• Show Date: 08/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gillian Lamb Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Association Of Bloodhound Breeders

Judge’s Report for

The Association of Bloodhound Breeders Open Show


 I would like to thank the ABB committee and officers for inviting me to judge at this most enjoyable show, and many thanks to my lovely stewards, Andy and Debbie Pownall. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for giving me a good entry of eighteen hounds. It was also great to see some promising puppies. I found my exhibits eyes to be generally good and clear and their temperaments were all very good. Even though there were some absentees I had a fine choice of handsome hounds to judge, which made my task quite challenging.

 Puppy Dog: 1. (1A) 1. Fiona McKenzie’s Tessidez Bullen of Moorlander (Imp SWE). This eight-month-old tall black blanket moves very well for such a youngster. He has good bone, eyes, bite, expression, and head profile with long low set ears, although, he is at the age for lifting them, which he will soon grow out of. In profile he has a good outline in the stand, with strong rear and correct tail-set finished off with perfect cat-like feet. One to watch as he matures. Reserve Best Dog in Show and Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

 Open Dog: 3. 1. Tony & Margaret Higginbottom’s Railside Pink Floyd. I have always liked this four-year-old black and tan boy. He is a lovely hound with correct length of body, which makes him imposing in the stand, with a level top-line, correct angulation and deep chest. His head-planes are very good, giving him the expected noble expression when viewed from the front. His side profile with deep square lip is spot on with long low set ears. Good bite, eyes, and rear angulation. He moved well. Best Dog in Show and Best in Show. 2. Sue Shaw-Browne’s Kingshart Middleman. Handsome three-year-old solid bodied black and tan hound with correct top-line, head planes, expression, eyes and bite. Good front, and rear angulation on well knuckled up feet and moved well, but I would prefer a little longer in body. 3. Christine Jones’ Harvidene Devil In Disguise. Another well muscled up and solid two-year-old red boy. Moves well on well knuckled up feet. Good top-line, tail set, rear angulation, front, eyes, and bite. Head a little broader than the hounds above.

 Puppy Bitch. 2. (1A) 1. David Gore, Dr Helen Almey & Mrs K Dewey’s Edenhill The Loyalist Soonipi (Imp CAN). This feminine nine-month-old black and tan girl is already a sound mover and looks solid in the stand with level top-line, well defined underline for a puppy, and a good tail set. She has correct rear angulation and is well muscled up. Nice depth of lip, good head planes, clear eyes, correct bite, and low ear set, another nice youngster to watch as she matures. Best Puppy in Show.

 Limit Bitch: 1. 1. Nick Sutcliffe’s Sanft Jade. I have always admired this three-year-old liver blanket bitch. She has lovely head planes, good depth of lip, bite, and ears set on low, with a soft feminine expression when viewed from the front. She is solid in the stand with good length of body, good top line, deep chest, correct rear angulation and tail set. Even though she is carrying a few extra pounds she moved very well. Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.

 Open Bitch: 1. 1. Sue Shaw-Browne’s Aspencade Fennel of Kingshart. This almost five-year-old red bitch has a good head profile, eyes, bite, and expression when viewed from the front. She stands solidly, has a good front, and correct rear angulation, but I would prefer a slightly longer body. She moved well and has a scimitar tail-set and nice tight feet.

 Veteran Bitch: 2 (1A). 1. Mick & Sue Harrison’s Aspencade Diana. This red bitch is still a lovely hound even at the ripe old age of ten. Even though she moves more slowly now, she still moved well and stood solidly in the stand with a good head in profile and low ear set. Her body and neck are of good length and her top-line is level and the tail set correct. She still has a very nice outline for her advanced age.

 Working Trial Bitch: 3. (1A). 1. Nick Sutcliffe’s Sanft Jade. 2. Mick & Sue Harrison’s Aspencade Fair Lady. This four-year-old black and tan bitch is well muscled up with good bone and feet. In the stand she stood solidly with a straight top line and correct tail set. She has a good front and rear, but I would have preferred a slightly longer body. Movement good. Her head planes are correct and she has good eyes, bite and a kind expression.

Gillian Lamb

Scentall Bloodhounds