• Show Date: 27/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Hazel Fitzgibbon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Country Dog Club

West Country Dog Club 27th August 2019


Post Grad (4)

1. Scrivin; Scrivbox Star Review

Strong brindle bitch, with exceptional muscle throughout. Good profile with short back of moderate slope. Broad head with good rise of skull. Good eye and no excess wrinkle across the head. Good ear set. Excellent on the move with reach and drive being balanced when settled. Res BOB

2. Kirkby; Ivyella Together Forever

Smaller, slightly longer cast girl with the length being in the loin. Excellent muscle and a very sound mover. Moderate bone and good feet.

3. Gibson; Drallim Conspiracy Theory

Open (3)

1. Tibbotts; Misstricks Forone Nite Only ShCM

Not a big girl, this well put together brindle bitch. Tends to stack with not a lot of neck in evidence but actually she has a good neck, well laid shoulder and good front construction. Soundly made behind, which shows on the move with balanced reach and drive. Lovely head with melting eye, enough muzzle and not over done. BOB and Working Adult Group 4.

2. Scrivin; Kenquince Master of the Glen at Scrivbox

A strong, well built and at times unruly stallion male. Presents an eye filling profile when stacked and settled, lovely overall proportions and long sweeping stifle. Head is very masculine.

3. Lovell/Beaumont; Winuwuk Minerva Mena at Pinedown


Post Grad (3)

1. Groves; Lateagain Falling for you

This girl impressed for side gait and was a typical bitch. Good Prosternum and well boned throughout with well set tail. Good front and rear action. Tends to stack a little long so handler needs to watch this. Res BOB

2. Jeanes; Viemar Tiz Amazing

Lovely brown puppy, well grown on and so very promising. Still growing a little and this shows on the move. Clean head and good eye. Lovely neck and shoulder placement. Stacks very square with a short strong loin and not exaggerated in topline. Full of breed type; liked him very much. BPIB and Working Puppy Group 1.

3. Parker; Findorf Aina Aleska (imp Fin)

Open (3,2)

1. Groves; Ch Lateagain Heart of Gold

Most beautiful girl, presenting a very typical profile, square and of good proportions. Clean head, good reach of neck. Very solidly built with quality muscle. Good feet and tail set. Moving out with great ease, extending and driving well. BOB. Working Group 1, and later Res BIS. Well done!


Post Grad (5,1)

1. James; Bamabel Gino

Strong mature boy tending to go down on the rear when stacked but levelling up on the move. Broad head with good eye and well set ears. Decent leg length which he uses well when settled on the move. A lot to like.

2. Vick; Ava von der alten Festung at Vickangels (imp HRV)

A nice bitch who needs to mature on now. Pretty head piece, ears could be more settled. Good for size and topline. Tending to stand over quite a lot of ground. Moving with great style.

3. Crane; Starrosa Mocking Bird

Open (3,1)

1. Case; Auberon Tom Faggus

Mature substantial stallion male, good through head, strong neck and well developed body. Good upper arm placement. Moderate angles and moving freely with style. A good overall picture. BOB and Working Group 3

2. Vick; Mia von der alten Festung at Vickangels JW ShCM

Alaskan Malamute

Open (4,1)

1. Forsey; Dark Diamond Snowflake of Engel at Muzoku JW ShCM

This dog reminds me so much of the Malamutes when I started judging them in 1992. Strongly built throughout and very well boned. Lovely broad head and well set eyes, though they could be darker for my preference. Hard, weatherproof coat. When he moved, his head goes down and he reaches and drives with purpose, nay determination. That is a great asset in a breed that is meant to work. BOB and Working Group 2

2. Smith; Snowshoes Telmarine King

Very promising juvenile male. He now needs to grow into his frame. Promising head and good eye. Good length of rib cage into moderate loin. Moved elegantly but needs to muscle up and mature now. ResBOB

3. Woodgate; Snowshoes Mountain Ranger

AVNSC Working

Post Grad (3,1)

1. Newton; Shlarra Smooth Mover

Great Dane with lovely neck and crest. Topline needs to settle and body to develop more. Moving out soundly.

2. Goodyear; Harvestbank Indian Summer

Well proportioned Bernese Mountain dog. Lovely head proportions and well set ears. Strong neck and body with well developed rib cage. Well marked, well prepared coat. Needs to strengthen up in the rear.

Open (1)

1. Newton; Stelamah Quiang at Shlarra

Good profile and strong outline on this Newfoundland who had left most of his coat at home. Broad head and kind eye. Substantially built throughout with quality bone. Moving out with drive. Best AVNSC Working.

AV Working

Junior (5,3)

1. Drallim Conspiracy Theory

Young Boxer 3rd in a previous class. Built on athletic lines and in lovely condition. Good angles front and back and moving out with ease.

2. Harvestbank Indian Summer


Open (1)

1. Misstricks Forone Night Only ShCM


Working Adult Group

1. Ch Lateagain Heart of Gold - Doberman

2. Dark Diamond Snowflake of Engel at Muzoku JW ShCM – Alaskan Malamute

3. Auberon Tom Faggus - Rottweiler

4. Misstricks Forone Night Only ShCM

Working Puppy Group

1. Viemar Tiz Amazing - Doberman

2. Wickers/Munday; Jacalous Catch Me If You Can for Vukasin

Young Siberian Husky with most beautiful head and no coarseness through the skull. Tall ears. Moving out lightly and stylishly. Needs to muscle up now. Will be interested to see how she matures.

3. Ava von der alten Festung at Vickangels (imp HRV)

4. Powell/Breakspear; Karlita Vom Hause Rehberg (Imp Germany)

Judge; Hazel Fitzgibbon 29/8/2018