• Show Date: 10/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Glenway Dymock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hound Club Of East Anglia


Open show, June 10, 2018 

Afghan Hounds 

P (4 entries, 2 absent): 1 BP, Humphreys’ Joneca Eternal Flame, 10 months black masked gold bitch, attractive head & expression, good angulation at both ends, deep chest. Would prefer slightly more neck. Attractive coat patterning, moved out well, good head carriage; 2 Mullen’s Nothing Is Impossible de Hillsbury, upstanding 11 months gold dog, attractive masculine outlook, good foreleg & body proportions. Slightly reluctant to be handled to begin with but eventually settled. Stylish on the move. 

J (1, 1).

PG (3): 1 RBOB, Earnshaw’s Khamis Snow Leopard with Moonshadow, very alert & showy white dog, pleasing head & expression, long neck, very nice outline with prominent hip bones. Would prefer slightly more shoulder angulation. Moved out well with typical springy action & lofty head carriage; 2 Collett’s Laavas Opportunity Network, gold with shaded mask bitch, feminine & typical, pleasing head & expression, typical coat pattern with good saddle, deep chest. Front movement slightly extravagant. Good length from hip to hock; 3 Drage’s Gilari Rosso Corsa.

O (1): 1 BOB, Virgo & Hicks’ Am Ch Suni Asia Wish Upon A Star by Sumahari, brindle dog, very houndy & showy, attractive head with strong jaw, typical expression, long neck, good angulation at both ends, deep chest, super head carriage & bearing, movement effortless with good spring. A clear winner in this entry.


J (1): 1 BOB & BP, Humphreys’ Ryazan Fleur, 11 months white and gold bitch, shapely youngster, was a bit naughty to begin with but eventually settled and topped this breed entry with her overall quality & breed type. Head of good length, well angulated at both ends, typical topline. Would prefer slightly longer stride. Very promising.

PG (2): 1 RBOB, Johnson’s Skyrose Sea Of Papavas at Viridis, white and black bitch, pleasing type, long neck & head, very good outline. Front movement slightly extravagant, otherwise very pleasing; 2 Matthews’ Sukeshi Funny Face with Moonshadow, feminine white and fawn bitch, pleasing type, attractive head, long neck. Better feet than 1 but was rather sluggish on the move & coat was a shade woolly. Good forehand.

O (1): 1 S Funny Face with M.


I enjoyed judging this quality entry of GBGV very much & felt very honoured to have such quality hounds entered under me. Definitely the best breed I judged today in terms of overall quality & soundness.

Y (3, 1): 1 RBOB & BP, Moult’s Zamdilsa Trick Or Treat, feminine 8 months tri bitch, attractive head & expression, large dark eyes, long neck, appealed greatly for her correct body proportions & very good forehand. Well boned, stepped out well with head & stern up. I understand this was her first show, showed like a seasoned campaigner, very promising indeed; 2 Phillips’ Debucher Letitia, 9 months tri bitch, another promising youngster who I see is of similar lines to 1. Very typical hound with attractive head & expression, large dark eyes, good angulation, deep chest. Not quite as settled as 1 on the move. Appealed for overall quality; 3 Knowles’ Reggaedog Frodo.

PG (2): 1 Machent & Milton’s Tioga Lautrec with Grandoreille, 13 months tri dog, lovely houndy outlook, long neck, good body proportions, well boned, tight feet. Front movement slightly high stepping at times but much better once he got into his stride. Sound mover, typical coat; 2 Knowles’ Anya Hindmarch avec Braillement, sable and white bitch, attractive head, good forehand, lovely outgoing temperament. Not quite the scope of 1. Moved with drive, carried stern well.

O (6, 3) 1 BOB, O’Day’s Ch Silvamoon Sweet Sapphire, 10 years tri bitch, appealed greatly for her overall balance & joie de vivre, attractive head & expression, large eye, long neck, deep chest. Totally belied her age on the move, stepped out well with very typical elastic hind movement. Back of good length, carried her stern well. Handled to advantage; 2 Moult’s Debucher Tosca at Zamdilsa, tri bitch, overall nice type & quality, attractive head & expression, long neck, good body proportions. Could not quite match 1 for length of stride but quite sound nevertheless, well boned; 3 Harris & Theodorou’s Debucher Bizet.


Y (1): 1 BP, Wood & Vind-Ramvad’s Beaujons Velvet, feminine 10 months tri bitch, slightly overweight, nice head proportions, good forehand, harsh coat. Hind movement a shade too close. Stepped out well.

PG (1): 1 Wood’s Beaujons Whisper, tri bitch, slightly overweight. Good head proportions, very good straight foreleg. More prefer more width to movement. Deep chest, moved with drive.

O (3, 1) 1 BOB, Bishop’s Jamar Angeliou, sable and white bitch, very happy & jaunty hound, head OK, well balanced body with excellent angulation. Moved slightly wide in front. Loved her way of going, very houndy & typical moving around the ring; 2 RBOB, Hornby’s Jacmist Matilda Conflict, sable and white bitch, well balanced body. In some ways I preferred this one’s head proportions but she could not match 1 for length of stride on the move. Bone OK, deep chest.

Bassets Fauves

J (1): 1 RBOB & BP, Richmond & McDonald-Ulliott’s Hibeck Paddington Bear, 11 months gold wheaten dog, very typical & showy, attractive head & expression, excellent coat & topline, deep chest, moved with drive.

PG (1): Sercombe’s Rangali Timon, houndy red wheaten dog, correct head proportions, deep chest, good forehand. Would prefer a shade more turn of stifle. Moved with drive, carried himself well.

O (4, 2): 1 BOB, Sercombe’s Rangali Quirky Widget, feminine red wheaten bitch, attractive head, good forehand with straight foreleg, correct body proportions, excellent topline, stepped out well; 2 Leech’s Gavelkind Conquistador by Jamchala, masculine red wheaten dog, houndy outlook, attractive head, deep chest. Would prefer slightly more shoulder angulation. Straight foreleg, nice turn of stifle, moved with drive.