• Show Date: 01/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Graham Osborne Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wombwell & District Canine Society

Wombwell DCS 1st July 2018

Sincere thank you to the Society for offering me the appointment. I was so impressed with the friendliness and great hospitality offered by the committee. I must also thank “Steward of the Year” Colin Woodward for his help. He did a sterling job as my hip replacement maybe cool, but not in the 30-degree heat!

AV Import Register


1. Vidler. DOSIA GARLICY DUCHOWNEJ AT APAILANA (Imp POL). 9-month L/H Russian Toy B Super head, good stop with lean muzzle, correct bite with decent eye and well fringed ears. Fine bone, with straight front into oval rib and good underline. Moderate rear angulation, she moved soundly, with brisk gait. In good coat and condition, certainly enjoying her day out. BPAVIR


1. Smith & Wisniewski. XIPILLI ELEMENT OF DESIRE FOR BONDOR (IMP SWE). Stnd Xoloitzcuintle 4 y/o Black D. Balanced head with good wedge shape and almond eye. Arched neck into well-muscled front. Good ribs well back into strong coupling with correct tuck. Rounded croup, moderate angulation, super thighs. Moved freely. BAVIR

2. Spry. ROLLENWOOD CHAHTA. Stnd Xoloitzcuintle 20-month Black B Well shaped head and eye. Strong neck into good shoulders. Good skin covering well developed ribs with nicely angulated rear. Moved soundly, missed out on maturity over winning dog.

Border Terrier


1. Watson & Kenna. CYNETKOYTIME TRAVELER. Just 6 months D. A real quality puppy. Super head, broad with short muzzle, keen eye, small ear. Good neck, into excellent front assembly with correct bone. Long in rib, good span and enough length of coupling. Super rear and correct tail. Moved freely with drum beat pace. Wonderful harsh coat and good skin for a youngster. BP

Post Graduate

1. Taylor. NOTTORG NOSTALGIA. 17 month. Very workmanlike, has pleasing head of correct proportion and keen expression. Good length of neck into handy, well angulated front. Spannable chest, with excellent rear angulation. Moved soundly. Presented in harsh pelt BOB & Group 1


1. Taylor. PICER ANGELICA TO NOTTORG. ShCM. 4 y/o B. A little hesitant today. Mature bitch with typical head. Decent neck and shoulder. Good ribs, a tad long in back, but with decent rear. Good harsh textured jacket a little long.

Manchester Terrier


1. Judge. HARLIBOO PRETTY IN PINK. 6-month B. Pleasing head with good almond eye and correct ear set. Decent neck into well angulated front. Good length of back with discernible arch. Nicely angulated rear with free action on the move. BP

2. Boot. HARLIBOO WORD GETS AROUND. Litter brother to 1. Masculine head with nice wedge. Not quite the front angulation of sister, also a tad longer in body at this stage. Nicely developed rear and good tail set. Both these puppies moved well and enjoyed their outing.

Post Graduate

1. Goodman. JOEMARIO MOONLIT SHADOW. A well campaigned dog of 8 years. Pleasing head with correct ear set and eye shape. A bit stuffy in neck and a front assembly lacking in angulation. A short body, but his topline is not his fortune. Needs more angulation aft to allow him to drive.


1. Boot. TTOMBOWOR PRINCESS PHOEBE. 4 y/o. Mother of the two puppies. In excellent condition. Feminine all through with good head and expression. Muscular, arched neck into well angulated front. Good brisket, strong coupling with good cut. Well angulated rear. Sound with good reach and drive BOB


Parson Russell Terrier


1. Rimmer. KYLINI OLIVANDER. 6 month dog. Very smart bold chap, full of character. Super head with almond eye. Ears well set of correct shape and fold. Super neck, into excellent front and bone. Good length body offering correct proportions. Well angulated rear, which he used on the move with plenty of drive. Good rough, dense coat. BP

Post Graduate

1. Sturdy. ALNCROFT IN TIME. 3 y/o B in decent condition. Spannable body of correct proportion and good jacket. Feminine head with flat skull and good eye. Decent neck with good front and bone. Would like a bit more rear angulation to set off a classic outline. Moved soundly. Tight choice with puppy for BOB, but puppy still has more work to do and was up against a mature contender. BOB


1. Sturdy. ALNCROFT IMPERIAL. 6 y/o fully mature bitch, not quite the outline and balance of the BOB. It was her topline and rear end which let her down, however a pleasing bitch with good pelt and sound enough action.

AVNSC Gundog


1. Hammond. SEASHAM LOVE BUG. GSP Nice 6-month Liver puppy. Very girly, of good size. Not overdone in any quarter. Good, well balanced head with correct eye. Nice neck and front assembly with good bone and feet. Liked her depth and spring of rib, short coupled with correct width over loin. Well angulated rear. Sound, happy mover, very promising. BPAVNSC

2. Dawson. BESKERBYLUMINESCENT. Clumber. 10-month B. Nicely proportioned. Feminine head just needs a bit more work in back skull. Nice eye and expression. Strong neck with good front angulation, Standing on solid timber with tight feet. Well sprung and deep ribs, Good width over loin with fat bum and good rear angulation. Moved with purpose.


Post Graduate

1. Bradley & Green. HIGHFORCE ONE VISION. 2 y/o B In superb condition. So well-toned throughout. She has a well-shaped, balanced head, correct eye and ear set. Strong neck, good front, just a little straight in upper arm. Great body, well sprung and nicely coupled. Super rear angulation with excellent muscle tone. So well collected on the move where she was positive and so accurate both fore and aft. BAVNSC

2. Peebles. KEIGAME BELLE OF ALL. GSP 16-month Liver B. Well up to size, but with a balanced outline. Strong head with good eye. Well-developed front and reachy neck. Deep brisket but long coupled. Good width of thigh with moderate rear angulation. Moved OK


1. Sillince. MEDOGOLD CLOWN PRINCE FOR TOMLOW. 2 y/o B&W Pointer D. Masculine throughout. Well-proportioned head with good muzzle. Still needs to break, but already a nice shape. Super neck with good reach. Nicely angulated front with deep chest and good infill. Bone of good shape and correct feet. Good spring of rib with short, strong coupling. Well angulated rear with excellent muscle tone. He impressed with his long and low reach in front. Excellent controlled drive, he covered plenty of ground with little effort. Has potential when it all comes together with maturity.

2. Bradley & Green. SH CH VISLANYA VIVMANY BY HIGHFORCE JW ShCM. 4 y/o Viszla B. Fully deserves her title. Such a typy bitch. Very feminine throughout with a great shape and balance. Super head with good eye. Strong neck and wonderful front assembly. Deep brisket, solid topline and well coupled. Loved her rear angulation and muscle tone. I felt she just lacked on the move as I was more impressed by the reach and drive of the Pointer.


4. Beresford. KARTMEL RINDR Viszla.


Post Graduate

1. Robinson. BUSHOBY A NEW DAYBREAK. 15-month R/W Basset B with placid attitude. Super head not overdone, very feminine. Good length ears with nice curl. Strong neck, super front and bone. Well sprung ribs, well back with good coupling. Nice shaped aft with strong quarters. Moved soundly maintaining her topline.


1. Virgo & Hicks. AM CH SUNI ASIA WISH UPON A STAR BY SUMAHARI ShCM (IMP USA). Afghan B 3 y/o red brindle with black mask. Very impressive with super depth of body and solid temperament. Lovely head. Long with good width and strong jaw. Super neck, well angulated front. Very deep and well filled in, this is where she impressed. Excellent ribs, short coupled with good loin. Lots of length from hip to hock. In super coat, she floated around the ring with a smooth action. Loved her to bits. BAVNSC, RBIS Congratulations

2. Robinson. SWITHERLAND LOVE TO GOSSIP. R/W Basset B 5 y/o. Very smart, beautifully proportioned. Gorgeous head and eye. Super neck. Good angulation both fore and aft. Grand ribs and correct muscle tone. Moved with scope. Lovely class to judge with two beautiful hounds.

Gundog Group


2. Sewell. WINTONIA HIDDEN GEM AT QUATTROZAMPE. 20-month Blue/R Cocker B. Very smartly presented in super trim and condition. Well balanced head with kind eye. Sufficient neck with good front. Cobby body. Not too overdone behind. Moved with plenty of bustle.



Gundog Puppy Group

1. Marris-Bray. HELENWOOD ILLUSION. 11-month Black Cocker B. Stylish outline in good jacket. Feminine head, well balanced with good muzzle and eye. Strong neck, excellent forehand with good bone and feet. Super ribs, nice and deep with short coupling and plenty of width over loin. Correctly angulated rear. Moved with purpose with great tail action.

2. HAYDENGOLD RUMOUR HAS IT. Golden Ret. 9-month B. Super head and expression. Sufficient neck into well angulated front and bone. Good ribs in both length and depth, with strong coupling and good width over loin. Decent movement, just needs time to tighten.


Hound Group


2. Watson & Kenna. ALONZOGRAND CUORE MIT CYNETKOY (IMP RUS). PBGV 13-month D. Super outline with correct body proportions. Balanced head with good stop, brow, eye and jaw. Strong neck into well angulated front and deep body, well ribbed with wide croup. Good harsh jacket. Very free mover



Hound Puppy Group

1. Stoddard. POPPYVILLE FIRST EDITION. 9-month Beagle D. Pleasing head and expression. Good length of neck, solid body and good width over loin. Like to see a tad shorter body length. Good rear angulation and muscle tone. Moved with purpose, compact in front.

2. Smith & Wisniewski. BONDOR MISS FAIRY SUNSHINE. 6-month Whippet. Red fawn parti B. Balanced outline with good body length. Shapely topline and good tuck. Head needs to develop more as quite fine through muzzle and jaw. Moved OK.

Judge: Graham Osborne