• Show Date: 30/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Graham Osborne Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Pollard Canine Society

Pollard Canine Society – 30th September 2018

Many thanks to the committee for their kind invitation. I had a large ring for the dogs to perform and the general atmosphere was very friendly. I thank all the exhibitors for sportingly accepting my decisions and congratulate the winners for being in fit condition. I was well looked after by my stewards, Sarah Thorpe, who was stewarding only for her second time and did a very efficient job and to Yvonne Bullivant who controlled the paperwork with ease.



1. Hardisty. Eardley Alec Tricity. 13 months Tri. D who stood four square with good strength through his core. Super head nicely domed with low set ears of good length. Good eye colour and expression, correct muzzle and flews. Arched neck of good length, excellent lay of shoulder, round bone, well set with tight, firm feet. Short coupled body, deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Level top line, short coupled. Super thighs, excellent muscle tone with well bent stifles. Sound on the move where he held a level top line. Plenty of drive, workman like and fit for function BOB, Group 4

2. Stoddard. Poppyville First Glance. 13-month Tri B Pretty girl with feminine head. Nicely balanced with good eye and ear. Well laid shoulder, slightly longer cast than 1 with shallower brisket. Lovely rear nicely shaped rump with good tail set and well-shaped stifle. Sound on the move, not quite the drive of winner.


1.Hardisty. Blunderhall Moondog. 14-month Tri D Similar make and shape to his kennel mate, with masculine head, good eye and ear length. Strong neck with good ribs, short coupled with good width over loin. Well angulated rear, clean hocks. Good drive and reach. In super condition throughout.

2. Gooderham. Saltcliff Northern Star. 16-month Tri D. Sound mover with correct angulation both fore and aft. Masculine head, not quite the flew and neck length of 1. Compact body, well ribbed, strongly coupled. Nice width of thigh.


1. Lovatt. Bjonhagen Sweet Bay Leaf JW ShCM. 2 y/o Tri D. Super head, well balanced with good eye colour and expression. Strong neck into good shoulders and super bone. Not quite as short as my BOB, but nicely ribbed and coupled. Level top line and well bent stifle. Moved with purpose, sound fore and aft. RBOB

2 Harrison Dialynne Tara’s Mantra. 7 y/o R&W B. Feminine head, well-shaped and balanced with good ear set and length. Strong neck into good shoulders and bone. Well ribbed back, just a tad too much weight through loin. Moderately angled aft. Enjoying her day out with sprightly movement.



1. Goff. Pagarni’s Imitation Game. 7-month Fawn parti B. Very feminine head, well balanced with good eye shape and colour. Well-shaped muzzle and strong jaw. Long, elegant neck, good shoulder and bone. Deep well shaped brisket with long back and good tuck. Decent stifles, not overdone. Needs to tighten on the move and will no doubt improve with more strength throughout. BP, Puppy Group 3

2. Ireland. Kaymark Its Now Or Never at Jakile. 11-month Masked Fawn D. Up to size with solid head, flat skull, well tapered. Strong neck into decent shoulders. Deep chest well ribbed back into good coupling. Nice shape top line and tuck. Good muscled thigh and well bent stifle. Slightly stilted on the move, not as free as winner.


1. Wilkinson. Citycroft Starfall. 15-month Fawn Parti B Loved her overall condition, well-muscled and fit for function. She is well up to size, however I was impressed with her make and shape. Feminine head, with oval, alert eye. Super neck and shoulders, excellent bone with strong pasterns and well arched feet. Good depth and length of rib. Correct top line with strength through core and good arch and tuck. Well-muscled thigh, not overdone through stifle, stood over plenty of ground. Her movement was free and easy with excellent reach and drive, very sound. BOB, Group 1 Congratulations !

Post Graduate

1. Pell. Mardia Change Of Mind. 2 y/o Brindle Parti B. Nice size just needs to muscle up to be competitive. Sweet head, well balanced, Good front, decent ribs. Top line a bit flat for me. Well-shaped rear with low hocks. Restricted on the move, just lacking reach.

Open Dog

1. Ireland. Kaymark Simply a Duke at Jakile ShCM. 4 y/o Brindle & White. Good looking dog. Masculine head with flat skull and good taper. Strong well arched neck into excellent front, deep brisket, well sprung ribs. Super top line with decent thigh. He’s a good-looking boy, who I thought would take the breed, he was out moved in the challenge by the well-muscled and conditioned bitch RBOB



1. Watson. Batman Flys. 11-month Pharaoh Hound D. Good parallel wedge with correct amber eye. Mobile ears of good size, strong neck, well angulated front into well ribbed body, with level top line. A nice make and shape, good body to height ratio. Overall just needs to mature, turning his puppy weight into muscle. Free mover with low action. BAVNSC & BP, Puppy Group 2


1. Batman Flys


1. Smith. Yasmin Silver Veil. 4 y/o Saluki B. Very feminine head nicely balanced with good oval eye and silky ear. Good brisket, well ribbed back with good length of loin and cut. Slight dip in top line which spoilt her overall shape. Moderate stifles. Just needs to be more determined on the move. Res AVNSC

Hound Group

1. Citycroft Starfall

2. Hirst. Diheath Bob Dylan At Kejana ShCM Tri Basset Hound 7 y/o Striking dog with good outline. Not overdone, correct proportions. Well balanced, clean head, with good eye shape. Good shoulder and bone Lengthy neck. Super body, good top line. Well-made rear with low hocks. Fluid movement with decent reach and thrust.

3. Morris. Pennywave Uptown Girl JW ShCM. Min W/H Dachs 4 y/o B. Sweet girl, good cone, strong jaw with correct almond eye. Long neck, good shoulders, deep keel. Good top line into slight arch. Well-rounded rump and muscled thighs. Free moving with good drive.

4. Eardley Alec Tricity

Hound Puppy Group

1. Morris. Stargang Peggy Sue At Pennywave. 10-month Min W/H Dachs B. Beautiful well turned out puppy. Supper feminine head with good eye and ear. Long neck, good front and bone. Super shoulders, deep body well ribbed into nicely shaped rear. Super top line held on move. In good harsh jacket, she stepped out with positive movement which was sound both fore and aft. Congratulations

2. Batman Flys

3. Pagarni’s Imitation Game

Judge: Graham Osborne (Beaters)