• Show Date: 07/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Great Yarmouth Gorleston & District Canine Society

Great Yarmouth & Gorleston DCS.


Judge- Gavin Robertson 

Alaskan Malamute 


Lond-Caulk, Icewolf King of the North

1) outgoing well balanced youngster, neat erect ears. Dark well placed eyes, needs to come up on leg a little, holds topline on move. Low hocks. Dense coat,Steady profile movement holding shape


Lond-Caulk- Icewolf Devil May Cry 

1) masculine dog with good bone and substance, eye could be a bit darker, soft expression. Well placed erect ears.has correct gentle slope to back with tail carried well. Deep chest, excellent feet. Dense undercoat Sound purposeful steady mover in lovely condition. BOB



Flaxman-Nelstephbern Madammoiselle

puppy who wasn’t overly keen to be handled, good head, skull and strength of muzzle. Still needs to come up on leg a little, good ribs, topline with moderate rear. Just needs to settle


Flaxman- Glanzberg See The Gun

1)nicely headed bitch with dark well placed eyes. Moderate balanced angles, well proportioned body with a easy gait. Ok bone, feet, well sprung ribs

2) Wells- Debrerni Viscount To Broels

strong dog throughout, preferred head and eye on winner. Good bone, deep chest, topline could be firmer. Muscled rear, 


Connelly-Shirdees Top Gun

nicely balanced dog, not overdone but has strength and substance. Strong muzzle. Well placed ear. Muscled neck, deep broads chest,holds topline well on the move. Good proportions. Well angled rear. Powerful mover. BOB

As 2nd Limit



Turner- Tigalian Double Date

1)broad skull, tilted nose with tight lips. Square body shape. Prefer better front. Ok ribs, topline and rear. Tailset could be higher. Ideally like more animation on the move. BOB



Zadeh- Faynad Edward the Confessor

1)raw youngster, square head with lovely expression. Defined stop. Nicely proportioned body but needs to fill and develop throughout . Good bone and substance 

2) ok skull, eye a little loose a little unsure of herself. Good bone and feet. Well sprung ribs, needs to strengthen in rear and gain some confidence 


Zadeh- Faynad Floella

1)nicely balanced bitch, good substance, bone and size. Broad skull, well placed ears, prominent stop. Little loose in lips. Deep and wide chest, good feet, steady mover with correct carriage. BOB



Miliauskaite- Bella Rojas Slenio(imp LTU)

1)tall upstanding bitch, a little plain in head, defined stop, muscular neck,good proportions. Could have more bone for size. Ribs extended well back.Good topline with high set tail, angular rear which she uses on the move with a good stride.

Hodgkin- Canaza Layla’s Angel

2) raw youngster. Detailed expressive head piece.ok bone. Needs to have bit more confidence, ok ribs, rear and feet, needs to settle in topline

Siberian Husky


Simms/Eagles- Arcticskies Artful Dodger

super balanced dog, skull of good length, neat erect ears. Good bone and feet. Excellent topline with moderate angles. Tail set correct, Sound smooth effortless mover holding shape, nice type and style in lovely condition. BOB, BP, Group 1, puppy group1.


Simms-Red Hot Lover Legend of the Spirit

1)mature dog in full coat and firm condition. Slight stop, high set ears. Ideally could have a little more leg length, ribs, back and tailset very good.

Eagles- La Dam Latea Dark Desire

2) nicely balanced dog with correct bone, different type to 1 but has nice quality. feet, topline a little soft. Moderate angles with purposeful movement. 


Eagles- Pelenrise Britt Encounters

1)masculine dog with good leg length. Ears a little big. Strong neck with good shoulders.ok feet, has nice reach in front on the move. Out of coat a little. Level back with good tailset.

AVNSC Working


Leak- Madire Snow Blade

1) T/Mastiff, strong upstanding muscular dog. Broad muzzle. Slight stop. High set ears. Wide, deep chest with ribs well sprung, good feet. Holds topline with high set tail. A little loose in hock. Steady mover, nice type.

AV working


1)Bernese, BOB winner

2)Bernese, 2nd Limit


1)A/malamute. BOB winner

Leak- Heronsview Buin Bea for Madire

2) dark eyes, high set ear, deep square muzzle. Excellent front, chest, ribs and feet. Ok topline, high set tail. Prefer more strength in rear.


Saich- Lindcoly love Affair

G/Spitz, alert upstanding bitch. Lovely head and expression. Neat ears. Super front, level back with high set tail. Brisk mover.

2)Hayes- Ragus Seven Jumps,Norwich, just 7mths, expressive head, dark eyes, has nice width to muzzle, well sprung ribs, level back, low set hocks, harsh coat.

AV Special Yearling

Wilton-Clark,- Shalfleet The Lion King

1)whippet, clean curvy outline, good length of skull with dark expressive eyes. Stands over good ground, needs to drop in chest a little, positive mover, nice type.

2)Douse- Timazanti’s Jenna, Lhasa, nicely made dog with super head and expression, dark pigment, good width of muzzle, moderate balanced angles, ribs extending well back, level topline with good tail. Nice type and sound mover.close decision.

AV Special Beginners

Weston-Longmynd Zodiac

1)Basset, masculine dog, good skull excellent ears. Moderate chest with ribs of fair length, ok feet, holds topline well on the move. Super condition

2)Cracknell- Princess Leia Vizsla, feminine head and expression, well proportioned throughout with good ribs and chest. Feet a little flat, lovely coat and skin, purposeful mover.

AV Good Citizen

Henshall-Ch Gemolli Joie de Vivre 

1)I/G, feminine curvy bitch, lean skull. Dark eye, good front and feet, holds shape at all time, moderate angles in nice condition.

2)Benton- Oakstelle Venus De Milo, smooth collie. Lovely shape, expressive head, level head planes with slight stop,Super clean outline with arched neck. Holds topline well. Low set hocks. Nice type 

AV Members Open

Lester-Jotars Platinum Moon at Newarp 

1)R/Collie. Masculine dog, neat ears, well placed dark eyes. In full coat. Deep chest. Rear could be stronger, positive mover in profile.

2)Eddery- Adoram Shady Lady,Pug, nicely headed bitch, dark eyes, open nostrils with good width of muzzle. Compact body with level topline and high set tight tail. Purposeful mover.


Barber- Stvincent Golden Gun from Swansreach. G/R, a lovely balanced unexaggerated dog throughout. Masculine head with dark eyes, has strength of muzzle,nice expression, nicely constructed front with good fill in front, holds topline at all times.short coupled. Low set hocks. Easy gait with correct tail carriage and in super condition throughout.


Penny-Kalizmar Ooaky Monkey, Std Poodle, head of good length, nicely chiselled under eye, good chin. Well proportioned bitch, tight feet. Once settled has good carriage. Strong rear, a little proud of her tail on the move but has good qualities.



Crow-Arte Figure Next Level at Casacallo (imp Fin),Chinese Crested,

  Beautiful dog with so much quality and so composed already. Alert expression with a balanced skull and tapered muzzle. Excellent dark eyes and well placed ears. Graceful outline in a correct sized framework.excellent topline with a high set tail. Fine smooth skin, such an elegant stylish mover. Thought he was top quality and sure to have a bright future.



 Had judged this dog in the breed and gave him the adult group also. Put on a lovely performance in the big ring and is in such super condition. Another with a bright future and was unlucky to come up against a super crested.


Wildman-Mystical Milow at Chanmalo,Cocker spaniel, merry dog with so much spring in his step. Good bone and feet, masculine head with low set ears and nice strength of muzzle. Firm topline with deep chest, carries tail well at all times.


A/Malamute, gave this dog group 4 in the morning and he also went well again here.