• Show Date: 11/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Eastern Whippet Society

North eastern whippet society ch show 11/11/18

Without doubt this is my favourite breed to judge so being invited to do a club show was a real honour. A well run show with the energetic Luke Johnston as the new secretary giving a lovely atmosphere with good dogs and an appreciative ring side. The quality was varied and in some of my middle classes it was a challenge. I will say that my Open dog class is probably the best class of males i have ever judged in this breed. I threw out quality dogs and placed dogs that i would happily award top honours to. 

Thanks to my co judge Mrs Cathie Brown who did a lovely bitch entry and we agreed on all the final winners for BIS, RBIS, BP and BV. Both CC winners complimented each other and our best puppies were littermates.


1) SHORT- Ch Collooney Going Dutch.

Masculine dog but not overdone in any way. Head of good length, flat skull, bright oval eye with neat rose ears, Correct size with balanced angles, curvy outline , deep chest, stands over good ground. Really liked his style on the move. Good condition, nice type and pushed hard for RCC.

2) HARDING-WAITE, - Marlbean Myracie from Calderleth.

 Lean skull with slight stop, well placed alert large eyes. Lean neck, ribs extending well back. Gentle topline with a strong rear.lovely skin and condition, a little loose in pastern


1)WINKLEY-BALMER,-Edenwhip Eagle Crag.

Raw but impressive youngster who once settled moved well. Well proportioned head piece, neat ears. Elegant outline with lean neck, balanced angles,. Needs to develop in topline, nice type and certainly one to watch in the future.

2) HAWKER- Jothryn Future Lengend with Mollytop,

Another nicely made dog with good potential. Balanced head, fine neat ears, good neck, bladed bone with super feet. Holds shape on the move with good foot placement, correct size. Just preferred head on winner.


1) HOWGATE & HULL- Palmik King of Clubs

Very smart eye catching dog, a detailed headpiece with a lovely eye shape and expression. Elegant neck giving him a clean curvy outline.he stands over good ground with his front nicely under himself with neat feet, chest well developed already. Positive mover holding a gentle topline. Strong rear with low set hocks. Super condition and one for future top honours im sure. Very collected for is age. RCC over some lovely OD’s and BPIS.

2) MORRIS & WADDELL- Gilnockie Happy days,

Rangier and more immature than winner. Flat broad skull with well placed ears.needs to develop in foreface, neck of good length, he needs to drop into himself and tighten in front. Good rear with low set hocks, just needs time to mature.

1) PRICE-Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance,

A very honest unexaggerated balanced dog, level head planes with well placed neat ears, flat skull,expressive oval eye. Elegant neck set into well laid shoulders, ribs extending well back, holds his shape on the move with good foot placement. Nice type, would just like a little more animation on the move but he is a nice dog.

2)PLACE-Aarminias Luv the Way you Lie,

A typey dog throughout, lovely balanced head and expression, lean skull with rose like fine ears, lean neck,curvy topline, good size, steady mover, eye-catching. Just preferred the rear quarters on winner.


1) POOLE-Edinwhip Quantum of Solace,

Masculine head of good length with a nicely tapered muzzle and strength of underjaw, ideally like better shoulder placement, ribs well extended with curvy topline,nice underline, a little steep in croup, low set hocks, steady mover.

2)MORRIS & WADDELL- Falconcrag Top Class at Crosscop,

Different look and type to winner, flat skull with good length and slight stop, oval expressive eyes,ok ears.excellent feet, bladed bone. Rangier and taller than my ideal,long elegant neck.. strong rear, needs to tighten in front and mature.


1) same as 2nd in MPD

2) MCGAW & MCCABE- Zacs Boy What a Star

Masculine throughout. Pleasing head and eye, level head planes, a little strong in cheek. Good bone, feet, ribs, muscletone and rear with low set hocks, a little wide in front.


1)BARKAS- Jimanica Just Dreaming.

Masculine head, bright expressive eyes, neat ears, moderate angles, would prefer more depth in chest, strong loin, bladed bone with neat feet. Lacks a little animation on the move.

2)SEARLE- Quick Silver He’s The One for Whipsearle.

 Finer built than winner,pleasing head with slight stop, expressive eye, curvy outline with nice rear and low set hocks. A little narrow and loose in front, good size


No question a mixed class to judge with a range of size,type and quality,not an easy class to sort out

1)WILSON- Leos Rittchoal Willowash

A shapely dog with no exaggeration, a tad stronger than ideal for me. Balanced masculine head with a flat skull, good neck, shoulder placement could be set further back, ribs of good length. Curvy outline, nice bone and feet. Steady purposeful mover.

2)MOORE- Cloudside Diamond Jack

 A well balanced dog standing over good ground, head piece of good length with a flat skull, neat ears, bright expressive eye. Holds topline on the move, he is a little loose in pastern which spoils his front but he does cover the ground. Nice type


1)HEAD-Demerlay Snowy Owl

Caught my eye as he entered the ring. A nicely balanced curvy dog with super proportions.elegant yet masculine throughout, a clean skull with length and strength of jaws a lovely size, has good bone, feet and rear, he is a little steep in croup, free moving dog, nice type.

2)MORRIS & WADDELL- Crosscop i want you

Another honest typey dog with similar attributes as winner. Lean elegant neck, a little flatter in topline than 1 but a better croup, Good size, sound steady mover, just preferred profile moment on 1. 


1)CHIPPENDALE- Barnesmore Loki

A nice sized shapely dog, a little wide in front, head is balanced with level head planes, neat ears.. bladed bone, neat feet, holds topline on the move with no exaggeration. Owner doesnt get the best from him on the stack! He won the class on the move where he shows himself.

2) HAWKER-Mollytop Dream Maker
A very honest dog with no exaggeration. His head is lovely with good length, flat skull, neat ears and a super eye and expression. Elegant neck and a curvy backline. Ideally like more width in rear quarters but overall a nice dog. Just preferred the free profile action of winner.


For sure the best class of the day with a real depth in quality throughout. I genuinely felt bad i had to dismiss some from the cards. It came down to such small things and then overall performance.

1) SHAW-RAINEY, RAINEY,COULTER &PLACE - Collooney Keltic Cowboy With Starchelle.

He was exactly what i was looking for today, he has such a lovely balance to him with a clean elegant curvy yet not exaggerated outline. He is masculine but not heavy, his head has length and strength with neat ears, level head planes and a bright expressive eye.Muscular arched neck with a super shoulder and legs nicely under himself. Good chest with a rib cage extending well back. Holds his topline at all times with a muscular loin and gentle fall in croup. Low set hocks, where he came into himself and won for me is in his movement, he has a clean sound easy gait with that super daisy cutting action front, powerful rear, shown in really tip-top condition with a considerate handler getting the best out of him. Lovely type, happy to award him the CC and heard this gave him a well earned title. 

2)WHEELER- Ch. Mythic Balder Des Plaines Des Bruyeres Alec Ranveli

 Another lovely quality dog with many attributes thoughout. A lovely outline with a masculine head, good strength of jaw, moderate stop,elegant neck, good lay of shoulder. Feet nicely under his framework with a deep chest. Super neat feet, an unexaggerated curvy topline like the winner with a muscular loin, strong rear quarters, low set hocks, fantastic muscular condition with fine skin, places his feet well on the move, a different type to 1 but still a quality dog. He didnt give his all in the challenge for the RCC which ultimately went to the PD winner. Worthy CC winner but just came up against a lovely dog on the day.

Gavin Robertson