• Show Date: 06/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Westmorland Canine Association

Westmorland CA. 6-5-18 GAVIN ROBERTSON.



1)Ladham’s Rudd-Juraspirit Jonquil 

Dark eye, ears could be smaller. Good bone and feet, well sprung ribs,short coupled. harsh body coat, prefer firmer topline.well proportioned. Tail not carried well on move in class but was showier for challenge. BOB


1)Ladhams & Rudd- Jurasprit Caimbeul

 Masculine head, strong muzzle. Neat feet,deep chest with well sprung ribs. Too long in loin and back. Thick short tail. Low set hocks,in firm condition. Harsh jacket.



Smith-Missalpols Poniel Hogmanay at Flynpeg

1)nicely balanced steady sturdy pup, square muzzle, prominent stop with neat ears, strong neck, good chest and ribs, compact feet. Holds topline well on the move with thick tail carried well. Sound rear. Just needs to tighten in front.


Smith- Flynpeg snout better

1)femine head with dark oval eye, broad skull. Neat v shaped ears, good neck and shoulders, prefer better feet. Good ribs, short muscled loin. Good quarters.clean outline with good coat. Thick Tail carried well, free easy side gait. BOB

Golden retriever


Foster- Mockingjay D corner brook to Auristela

1)feminine head piece, moderate stop, dark eye with nice expression. Well proportioned body, needs to tighten in front. Firm topline with good rear angles. Once settled moved ok, needs to strengthen in hock.


Douglas- Milltimber Morning Breeze

1)solid bitch throughout. Pleasing head with good strength of muzzle, a little narrow in front, prefer straighter forelegs, compact feet. Holds topline well. Good body shape, well sprung ribs. Moved ok but needs strengthen in rear.


Brunt-Akenscales starlight over Koriside

1)clean balanced well proportioned outline. Ok skull with dark eye, Firm bone, moderate neck with good shoulders. Good ribs. Low set hocks. Sound mover on a tricky indoor floor

2)Douglas- Milltimber Moonriver,

 strong masculine Male throughout. Good bone and feet. In good coat, could carry a little less weight over shoulders. Level back.


Douglas- Milltimber island mist.

1)lovely masculine head piece, slightly rounded skull.firm bone with straight forelegs, neat feet. Good neck with well laid shoulders, nice fill in front. Good length of leg with long ribs and muscled loin. Holds shape at all times, short tail. Nicely balanced typey dog. Positive mover.BOB



Firth- Hochopepa lets go crazy with sophalba 

1)outgoing masculine dog, square muzzle, a little flat in skull. Ok neck. Straight strong forelegs with compact feet. Harsh coat throughout . Moderate rear, back a little flat, good skin.


Firth- Sh Ch Creida Eagle with Sophalba

1)masculine head with strong muzzle. Low set ears. Good ribs, up on leg. Topline a little flat and tailset could be lower, good bone and substance,moderate rear angulation,positive mover. Harsh body coat. BOB

2) Bennett- Hochopepa Gladys Emmanuel

 feminine headed, moderate stop. Prominent occiput. Preferred front on winner. Ok ribs, curvy topline with moderate rear, tailset good. Very harsh coat. Would like a little more animation on the move



Gourlay- Keamarola Rule the world

1)confident baby, head and skull well proportioned. Elegant neck, racy outline, Moderate bone with neat feet. Holds topline well, needs to tighten in front and rear but lots to like


Whittaker- ace of spades black Britanta

1)nicely balanced Junior with a clean outline, nice leg length. Feet a little flat. Long rib cage. Correct croup and tailset. Lovely easy side gait, just needs to fill out and tighten in front.


Whitaker- Jetstarski All eyes on you 

1)good typey well proportioned dogs. Flat skull with strength in fore face. Clean neck and shoulders. Good chest and depth,good length of rib still needs to body up but places his feet well. Racy outline with correct coat and super temperament, lovely hard condition, BOB. Lots to like.

Ross- Go with the flow ebony in harmony at Qlocontrail.

2) masculine dog, a little wider in skull than 1. Elegant neck, straight forelegs with super compact feet. Holds topline well. Preferred leg length on winner. Positive mover


Whitaker- Up to the stars Black Brianta to Jetstarski

1)lean skull, neat ears, oblique dark eye. Lively and alert, neck could be a little longer,

moderate front angles. Long ribs, prefer more length of rib,rises up slightly in topline, tailset a little high, vertical hocks. Once settled moved well.

Cocker spaniel


Davies- Annasides starring Role.

1)square muzzle, lean skull with low set ears. Good bone, with neat feet. Well sprung ribs, muscled loin, prefer a better lay of shoulder, rounded rump with low set tail. Firm condition with silky coat.


Davies- Annaside Moonflower

1)cobby bitch, feminine head, lean skull prominent stop. Ideally like a bit more forechest. Strong bone, compact feet, firm topline with short loin. Well angled rear, low set hocks. Lovely profile movement, outgoing temperament. Nice type.BOB



Hurst- Winterwell Hyperion

1)nicely collected puppy, good proportions. Skull slightly rounded, square muzzle, raised eyebrows. with good underjaw Lean neck, front well under body, prefer neater feet. Holds topline well with well angled rear. Low hocks. Lovely coat and skin. Free mover, nice type. BP and BOB

AVNSC Gundog


Wray- Eagle Village poacher for shuvick, Sussex spaniel 

1) balanced skull. Prominent stop, oval eye. Strong bone for age, low slung body with good legs. Long ribbing. Level back, tailset a little high. Low set hocks. Alert puppy with super temperament 


1)as above 

Wolfenden- Vodermeer Scafell

2)blunt muzzle, oval eye, muzzle could be longer. Straight forelegs, tight feet. Very harsh coat, prefer more length of body. Good bone. Needs to fill out in body and chest.


Wolfenden- Majestic Lady

1)workmanlike bitch. Moderate stop. Slightly rounded skull. Muzzle of good length. Strong neck with good front, bone and feet. Long ribs. Good proportions throughout, excellent harsh coat.


Sanderson- Owlspoint Trouble at mill.

masculine upstanding solid dog. Super head and expression, deep muzzle. Low set ears.strong neck of good length. Firm bone with legs nicely under body. Compact feet, good skin. Free easy moment from all angle

2)Smith- Ewtor affinity for Flynpeg

 femine head, level head planes. Elegant neck with good front assembly. Clean outline,Holds topline well. A little loose in hock, nice type.


Taylor/Johnson- Sifrasons Militry Hero- Lhasa,

Well balanced youngster with a jaunty gait. Good skull, dark oval eye with a good width and strength of muzzle. Body of good length with a high set tail. Strong rear with low set hocks, in super coat and condition.


Lister- Revillo Amorosso- Italian Greyhound

Feminine head of good length, neat rose like ears, fine bone, curvey outline at all times. Fine skin with a glossy coat. Positive high stepping free movement. Nice type.


Millburn- Gunnernewfs All abut me at danstenbears- Newfie,

 Well balanced collected puppy, has a nice broad skull with a short, square muzzle. Good proportions, strong bone, deep chest with big ribcage. Easy gait with a gentle roll, very sound both ways, promising puppy.


Holmes- Clodana Maverick at Dencas- Pug

Nicely balanced cobby outgoing youngster, round skull with good wrinkle, large eyes. Arched neck with a good front under body. Holds a level back with a  good turn of stifle, lovely condition with bags of attitude 


Davies- Holden- Rottknight White Christmas Sh Cm- Rottweiler

Skull and proportions good, with a deep muzzle, neat ears and close to cheek. Well sprung ribs of good length, strong bone, firm topline  with a short loin.Put on a lovely performance for a 9yr old. Nice hard condition throughout