• Show Date: 01/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Hazel Fitzgibbon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Vale Of Clwyd Canine Society

Vale of Clwyd CS. 1/7/2018

My thanks for the invitation to judge at this friendly show. It was a hot day where exhibitors had to be very careful with their dogs but all seemed to go well. I judged perhaps faster than I normally do and did not move dogs as I usually do, as the heat dictated otherwise. Also, my notes are correspondingly short.

German Shepherd Dogs

Every time I judge this breed I am impressed by the strides breeders have taken in addressing breed watch issues.

Post Grad (6,4)

1. Jones; Morolwg Lorenzo

Well grown, strong male with a noble head and calm expression. OK in front and pro sternum. Sloping topline and good tail set with long tail. True foot placement on the move and strong rear action. Shown in good weight and condition.

2. Prydderch; Droyale Charlie Girl

A pretty girl, with a feminine head and good eye and ear placement. Good width across thighs and strong hocks. A little low stationed for me but sound action on the move.

Open (5,2)

1. Prydderch; Droyale Mr Moo

Sable dog with well proportioned head and well placed ears giving a most typical expression. Excellent bone and great feet. Good croup and tail set. I loved his overall proportions, leg length and coupling. A little lively for handler but moved out enough to show a strong sound action with no weaknesses. BOB Past Group 2.

2. Jones; Lararth Vanos of Morolwg ShCM

Mature b/g. Masculine expression. Full coated. Good bone and lovely outline. Qulaity bone and substance. Not the front action of my winner.

3. Prydderch; Droyale Leading Man

Australian Shepherd Dogs

Post Grad (3,2)

1. Roberts; Magical Love Elvikam (imp Pol)

Lovely style of ASD very well prepared and handled. Lovely bone throughout. Good reach of neck and clean shoulder. Elbow placement could be better and this shows on the move. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Moving soundly and collectedly in side gait. BP

Open (5,1)

1. Longhurst; Wilduc Next to me at Spotarton (ShCM)

Lovely outline on this tri bitch. Good topline, bone and feet. Good overall proportions. Solid mover, being true on the up and down and with well timed side gait. BOB

2. Roberts; Moves Like Jagger Elvikam (imp Pol)

Tri male at the top end of the standard. Lovely head proportions and well set eye. Rather careless on the move on the up and down but good ecomonical reach and drive in side gait.

3. Venton; Little Red-Cap du Chemin des Korrigans (imp Fra)

Bearded Collie Open1. 168

1. Edwards; Nellbrook Pure Imagination

Smart puppy bitch with a very well proportioned head and enough back skull. No hint of snippieness. Well presented, quality coat. Lovely to go over with decent reach of neck, clean shoulder and good forehand. Moved out well, covering ground and with correct tail carriage. Puppy Group 1.

2. Burscough; Talraz Light up the Sky for Kilfinan

Another very promising puppy. Well grown on and well prepared. Lovely head with melting expression. Sound in front and rear on the move with lovely reach of neck.

3. Burfitt; Ramsgrove Coruscation for Breaksea

Shetland Sheepdog

Puppy (5,3)

1. Gamble; Solyric Inaugural Gold

Delightful youngster. Lovely overall outline and proportions. Sweet expression with almond eye and well carried ears. Not letting anything perturb her. Moves soundly with a good ‘daisy cutting’ front action. BP

2. Edwards; Castlerose Foxtrot

Well prepared male puppy of good size. Lovely eye and ear but tending to be long in the foreface at the moment. Good body and coupling. Correct convergent movement.

Post Grad (5,1)

1. Botham; Balidorn Solomon

A little short on coat but very sound on the move. Very sweet expression on a well proportioned head. Very well placed ears. Well ribbed back and well placed elbows.

2. Officer; Castlerose A Shropshire Lad JW ShCM

More coated than 1 but could not match 1 on the move or in expression. Well coated and presented. Good topline and croup.

3. Mottram; Lanteague Gold Sovereign at Lochkaren

Open (3,2)

1. Edwards; Castlerose Star Turn JW

Tri male of top quality. Well made throughout. Sweet expression but still masculine. Good neck and topline. Moving out very assuredly and soundly. BOB

AVNSC Pastoral

Puppy (1)

1. Weedall/Bogue; Bronabay Illuminations

Pembroke Corgi. Quality youngster. Excellent for substance and overall build. Masculin head and well placed ears. Moving with enthusiasm, truly. BP

Post Grad (3,1)

1. Samuel; Oberitz Upponalle

Finnish Lapphund. Well grown with a very typical, well proportioned head. Lovely for coat. Does not need any more weight. However. Moving freely and soundly.

2. Kingaby; Jestakas Georgiagrey

Briard bitch with dry fawn coat. Requisite double dew claws. Not a big bitch and lightly made through the frame. Moving OK.

Open (2)

1. Weedall/Bogue; Ch Bronabay Cannonball JW

What a star! Very smart Pembroke Corgi chap. Fabulous presentation. Lovely to go over and exceptionally sound on the move. It was a bonus to see him here today and helped towards a good judging experience for me. BOB. Past Group 1.

2. Samuel; Bridus Ukkonen

Finnish Lapphund whose coat was holding the heat today. Lovely overall proportions with enough leg length and steady topline. Foreface could be a little shorter and wider with more width across back skull for preference. Sound mover exhibiting reach and drive.

Adult Pastoral Group

1. Pem Corgi

2. GSD

3. Sheltie

4. Sapsford; Jackscrofter Mist Rising over Cochwillan, Border Collie.

Puppy Pastoral Group

1. Beardie

2. Sheltie

3. Australian Shepherd

4. Pembroke Corgi

Judge; Hazel Fitzgibbon 3/7/2018