• Show Date: 07/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Hazel Fitzgibbon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Consett Canine Society

Consett Canine Society 7th April 2018

Consett Canine Society 7th April 2018

I was delighted to be back in the land of my grand parents and experience northern warmth and hospitality again. Congratulations to the show management on a well organised event. Thanks to my various stewards of the day; all exemplary.

I had a lovely paper entry badly marred by absentees.

Alaskan Malamutes

Eleven entries, one present.


1. Dobson/Wolfe; Sutarka La Dolle Vita

Bitch, typical and good for size. Well balanced head with well set eyes and ears. Good bone and feet. At 16 months, she still has more maturing to do. Moving out freely. BOB

Great Danes

Graduate (3,1)

1. Brumpton; Dornoir Ptolemy for Doquest

Statuesque harlequin with great size and bone. Loved the overall picture, exceptional neck and topline. Lovely angulation which was balanced. Well developed front. Moved out with a driving rear action and covered ground easily. Eyes could be tighter, but otherwise a handsome lad. BOB

2. Hodgson; Geordieone Big Lass at Folds

Feminine lightly built girl, a bit skittish today. Good neck and topline when she settled. Needs more maturity and muscling throughout. Tending to pace on the move

Open (2)

1. Saunders; Dornoir Aeval

Good outlook and excellent muscle tone. Good croup and tail set. The better mover of these two.

2. Young; Clannalbas Failte Gu at Geordieone

Reluctant to be handled. Topline could be better; muscling generally was lacking. Good thick feet.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Graduate (7, 5)

1. Green; Mattias Von Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf (imp ned)

Well presented youngster who scored here in movement. Excellent head and expression and dark, almond-shaped eye, well-set ears.

Very promising. BOB

2. Grimes; Fortonpark Future dreams

Appealed for overall type and proportions. Immense bone. Good tail set. Sadly, weight affected her movement considerably.

Open (4, 2)

1. Grimes; Stormberne Let It Snow

Stacked, this is a stallion male of great presence. Straight front, good head piece and well marked. Rear movement needs strengthening.

2. Travis-Timms; Esslinbern Maz Kanata

11 month bitch still learning the ropes. A little skittish. Well marked and of good size with good bone. Head was lovely. Needs to settle into the show ring routine and start moving steadily. BP

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Graduate (2)

1. Scanlon; Kinabula’s All About the Bass

Lovely balance on this youngster. Feminine head, with typical shape and well set ears. Well set front with good length of upper arm. Good rib cage and strong coupling. Well defined, central ridge. Good muscle tone. A quality youngster. BP and Hound puppy group 1.

2. Hall; Matsushona Fire Opal

Very well muscled junior. Masculine head. Rather leggy at the moment. Not the overall balance of 1.

Open (2)

1. Hall; Kenquince Pisconia

Good head and neck. Very sound on the move on the up and down. At a good weight and in hard condition. BOB

2. Scanlon; Sharufa Dream Maker ShCM

6 year old tending to look a little weighty. Otherwise a good profile. Preferred head qualities and moving balance of 1.


Graduate (1)

1. Bloomfield; Glenoak Laquan

Built on clean lines with good furnishings. Shown in exemplary hard condition. Light free mover extending well in the rear.

Open (2)

1. Burtenshaw; Ir Ch Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi JW ShCM

Mature lady carrying her years lightly. Very elegant and sound, with light free springy gait. Good profile when stacked. Clean through the front and well muscled. BOB Gp 3.

2. Burtenshaw; Fernlark Snow Grouse at Daandazi JW ShCM

Shown at a very light weight. Moving out well with good tail set.


Open (3,2)

1. Haugstad; Skogly’s VL Saksumdal Saga

Pretty Elkhound bitch of 19 months. Lovely profile and correct markings. Good head and ears. Lovely to go over. Sound and precise in all directions. Well placed tail. BOB and Hound Group 1.

AV Hound

Graduate (2,1)

1. Hall; Matsushona Fire Opal


Open (2,1)

1. Mason; Ayla Starlight from Teckeltown

Classy mini smooth Dachshund. Keeping topline all the time on the move. Well boned and elbows well set to body. Prosternum could be more pronounced but I liked her.

Hound Group Adult

1. Haugstad; Skogly’s VL Saksumdal Saga

Norwegian Elkhound from AVNSC.

2. Cannon; Pursenet Country Joy

Whippet built on clean lines and with typical profile. A little tense on the table, but she settled into herself on the move. Presented in good order.

3. Burtenshaw; Ir Ch Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi JW ShCM


4. Hall; Kenquince Pisconia


Hound Group Puppy

1. Scanlon; Kinabula’s All About the Bass


2. Mason; Tolberg Beez Neez at Teckeltown

Mini LH Dachshund. Goog for size and in glamourous coat, well presented.

3. Fawcett; Springfern Kascade.

At 6 months, still a little unsure. Good head piece and pro sternum. Needs to muscle up along the back.

Judge; Hazel Fitzgibbon 8th April 2018