• Show Date: 16/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gordon Hayburn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Golden Retriever Club Of Wales

I would like to thank the GRCW for the honour of judging this show. I am a life member of the club and was thrilled to receive the invitation. This is a breed I have been interested in for a long time and have owned in the past. It is very dear to me. 

On the day the entry, whilst not numerically large was strong and I had no hesitation in making the placements. It was also pleasing to see a couple of young handlers in the ring. They are the future of our sport and its pleasing to see how much they enjoy their dogs.

Having judged many lovely dogs of this breed in the USA and Canada, it was nice to come back to the UK to get hands on some more nice dogs. In N America, there is a disqualification for height in this breed and you therefore get a very uniform line of dogs. It was nice to see a little more variation in size. Presentation differs in both continents, and many people have opinions on this but my own take is to accept what is correct in the country of the show. I feel the one area the UK is stronger in is heads with the shape, size and expression I grew up with. The N American dogs generally score more in topline and rears and I would be curious to see what breeders are doing in regard to using more dogs from overseas.

Finally can I also thank the exhibitors for bringing some lovely dogs and for their great sportsmanship and support of each other. I really enjoyed judging the dogs and my hands were as clean at the end as they were at the beginning.


1st Mr. B & Mrs. M.V. Chapman’s Kidston Weaver

A very promising 8mo pale gold youngster. I particularly liked his head and kind expression. I also thought he had nice balance today and I was also impressed with the nice rear end. Obviously still raw but l liked him and think he could finish well.


1st Miss P Archer’s Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair

Another promising youngster just a few days shy of his 1st birthday. He was very correct all through with good angles fore and aft and a nice topline for a baby. His feet need to tighten a little (which they should with a little more roadwork) but I was really taken with him and his overall make took him to both BPD and BPiS. Congratulations

2nd Mr. B & Mrs. M.V. Chapman’s Kidston Weaver


1st Miss P Archer’s Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair

2nd Mr. M.R. & Mrs. S Brown’s Cailloch Makar Via Ipcress JW

17mo pale dog that is going through a “teenage” growing phase and was just a little loose all through. He has a lovely head and great feet (2 attributes I value in this breed). Not surprised to see he has a JW and he will certainly have many other good days in the future.


1st Miss P Archer’s Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair


Miss K Halliday’s Purbarn A Gust In The Valley

2½ yo mid gold dog who is slightly longer cast and this occasionally impacted his topline on the move. Another with that pleasing head and expression and presented in good order.


1st Mrs. M Joy’s Shardanell Just Like That

3½ yo pale dog of correct size. Handsome headed boy with a super expression. Good angles front and rear although the exhibitor has a tendency to overstretch him when stacked and it makes him look straight in stifle and slopes his topline. (He has neither of these faults). He looked best when free stacked and moved best in the class.

2nd Miss K Halliday’s Purbarn Zo The Sun Shines On

4½ yo mature dark gold with a generally nice shape although occasionally looked a little stuffy in the neck. Great feet and nice rear end from which he drove well.

3rd Mrs. S Riley’s Wylloh Royal Doulton JW ShCM


1st Mrs. M & Mr. K Nicholls’ Largymore You’re My World

Mid gold dog approaching 4 and getting into his prime. Has a lovely balanced outline at correct proportions. Great legs and feet and whilst he has a tendency to fly his tail when he moves, he holds a strong topline and has a lovely footfall and no wasted effort when he goes around. Pleased to award him RBD and RBiS. Well done.


1st Mr. M.R. & Mrs. S Brown’s Gunmarsh Tamarind Star Over Ipcress

My notes say 7 but the catalogue is telling me 8½ yo pale gold dog who, regardless of age was in his prime and in super condition. Pleasing head and expression, correct reach of neck and balanced front and rear. He presented a great outline standing and was equally nice on the move. Another who moved economically and I suspect could do a good days work if needed. I was smitten and he went all the way to BD and BIS. A credit to his breeders and owners.

2nd Miss K Halliday’s Purbarn Zo The Sun Shines On


1st Mrs. L Bufton’s & Mrs. Riley’s Wylloh Anastasia

10mo pale gold bitch of correct size and nice type. Well balanced for age. Lost her topline a little on the move but being a puppy this isn’t surprising. It didn’t stop her moving nice and steadily around the ring. BPB

2nd May’s Ramchaine Triple Strike For Cherrygold

Another 10mo bitch, mid gold in colour. A little smaller and narrower than my winner and she needs to grow on a bit. She is still young so this should happen. Another steady mover.


1st Mr. D.I. Sellick’s Cwmtaff Kalamity Jane

17mo mid/dark gold at her first show and was a little overwhelmed. A nice type of bitch and well made. Just needs a little more practice and confidence.


1st Mr. D.I. Sellick’s Cwmtaff Juniper

2½yo mid/dark gold with a correct outline and good angles at both ends. Super head and expression and nice tight feet. Movement was OK but she is made to move better than she did here and I think might be in her element outdoors.


1st Mr. B & Mrs. M.V. Chapman’s Cassatess Pure Passion For Kidston

3yo dark gold of lovely type. Nice head and a correct, kind expression. Well balanced and particularly scores in rear end. Moved out steadily. One I liked very much. BB and BOS.


1st Mrs. S Riley’s Wylloh Clarice Cliff JW

3yo mid gold and another of nice type. Many of the same virtues as the BB. Correct topline and excellent rear end. Needed her nails trimmed as they were causing her feet to splay a little and affecting what I suspect good be really nice feet. Moved steadily. RBB.

Gordon Hayburn