoaskas ShCM

Veteran who showed the youngsters how to move. Good outline. Handsome mature head with good ear set. Abundant coat and good bone. ResBOB

2. Critchlow/Hallet; Pavoskas Ceili

Most beautiful puppy with excellent head and ears. Strikingly marked and a very sound mover with good rear. An exciting prospect.

3. Treasure; Lapinlumon Pilvipouta for Infindigo (imp Swe)

Open (4)

Lovely class head by two handsome boys

1. Cooper/Critchlow; Pavoskas Aly Arttu JW ShCM

Masculine but kind head with small well set ears. Good for coat quality and quantity. Good profile. Well set tail, at ease and moving. Does not need more weight. Excellent legs, bone and feet. BOB

2. Beastall/Arscott Infindigo Mailat Loki ShCM

Slightly rangier male but still a balanced profile which needs a little more coat. Clean front but rear tends to go a little close. Good tail and tail set. Good, free side gait.

3. Treasure; Infindigo Riemu Emmi ShCM

Australian Shepherd

Post Grad (2,1)

1. Lee; Amberslade Morse Code for Amenbury

Very nice style of dog. Good clean head with no slack flews and a clean neck. Excellent topline. Shown at a good weight. Moving with enthusiasm using his good angles. ResBOB

Open (3,1)

1. Scanlan; Mistyholly Blues Brother of Franmar ShCM

Well proportioned head on this merle but flews could be tighter. Good neck and topline which he keeps on the move. Exceptional rear movement but front could be tighter. Good stifles and well let down hocks .BOB

2. Lee; Louis Blancett at Amenbury

Larger rangey male with good neck. Moves with considerable drive but not balanced on the move.

Polish Lowland Sheepdogs Open (4,3)

1. Burdett-Coutts; Ch/PolCh Dobrany Dorianblue Grzmot at Chrevle JW ShCM

Male of two years with ample height and bone. Good bite. Good shoulder but could be ribbed back more. Solid topline which he keeps on the move. Excellent coat for quality and quantity. BOB

Hungarian Puli Open (1)

1. Sharpe/Dyer; Catsun Comanche Legacy

Nice sort of Puli with good bite and pigment. Well balanced head with enough foreface. Good topline and tailset. Light mover. Good overall outline. Coat needs to cord properly now. BOB

Welsh Corgi Cardigan Open (4,2)

1. Siviter; Rubegud Takin the Mick ShCM

Classy profile with lovely head ears and neck. Strong to go over with good bone quality. BOB

2. Siviter; Bredwardine Aled ShCM

Excellent Veteran who had had enough today. Pity. Good bite. Wonderful to go over in very hard muscular condition. Perhaps carrying a bit over the loin. But very sound on the table and when he did move. ResBOB

Bearded Colie

Graduate (5,2)

1. Webb; Magamaree Just Amazing ShCM

Well presented and well coated youngster with the cleanest of shoulders. Scores on the move with an excellent profile gait and excellent balance. BOB

2. Ransom; Osmart Jess Dark Duchess for Trystam

Well textured coat but a little sparse at the moment. Rather lean to go over but moving out very well.

3. Martin/Smith; Chyanullys Coppersmith

Brown puppy with a good bite and moving very freely. Just needs some more training. Very Promising.

Open (4,2)

1. Martin/Smith; Lilethmoon I’ll Say She Is

Well grown girl who is good to go over with correct weight and muscle. Precise mover. Head could be more feminine for me. ResBOB

2. Campbell; Chyanullys Diamond Drover

Lovely puppy with an excellent front for age. Excellent for size and bone. Very Promising. BP

Briard Open (1)

1. Jacobs-Pearce; Salieri Heaven Knows at Arundall

Black bitch showing good profile with good reach of neck and shoulder placement. A little narrow throughout which shows in front and rear movement. BOB

Rough Collie

Post Grad (1)

1. Scamp; Stregato The Maleficent at Marketdene

Not a nice name for this very pretty collie bitch! Lovely eye and skull shape with requisite amount of stop. Excellent for overall proportions and coat. Good topline. Rear could be firmer on the move but good width across thighs. Well presented. Res BOB and winner of the ResBOB stakes.

Open (3,1)

1. Thorne; Triforce Dragon Heart ShCM

Imposing and masculine boy, very well presented and with good showmanship. Handsome outlook. Good bone. Well prepared. Moving with great aplomb. Tail set could be lower. BOB

2. Scamp; Jaysur Swingtime to Marketdene

Bitch of 6 !/2 years who had left her enthusiasm at home. Well presented, good for size and a very typical bitch.

AVNSC Pastoral Open (11,2)

This was a diverse class with some quality dogs, but the youngsters took the day.

1. Hackney; Starvon Bring it on

Young Swedish Vallhund who was quite vocal about his day! Lovely head piece and well set ears. Lovely neck going into a good topline. Excellent markings. Scores highly on the move. Just needs to mature. Best AVNSC

2. Lee; Balletcor Godric Gryffindor for Horcrux

Very well developed Pembroke Corgi male. Lovely clean outline. Broad back and body. Tight feet. Presented in excellent order.

3. Lee; Rhiew Raven Royal Tower

AV Pastoral Veteran (11,4)

Many excellent veterans on display, all a credit to their owners.

1. Mitchell/Fiddock; Belthorne Echo of Grace at Lowenek

Shetland sheepdog, lovely for size and outline. At 11 he has not lost the sweet expression and enthusiasm for the show ring. Best AV Pastoral Veteran.

2. Ransom; Kristancourt Keisha for Trystam ShCM beardie

Bearded Collie in fine fettle. In wirey condition with correct coat texture. Excellent neck and topline. Moving out well.

3. Cooper; Elbereth Apina at Pavoskas ShCM

Pastoral Group Adult

1. Lampier; Tonkory Mark Time (ai)

Well presented border collie bitch, sound all through and in good muscle condition. Lovely outline. Sweet feminine expression.

2. Webb; Megamaree Just Amazing; ShCM


3. Dunn; Neraklee Chardonnay at Shelleary

BOB in Sheltand sheepdogs by a mutual decision. So much to like about this young lady but overall balance is lovely.

4. Fenn/Foster; Chalksville Cool Running over Jandeburn ShCM

Pastoral Group Puppy

1. Hackney; Starvon Bring it on


2. Critchlow/Hallett; Pavoskas Ceili


3. Wood; Malaroc Rainydaze

4. Campbell; Chyanullys Diamond Rover

Reserve BOB Stakes Pastoral

1. Scamp; Stregato The Malficent at Marketdene

Rough Collie bitch – see previous

2. Snook/James; Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe (ai) JW

Border Collie. Half sister to the BOB winner it seems; many of the same remarks apply. Moving out well and in good condition.

3. Cooper; Elbereth Kippis to Pavoskas ShCM

4. Costelloe; Stoneycombe Sweet Talk from Karmidale

Members Open Stakes (31, 11)

1. Carter/Hozempa; Ch Amahte Runnin on Jamaican Time (imp) JWShCM

Elegant, classy and moving with great elasticity. Built on clean lines with correct rib depth and the clean shoulders. A good winner for this very generous stakes class. Wine down to 20th place!

2. Bull/Warren; Zaralee Hessell and Bussell with Starferry Imp Ire)

Impressive Shar Pei bitch in the hardest of condition and trotting out with verve. Many good breed attributes.

3. Burdett-Coutts; Dobrany Dorianblue Odyssi

Judge; Hazel Fitzgibbon (Mrs) 12 February 2018.