• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Counties Gundog Club



Puppy,1)Gibson, Dearham Dilys of Cadehill

Feminine balanced head,moderate stop good bone. Moderate angles , deep chest for age. Free flowing movement, feet could be neater. Prefer a little more leg length, in nice coat and condition 

Grad 1)Riley, Ferndel Buttermint at Ravensworth

Masculine dog, strong bone. Well proportioned body, a little wide in front , good coat, outgoing temperament, holds topline on the move 

Limit 1)Millard, Ferndel Islay Mist at Rubylea

Feminine head and expression,slight stop, nicely chiselled under eye,lovely clean outline with good shoulders. Well sprung ribs. Strong rear, just needs to develop throughout. Nice type with smooth positive movement. Pushed hard for BOB.

2) Lemin, Bonvis Sweet Jasmine

good size and proportions. Oval dark eye,Moderate stop. Good bone, prefer a little more fill in front. Holds topline well. 

 Open 1)Thirwell, Ferndel Glenfiddich

Masculine headed dog, strong bone with a good outline, nice proportions, well sprung ribs with a good topline, muscled loin. Super condition throughout Free powerful mover.BOB

2) Lemin, Bonvis Fern

nice size, feminine head,eye could be darker.neat ears. Correct body shape with moderate leg length, preferred neck and front on winner. Moderate rear, 


Junior 1)Davie, Lochfrae Kiki Dee

Clean outline, long,lean skull with well placed ears. Chiselled under eye.

 Elegant neck, well set withers with good bone and feet. Holds shape on the move, moderate angles. Needs to develop in body.

2)Borthwickm, Lotushill Katsura

slightly taller bitch but in balance and proportion. Feminine head. Level head planes. Preferred shoulders on 1. Long well sprung ribs. Positive steady mover. Lovely coat and condotion

Grad 1)Boyd-McNeil,Glennloken Deveron

Clean racy outline with feminine look thoroughly. Detailed head with long lean skull. Good forechest for age, neat feet. Balanced moderate angles, easy free mover holding gentle slope to topline, Nice type, just needs to mature. BOB

2)Murchinson,Pawsword Paperback Writer,

mature masculine dog. A little round in skull, chiselled under eye.

 Moderate neck, firm body,quality bone, prefer more neck.neat feet.

Limit 1)Boyd-McNeil, Gwendariff Gonna Go For Gold at Glenlokhen

Lovely type with a clean balanced outline. Detailed heads piece. Elegant neck. Lovely front with straight forelegs and neat feet. Correct topline, long ribs, well angled rear with low set hocks.a little unsteady on the move, just needs to develop.

Open 1) Borthwick, Nothamber Runs Riot at Lotushill,

A little plain in head with slight stop. Moderate angles, good forechest. Neat feet with good bone. Firm topline, drops off in croup slightly. Good length of body,Strong rear, steady mover.

2)Vallance, Lynwood His Grace of Corcencone,

masculine head, a little short in neck good ribs and topline moderate rear, body well proportioned. Preferred movement on winner.


Puppy 1)Radcliffe, Sniperway Smitton,

Raw babies who all need to develop. Masculine head, prominent stop. Eye could be darker. Neat feet, strong bone with good ribs, steady mover.

2) Tibbs, Raigmore Pure Gold,

finer build than w, feminine chiselled head, needs to develop in chest, prefer more bone. Holds topline well on the move, short tail. Needs time 

Junior 1)Gerrard, Carmandine Count On Me

Well proportioned dog, chiselled head, good lips, with good bone and feet,

Rounded skull. Needs to drop in chest. Firm topline, short tail positive mover, nice type.BOB

2)Mccudden,ForthBourne Fifth Gear,

 masculine head, a little stronger in skull than 1. Ok neck. Strong bone, neat feet. Holds topline well. A bit immature

Yearling 1)Gerrard & Galloway, Sharnphilly Santorelli With Caramandine

Strong dog with good proportions, masculine head, fine well placed ear. Super bone and feet. Elegant neck with good shoulders. Ribs could be longer. Angular rear but needs more strength

2)Booth, Lundgarth Teal,

Lovely head and expression, not overdone. Good neck. Needs to develop in body and rib, prefer better feet. Steady mover.

Graduate1)as above 

2) as above

Limit 1) Gerrard, Carmandine Call My Bluff

Feminine head with good skull, clean balanced outline with good bone, prefer better feet. Good ribs short tail, well angled rear. Positive mover but needs to tighten

2) Tibbs, Fydal Beeswing At Raigmore,

plain head with dark eye. Good ears. Moderate neck,prefer better lay of shoulder. A little long in loin, good rear, steady mover

Open 1)Gerrard, Hookwood Showpiece at Carmandine 

Nicely balanced outline with good proportions. Ok skull. Strong bone and feet. Long ribs with muscled loin. Positive mover, rear could be tidier.

2)Radcliffe, Sniperway Star Turn

A little plain in head, ok skull. Good neck, bone and feet. A little flat in back, moderate rear, short tail.


Junior 1)McAngus,Howarth, Haseley- Gunalt Articulate At Greyfurs

Raw youngster,good proportions, strong bone.nice length of rib. Just needs to tighten and firm up throughout.Muscled rear with powerful moment.

Yearling. 1) as above

Limit 1) Copeland, Gunalt Capa Chino For Menstonia

 Strong well proportioned dog, masculine skull. Needs to tighten in front, deep chest, big ribs. Prefer better movement.

 SWD open

1)Cox, Hollutrix Yementa,

 square muzzle, flat skull, correct length of body, well sprung ribs, moderate angles. A little soft in topline. Tight feet. Brisk movement, would prefer a little more width in stifle.

 Av gundog MP

1)Adshead, Afonbach Winter is coming, NSDR

Wedge shaped head with friendly expression. Compact body with straight front and tight elbows, moderate angles throughout, active sound mover. Tail well set, in super condition for age


1)Anderson, Feldkirk Dior of Kazval, FCR

 A real top class puppy with a bright future ahead, nicely moulded feminine head of good length, dark eye with moderate stop and neat ears, clean balanced unexaggerated outline with good length of rib, sound very sound with strong feet, well set short tail carried gaily. So collected for age with a flat quality coat.full of breed type,really liked her.


1)Armstrong, Bourbon Blackkiss At Bitcoin, FCR

Another nicely balanced youngster, detailed head piece with expressive eyes and flat skull. Slightly arched neck,Good proportions, needs to tighten in front but has a lovely profile with positive movement 


1)Mullet, Maclean- Shaymiloney Schinus Afinmore, Lab

 Nicely collected, well built balanced dog, broad skull with defined stop.deep chest with well sprung ribs, dense coat. Sound mover with thick tail of medium length


Cunningham, Foulby Fidelma of Elvander, IWS

Domed skull with square muzzle, eye could be darker.good ribs with short loin, a little high in rear. Free mover in good coat


1)Millard, Ferndel Islay Mist at Rubylea, WSS


1)Middlemiss, Harmarjoy Winter Story, GR

Feminine head of equal length,dark eye, correct lay of shoulder with good leg length. A little long in body. Moderate rear with low set hocks. In super condition, true movement with a free stride.

AV. Champion 

1)Knowles & Glen, Sh Ch Afterglow Hashtag Scandal, I/Spinone

A very nice example of the breed shown in firm condition, squarely built masculine dog, balanced skull with prominent occiput and lean skull, large nose. Excellent front with round compact feet. Topline typical with deep chest and muscled loin, slight slope in croup with a well set thick tail. Moderate rear. Free easy moving dog and can fully understand why is a champion.


Tait, Lovenjoel Sleeping Beauty, I red/white

Feminine athletic bitch with good bone and substance. Domed skull with a clean muzzle. Long neck with well laid shoulders holds topline well on the move with deep chest. Long free striding movement shown in tip top condition and thoroughly deserved BIS today 


Knowles & Glen, Sh Ch Afterglow Hashtag Scandal, I/Spinone


Roberts, Bronia Yokanga Gold, Lab

Eye catching bitch with super balance and proportions, feminine head, not overdone but still has strength and power, well sprung ribs already, level back, compact feet, carries herself well with attitude, strong thick tail.


Glen & Sheilds, Wilhelmina Saucy Brown JW. GSP

Really put on a super performance and owned the ring. Slightly rounded skull, defined eyebrows. Feminine expression, Clean unexaggerated outline, short back with good bone and feet, nice type