• Show Date: 17/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Grace Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wrexham & District Kennel Society

WREXHAM & DISTRICT KENNEL SOCIETY 17.11.18 I was honoured to be asked to judge at this show and its always especially good to do the Gundog Groups with some excellent dogs. Spacious ring, lovely dogs and an excellent steward – Petula Humphrey take a bow. Thanks to all the committee for a well -run show and the great hospitality, even gluten free lemon cake.

FLATCOATED RETRIEVER G (2,1) 1 Shelley & Lutner’s Telurn Come Fly With Me To Rivage, young dog making his handler work hard. Nicely moulded head with good muzzle and correct bite. A real gleam to his coat. Straight front and well arched feet. Strong back line and moved with drive carrying tail level with back. BOB and Gundog G 3. O (1) 1 Adshead’s Llantrussa Twist of Fate medium height dog with good bone. Well laid shoulders and good rear end. Moved true coming and going. RBOB

FIELD SPANIEL G (3,1) 1 Mcvitty’s Sonnetend Faith. Impressive head, good length of muzzle and enough stop to give character. Kind expression and clean eyes. Correct depth of chest and good topline into strong rear quarters. Moved true. RBOB 2 Wheeler’s Sonnetend Careless Whisper. Litter brother to my first place and has good flat bone and pleasing outline. Just not quite the maturity of his sister yet and played up his handler on the move but sure to come into his own as he matures. O (3) 1 Moore’s Elgert Sweet Little Lies At Gadhelic. Liked the outline and long lean head with good eye colour. Good depth of chest and good strong feet and legs. Good bend of stifle and moved well. BOB 2 Moore’s Elgert China Girl For Gadhelic similar to my winner and close decision between the two. Another true to type head with well-set ears, well feathered. Good strong body and well boned legs and feet. 3 Wheeler’s Tayowen Touch Of Elixer.

COCKER SPANIEL G (5) 1 Morris’s Riondel Candyman. Good compact height with feminine head and expression. Clean throat into well laid shoulders and well sprung rib. Well bent stifle and strong hocks. Feet tight and well padded RBOB. 2 Roberts’s Sunabil Esgid Y Gog O Libanus Puppy dog with all the right attributes, should mature out well. Plenty of muzzle length, clean cheek bones and well -developed skull. Strong body with well-rounded quarters. Low hocks and good feet. B PIB and Puppy group 3. 3. Morris’s Riondel Caribbean Blu. O (2,1) Morris’s Riondel Murphy’s Law balanced compact dog with good head and clean muscular neck into fine sloping shoulders. Body compact and strong with firm topline and gentle slope to well carried tail. Hindquarters well boned with well let down pasterns and short hocks. A Pleasure to watch his lively action on the move. BOB and Gundog G2.

POINTER G (5,1) 1 Gordon’s Hawkfield Audacity JW Strong Dog with well-muscled outline. Good head proportions and well-defined stop. Flowing neck into good forequarters and depth of chest. Straight front legs, good muscular thighs, well turned stifles and good driving movement. RBOB 2 Matthew’s Medogold Tartini With Sonham JW lovely outline to this bitch with graceful lines. Feminine head and clean neck. Well laid-back shoulder and good deep brisket. Well sprung ribs and arch to loin, well angulated rear. Smooth movement. 3. Perkins’s Brent Hothouse Flower. O (6,2) 1 Perkins’s IR Sh Ch Kanix Fate Of Brent JW ShCM CW15 striking mature dog with proportionate foreface and skull giving good expression. Ears well set and well arched neck into strong forequarters. Well sprung ribs and correct slope of back towards tail. Oval feet with well arched toes. Strong striding movement and well carried tail. BOB. 2 Kirby’s Pipeway Master Design JW another very good dog with muscular body and good movement. Just preferred the head on my winner. 3 Gordon’s Hawkfield Saunter JW.

WEIMARANER G (1) Gosling’s Glasarian Amethyst lovely feminine bitch with correct length of skull to muzzle, correctly set ears with fine leathers. Clean cut neck into well laid-back shoulders and good depth of brisket. Well balanced body length to height and ribs well sprung. Well-muscled hindquarters and good let down of hock. Lovely sheen to her silver grey coat. Good ground covering movement keeping a good topline. RBOB. O (2) 1 Hough’s Morganna Majesty. Strong balanced dog with good head and arch of neck into strong chest and correct rear. Well off for bone and a lovely outline when standing. A little hesitant on the move but went well once he got into his stride. BOB 2. Gosling’s Enryb Party Act To Glasarian. Older bitch who belies her age of 8 years with effortless, driving movement and good outline, every bit the elegant lady. Correct pale silver coat and colour. Straight front and well- muscled front and rear quarters.

HUNGARIAN WIRE HAIRED VIZSLA G (3,2) 1 Connolly’s Bardentop Rumbaba with Bemmorbry. Well- built young bitch. Head and muzzle giving square shape with good stop and correct set of ears. Lovely expression with eyes a good dark amber colour. Beard still developing but coat has the desired harsh texture and lovely russet colour. Straight forequarters and good deep chest and well laid shoulder. Strong back line with sloping croup towards well set tail carried well on the move. Well boned legs with feet well arched and tight. Good ground covering stride on the move. Should have a bright future. RBOB, BPIB and Puppy G 2. O (5,4) 1 Walker’s Zoldmali Story Of Lanokk (Imp SRB). Dog with good frame and correct head proportions. Fully furnished beard and eyebrows with dense harsh coat of good dark amber colour. Moderate length neck with correct slight arch into good shoulders and straight front. Well developed chest and good rear angulation with well let down pasterns and strong hocks. Flowing movement driving from strong rear end. BOB & Gundog G 4.

A.V.N.S.C. J (3,1) 1 Thomas’s ESS Tigerrock Super Ted, well balanced medium sized dog. Well bodied and good substance. Skull to muzzle length good with dark eye and well -set ears lying close to the head. Front straight and good strong legs. Proportionate body into well coupled loin and muscular hind quarters, well let down hocks. Moved free and active with well carried tail. RB AVNSC. 2 Hart’s I R & W Setter Ianbro Mystic Quartz Shines at Gilliegrae. Attractive young bitch with good outline, lovely markings and fine textured coat. Overall athletic appearance and good oval bone. Just needs time to mature and settle into her movement. PG (3) 1 Hart’s I Setter Gwendariff In The Limelight with Gilliegrae JW. Medium sized dog of a rich chestnut colour, lovely silky coat with fine feathering. Head lean with lovely setter expression and well-set ears. Good reach of neck without throatiness into sloping shoulders and good depth of brisket. Well boned rear end with good hocks. Moved true. Best AVNSC. 2. Jenks’s Lge Munster Celtaur Polar Light. Young dog well up to size and strong. Outline good with all the right attributes. Just not concentrating on the job in hand today. 3. Horne’s Eng Set Sodalitas Above Suspicion. O (2) 1. .Jenks’s Lge Munster Kalabagh Lightening. Dog with good muscular outline. Well proportioned head with correct slightly rounded skull and dark eye. Front straight with brisket of good depth and slightly sloping body into firm short coupled loin and good hindquarters. Feet tight and well knuckled. Moved well with good drive. 2 Thomas’s WSS Glenbrows Fire Starter. Lovely silky coat and true red and white colour. Compact and well built. Good expression with correct hazel eyes. Body proportions good with well boned legs. Moved true.

A V GUNDOG VETERAN (6,1) Pleased to see such a lovely class of veterans. 1 Pickup’s Golden Ret Blenstone Tessa Dream. Bitch just into veteran with excellent head and skull, dark eyes, well coloured nostrils and lips giving kindly expression. Clean muscular neck into well laid shoulders. Balanced back line into strong loin and well-muscled hind quarters. Well boned legs and well rounded. Good, level movement, flowed around the ring. 2 Stokes’s Golden Ret Sh Ch Jobeka Jeremiel. Lovely to see this 10 year -old of excellent breed type. Strong without coarseness and good pale golden colour. Well put together with balanced head neck and body, deep chest and good hind quarters. Moved true. Just showing a little portliness now as deserves the elder statesman but was a close decision with my first. 3 Goslings’s Weimar Enryb Party Act at Glasarian.

A V IMPORTED BREED REGISTER O (2) 1. Taylor’s Port Pointer Costalentejana Baga De Groselha With Pointoak. A privilege to go over this young bitch, a new breed for me. Head of correct proportions set onto clean neck and well laid shoulder. Straight legs and tight well arched feet. Strong, well coupled back line and moved with freedom and good length of stride. 2 Langley & Atkins’s Port Pointer Aelia De Champna of Philisha. Feminine bitch with good coat and colour. Muscular body and good legs and feet. Balanced movement.

GUNDOG GROUP 1. & Res BIS Millington’s Golden Ret. Mitcharron Buster Keeton JW ShCM. Quality dog with all the right breed attributes, a worthy group winner. Pleased to see him go on to Reserve BIS. 2. Morris’s Cocker Sp Riondel Murphys Law. 3. Shelley & Lutner’s Flatcoat Ret Telurn Come Fly With Me To Rivage. 4. Walker’s HWV Zoldmali Story of Lanokk (Imp SRB).

GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP Four excellent youngsters, a pleasure to judge. 1. & Best Puppy in Show Scholes’s Pointer Wilchrimane Tea for Two With Rossgilde. Striking youngster with good lines all through. Should have a bright future as he matures. Settled really well into his stride in this group. Delighted to see him go Best Puppy in Show. 2. Connolly’s HWV Bardantop Rumbaba With Benmorbry. 3. Roberts’s Cocker Sp Sunabil Esgid Y Gog O Libanus . 4. Shepherd’s Golden Ret. Parlickview Maggie May.

Grace Brown - Judge