• Show Date: 06/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Hazel Fitzgibbon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hereford & County Kennel Society

Hereford and County Kennel Society 6th May 2018

Finnish Lapphund

Graduate (1)

1. Thomas; Elbereth Tuulenpoika

At 10 months still developing. Excellent scissor bite. Good profile, short loin. Good bone and feet. Moving soundly. Happy lad.BP

Open (2)

1. Thomas; Ch Elbereth Pelinainen

Well balanced throughout, a quality bitch whose mind strayed from the job on occasion. Feminine head without being fine. Great ear set and leathers. Very good on the move in all directions when she puts her mind to it. BOB

2. Thomas; Elbereth Suvituuli JW

Preferred the winner in the head and in movement. Good ribbing, bone and feet.

Australian Shepherd Open (1)

1. Apperley; Armatan Thunderbolt at Nanaimo ShCM

8 years old and not looking anything like it. Clean head with good ear set and correct skull shape. Solid to go over with capacious ribbing and strong loin. Free moving with reach and impressive but balanced drive. BOB

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Junior (1)

1. Veale; Shanlimore Luciana at Jojims

At 10 months still twixt and tween. Well grown on but rather upright in front. Good bite. Head still to break and topline to settle. Good, steady side gait. BP

Open (2,1)

1. Maggs; Vi’skaly In the fast Lane of Dewyche

Impressive male, not the biggest, but well developed in bone and body. Excellent topline. Free and easy mover, covering ground. BOB

Rough Collie

Graduate (1)

1. Skinner; Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal

Lovely long, lean head on this bitch with beautiful eye shape and well carried ears. Moving freely but a little uncoordinated.

Open (1)

1. Skinner; Nikal It’s Gud to be Black

Very typical profile and ‘of a piece’. Good head but mouth could be better. Well presented with quality coat. Free mover. A bit of a handful. BOB

Smooth Collie Post Grad (1)

1. Moores; Manordeifi Bow Regard

At 21 months, he is still a little immature, however there is a lot of quality there. Long lean head with good bite and almond eye. Clean mover with powerful rear. BOB

Bearded Collie (4,3)

1. Burford; Helenview Harmony ShCM

Lovely beardie with balanced feminine head and enough muzzle. Good topline croup and tailset. Very well prepared, harsh textured coat. Moving out well. BOB

Shetland Sheepdogs

Junior (1)

1. Haensel; Sherkarl Magic Touch

Good for size and topline. Sweet expression and correct dark eye. Rather steep in croup and low tail set. Well coated and immaculately prepared.

Graduate (3)

1. Sherkarl Magic Touch


2. James; Philhope One and Only

This one was a revelation to go over, so well constructed. Although she fidgeted on the table and wouldn’t stand properly on the floor, she is a very promising bitch. Lovely head and expression. Moving straight, sound and free.

3. Annison; Cotsbelle Golden Pearl Two

Open (2)

1. Haensel; Uptown Funk JW ShCM

Very attractive profile on this well coated male. Aweet expression and well carried ears. Moderate angles and moving with enough width.

2. Annison; Cotsbelle Rosy Glow Two

Feminine 7 years old. Quality double coat. Free moving and sound with good topline croup and tailset. Standing a little long on profile.

German Shepherd Dog

Graduate (2)

Two very different junior bitches

1. Lemon/Christopher; Foxhue Zollie at Mitzahner

Feminine head with kind well placed eues and erect ears. Moving out in a collected side gait, but front could be tidier on the up and down. Tending to get the better of her handler.

2. Stephens; Brightmeadow Kiss and Tell

Different profile altogether, being long and low. Very well muscled up with a good bite.

Open (1)

1. Stephens; Brightmeadow Strand of Gold

Mature 2 y/o sable. Excellent bone and overall construction. Clean neck and shoulder. Good width across front with slight prosternum. Good strong topline, moderate croup, lovely tail set. Well angulated rear. Good reach and propulsion on the move. A joy on the up and down, being strong and true, his excellent muscle tone showing. A noble head with well set ears and a calm demeanour. A truly lovely dog, I thought, and was happy to make him Pastoral Group 1. He performed the same in the BIS ring and won that too!

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

1. Head; Kilvroch Mystikos for Millermead

Good profile. Lovely head shape and ear set. Good body. Front and rear movement needs to settle. BP

Limit (1)

1. Price; Belroyd Pemcader Menna

Well developed front on this veteran. Good reach and drive on the move. Well developed stifles and rear. In fine fettle.

Open (4,2)

1. Apperly; Wildcard Ace at Nanaimo

Sturdy bi eyed merle male. Good for neck and elbows set close in. Level topline, good bone throughout. Harsh textured coat. BOB

2. Price; Brynlluan Magic Crystal

Very feminine bitch. Collected and precise on the move. In good muscle. Preferred head proportion of the male.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Limit (2,1)

1. Smith; Pemlodge Star Appeal

2 y/o. Excellent for size. Feminine head with expressive eyes. Very well developed front and pro sternum. A lot to like here. Could be tighter on the move.

Open (2)

1. Jones; Ceranda Surf’s Up

Very lovely tri male. Mature and well put together. Classic head and ears and textbook front. Good level topline adding to the long and low profile. Moving straight, true and sound. BOB

2. Garrett; Jahnhaus Jenny Wren at Beaumilands

Pretty 6 y/o. Not too happy on the move. Nice to go over with well set, clean shoulder. Topline a little slack.

BSD Tervueran

1. King; Niaelle Zenos of Grizwold

Good for size. Long lean head with little stop. Lovely almond eye. Good neck and clean shoulder. Shown at correct weight with good muscle tone. Well coated and making an attractive picture. BOB

AVNSC Pastoral

Junior (2,1)

1. Kass; Fostebrie Venchi Star at Kimarlaz

Classy Briard. 9 months. Excellent head proportions and dark eye. Correct bite. Good neck and shoulder placement. Lovely overall proportions. Rear is still tightening up but I would expect nothing more at this age. Requisite double dew claws. Harsh coat texture growing through. BP and Pastoral Puppy Group 1.

Post Grad (2,1)

1. Lambert; Sturtmoor’s Eezee Luvva

Norwegian Buhund bitch. Such a smart girl, showing a clean profile when stacked and in side gait. Well proportioned head and well placed ears. Good pigment. Well set tight tail. In good show condition. Best AVNSC

Open (3,1)

1. Brittain; Guardalavaca Circus Circus

Australian Cattle Dog presented in very hard condition, a joy to go over. Good outline and underline. Excellent stifles with well developed 1st and 2nd thigh. Strong head and muzzle with well developed cheeks. ResBOB

2. Powell; Jeddep Sweet Jasmine at Pouchyno

Old English Sheepdog. B. Typical head piece with good eye, pigmentation and strong backskull. Rather well covered and does not need more weight. Huge coat extremely well groomed through.

Pastoral Group Adult

1. German Shepherd Dog

2. Australian Shepherd Dog

3. Pembroke Corgi

4. Norwegian Buhund

Pastoral Group Puppy

1. Briard

2. Finnish Lapphund

3. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

4. Welsh Cardigan Corgi

Best Reserve BOB Pastoral – Australian Cattle Dog

AV Pastoral

Puppy (2,1)

1. Shanlimore Luciana at Jojims

Open (3,1)

1. Nikal It’s Gud to be Black

2. Wildcard Ace at Nanaimo

3. Cotsbelle Golden Pearl Two

Veteran (6,1)

1. Armatan Thunderbolt at Nanaimo

2. Fraglestone Freeheart to Helenview ShCM

Well coated Beardie, presented in wonderful condition. Moving freely and soundly. In good, harsh textured coat.

3. Cotsbelle Rosy Glow Two

Reserve BOB in Show – Brookes; Snugglewoods Mefisto op Zetamaz (imp)

Fox Terrier Smooth. Long head. Lovely neck and shoulder. Moderate balanced angles. Well set tail. Sound coming and going and fills the eye.

AV Puppy Stakes (18,12)

1. Maule; Daltricia Arapaho

Shih Tzu. Good profile. Well set eye and enough muzzle. Moved jauntily at the end of a long hot day.

2. Perry; Chrisford Heidi Hi

Mini Smooth Dachsund. Lovely profile both stacked and on the move Good coat. Needs to muscle up a little more.

3. Anthony; Ospreagle Bone Idol

AV Graduate Stakes (19, 11)

1. Morris; Cymru Dream Bris Gyda Cwnhapus

Smart Siberian Husky. A precise mover and in good double coat. Well developed rear. Well presented.

2. Currie; Faehat Fedora

Affenpinscher with that typical ‘monkey’ expression. Good texture coat. Brisk mover.

3. Manners; Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti

Open (30, 25)

1. King; Ch Grizwold Loki

Lovely male German Spitz Mittel. I had no measure but guess he fits under snuggly. Square, cobby with short loin and moderate angles front and back. Presented in good coat. Moving briskly.

2. Hayes; Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM

Norwich Terrier. Quality dog in lovely hard jacket. Well balanced head and erect ears. Lovely expression. Firm body and tight loin.

3. Francis/ Blatchford; Ch Witchstone Not Apache on Me for Peopleton.

Judge Hazel Fitzgibbon – 8 May 2018.