• Show Date: 12/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gerald King Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association Open Show 

Saturday 12th May 2018 


Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) 


I thank the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association for giving me the opportunity to judge your breed at this show and I was pleased with my overall entry and winners. The last time I judged the breed was in 2012 and since then the breed has grown from strength to strength unlike some breeds there is a strong variety between the different types. I did feel today that some of the dogs did not take to the matting that was being used and this showed in their hind movement.   


Minor Puppy Dog (0) 


Puppy Dog (0) 


Junior Dog (2, 1abs) 

1. Clifton’s Joseter Frazer Nash, 16 month old quality red brindle. masculine dog of sound construction and correct breed type, with a pleasing head and expression and correct ear set, good reach of neck, flowing into a well-balanced body, good front and hindquarter angulation which he used to perfection when moving, and held his topline on the move, strongly challenged for Best Dog but lacked the overall drive of my winner in the challenge but deserved RBD.  


Novice Dog (1) 

1. Rhodes’ Sioni Winwns. Black brindle, Pleasing head an expression was attentive with his novice handler, lacked overall balance and drive when moving.. 


Graduate Dog (2.1abs) 

1. Langford’s Twinan All Revved Up of Caprian. Brindle, Pleasing overall shape, masculine head, nicely shaped dark eye and large erect ears, would prefer a more positive hind action  


Post Graduate Dog (2) 

1. Apperley’s Wildcard Ace Nanaimo. Blue merle pleasing outline and overall body shape, masculine head and good reach of neck, good front and forequarters, steady on the move and his overall movement gave him the class. 

2. Langford’s Twinan All Revved Up of Caprian  


Limit Dog (4) 

1. Thomas’ Gowerston Gwydion. Blue merle caught my eye as he came into the class, with an impressive profile, masculine head and expression, good bone, well- constructed front and forequarters, firm topline on the move, overall movement and balance gave him the class BD and BIS   

2. Roberts’ Gowerston Grand Joins Kogarahs. Blue merle pleasing shaped head with a good reach of neck, good front and  rear action, lacked the overall drive of the winner. 

3. Apperley’s Wildcard Ace Nanaimo B/M 


Open Dog (5,2 abs) 

1. Taylor’s Handskes Just a Gigolo at Tamlin (imp Fin). Brindle, well shaped head and correct ears, neat front and feet, well balanced body, front and hind action sound, held his topline on the move and it was his overall movement both coming and going gave him the class 

2. James’ Bwthyn All Rights Reserved. Brindle pleasing shaped head of  correct proportions and ear set which is pleasing to the eye, sound front and forequarters, moved and showed well. 

3. Thomas’s Am Ch. Glasshouse Marked Deck at Gowerston 


Veteran Dog (3,2abs)  

1. May’s Glancy Llanc Llewyrchus 7 ½ year old brindle point tri, masculine head and appearance, well presented, moved wide in front. 


Minor Puppy Bitch (4,2abs) 

1. Taylor’s Tamlin Voodoo Cream 8 ½  month old brindle, well up to size for her age  attractive young bitch, pleasing head and ear carriage,  well boned fairly long in body, level topline held on the move, good hind movement a puppy with lots of promise and it was her overall movement that gave her BPB and Best Puppy in Show. 

2. Rhodes’ Taboo Carbon Z Jurajskiego Zamku naf taf (ATC PK) 6 months old, attending her first show, feminine expression, would not settle on the table and was difficult to access, good turn of stifle and reach of neck, needs time to mature. 


Puppy Bitch (1) 

1. Head’s Kilvroch Mystikos for Millermead 11 month brindle well developed youngster with feminine head and appearance, well angulated shoulder and hind action, shows lots of promise but just lacked the drive of the overall BPB when it came to the challenge.  


Junior Bitch (3,1abs)  

1. Keeble’s Keebleway Blue Heven. Brindle point tri, feminine bitch giving a pleasing outline and expression, good reach of neck, held her topline on the move. Moved and showed well throughout. 

2. May’s Brynlluan Buttercup at Giradellis. Sable, more rangy type to the winner, not as feminine as the winner in expression or overall balance, her movement not as sound as the winner.  


Novice Bitch (2,1abs) 

1. Keeble’s Keebleway Blu Minks pleasing head and expression, could do with tightening in the front as she looks somewhat wide when standing and coming towards you. Very attentive with her handler. 


Graduate Bitch (4,2abs) 

1. Head’s Kilvroch Mystikos for Millermead  

2. Belcher’s Effybid Rubie. Brindle, finer bitch than 1 with a sweet expression, nicely presented and very much with its owner throughout but the lack of bone and good turn of stifle meant she lacked drive when moving.  


Post Graduate Bitch (2,2abs) 


Limit Bitch (4, 1abs) 

1. Clifton’s Joseter Miss Betty Boop. Red brindle this feminine bitch caught my eye when she came into the ring, with a correct head and ear carriage, neat front and feet, good front and rear angulation, good reach of neck and balanced body length, Good turn of stifle this bitch moved freely around the ring and well deserved the class and Best Bitch. RBI and BOS. In the challenge for BIS just lacked the drive of the dog. 

2. Thomas’s Gowerston Gwynonwen. Brindle point tri Pleasing head and expression, well set ears although somewhat large, good reach of neck, free flowing side gait but her front and hind action when on the move let her down.  

3. Price’s Brynlluan Magic Crystal Red  

Open Bitch (7,1abs) 

1. Thomas’ Gowerston Sky. Blu blue merle feminine head and expression, good reach of neck, gives a pleasing outline with a well- balanced body held her topline on the move, good side gait and moved well both coming and going deserved this class and Reserve Bitch   

2. Piears’ Tyci Brenhines Briallen ShCm. Blue merle not as feminine as the winner, has a pleasing outline and good reach of neck, neat front and moved and showed well throughout, just lacked the drive of the winner. 

3. Keeble’s Sichaz Lexi to Keebleway  


Veteran Bitch (4,1bs) 

1. Roberts’ Floatin’ Hawen Hawys for Kogarahs (imp) 9 year old brindle in superb condition for her age, pleasing head and expression overall movement gave her the class and BV in Show 

2. Price’s Belroyd Pemcader Menna 9 year old brindle also in excellent condition for her age, feminine head, sound reach of neck, either of these two could swap place but today felt 1 had the class on movement. 

3. Piears’ Tyci Myfanny 12 year old


Gerald King