• Show Date: 29/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Luton Canine Association

Luton CA 30/12/18. Judge- Gavin Robertson

Australian Shepherd

P Grad

Barr- ALLMARK YOGI BEAR1)nicely balanced dog, level head planes, muzzle with strength. Almond eye, moderate neck, holds topline on move, tailset a little high, in full coat. Tight feet. Ok in front with moderate stride.


ALLAN/WINFROW-Ch. ALLMARK THE SEQUEL1)mature, masculine but not overdone male in lovely condition. Good skull with clean cut head, high set ears.well proportioned with deep chest, holds back well with slight fall in croup. Firm muscle tone throughout, nice type. Free easy smooth mover from all angles.BOB

Pem Corgi


Irving-TWINAN SHAKE THE TREE1)smart puppy, already very collected, low set with straight forelegs and neat feet. Foxy head piece, dark eyes,Well placed rounded ears., moderate stop, good front ands ribbing for age, nice type, needs to drop a little in the rear, lots to like,BP and BOB.


IRVING-TWINAN TIGHT SQUEEZE1)good ears, well placed . Has some strength in muzzle. Good front and length of neck.level back, ok rear with low set hocks. A little proud of her tail on the move.

2)HARRISON-HARESFOOT CORA NBT, well proportioned bitch, not totally settled. Good width between ears. Prefer better length of ribbing, level back. Just preferred rear quarters on winner.


1) 2nd in Junior



1)mixed class, winner is steady well balanced dog, prefer darker eye, foxy head, ears a little low. neat feet. Ideally prefer lower hocks. Deep chest,Good body and ribs, sound both ways


pleasing head with well placed ears,moderate stop, a little flat in foot, raw and immature in body, needs to fill out in rib. Active mover, needs time.

AVNSC Pastoral

Junior1)BIDDLECOME-STORMFIELD FERGIE AT CHAVELL,(briard)good proportions, has strength in head, defined stop, ideally like better lay of shoulder. Deep chest, well sprung ribs, holds topline well on move with a smooth gait. Moderate rear, dense undercoat, nice type,

2)FIELDSEND- QESSI HEAVEN DEVIL AT STARWELL(Briard) rangier bitch than winner, has square muzzle, good neck and shoulders. Need to fill out in front., ok topline, carries tail a little proud. Lively just needs to mature 


1)2nd Junior


1)COWLEY-CALLENDU DESPICABLE ME AT KASHBELULI,Puli, lovely shape and type. Sturdy, slightly domed skull, dark eye,ears good length and set, correct neck length. Level back with high set tail. Tight feet,Holds shape on the move.quick short stepping movement, nice type. Easy winner 

2) SMITH- PORTNALL ELRICK ZU SAROCAL, GSD,handsome male who still needs to develop in body but has a good type and proportions , lovely head and expression. When he settles on the move he is smart and eye catching in profile . nice type.


Puppy1)BEARDSELL,VAN BECK,FIELDING-NEWLAITHE QUINTILLION,balanced head piece,defined stop, has good turn of nose and quality of lip, dark eye,skull slightly arched, Well proportioned body, needs develop in rib, holds topline on the move. Straight forelegs, just needs time to mature.

Junior1)BEARDSELL,VAN BECK-NEWLAITHE PUREOCO,feminine head with alert expression. Good width of muzzle, quality of lip. Arched neck. Prefer better feet. Compact outline, well angled rear. Good profile, front needs to fill into body. Lots to like BP.


1)YUKHNOVICH-ARADEUS NOBLES, outgoing dog, full of spirt.masculine head. Neat ears. Defined stop, nice lips, square outline, shoulders a little steep., neat feet. Needs to settle on the move.

Open1). BEARDSELL,VAN BECK-NEWLAITHE DIDDLE ON, lovely dog with quality throughout, excellent head, clean cheeks, neat ears, nice width of muzzle.muzzle. Muscular elegant neck,Deep chest, a little long in loin, super rear. Low set hocks. Positive mover. BOB

2) BEARDSELL,VAN BECK,FIELDING-NEWLAITHE THE FUGITIVE,masculine dog,defined stop. A little stronger in cheek than winner. Square outline. Deep chest. Excellent rear, preferred front on winner. Still a nice honest typey dog.


Puppy1)INGRAM-JOJAVIK DEVILS IVY, elegant femine bitch, level head planes,slight stop. Good proportions. Super feet. Strong rear quarters, high set tail, elastic free mover with slight slope in topline, lots to like and im sure once she matures she will be hitting the top spots regularly. BP

2) MYCROFT-SANT KREAL JEWEL FOR SUPETA, brown bitch, lean skull. Needs to come up on leg a little. Ok feet. Deep chest and ribs extending well back. Holds back on the move. Low set hocks. Preferred shoulders on winner.


1)PLUMMER-ARITAUR GINEROSITY,femine bitch, level head planes with slight stop and dark almond eye, a little steep in shoulder. Well sprung ribs, neat feet. Well proportioned,medium sized steady sound mover. 

2) TURRELL-NEWFORDS XHIBITIONIST AT TILNASIA, A rangy dog who needs to develop, prefer tighter lips. Strong bone. Moderate angles, a little steep in underline. Holds topline on the move..


1)same as 1st in Junior

2)TURRELL-JADEKOMA HOT FUDGE AT TILNASIA, a little plain in head, prefer less stop, ears loose, Neat feet, prominent forechest but a little heavy in body moderate angles, square in outline. Prefer more strength in rear hocks.


1)DUNN,BRADLEY,INGRAM-Ch JOJAVIK SUPER CHEIF, nice class, lovely clean shape and proportions. Masculine head,could have less cheek. level head planes with well placed dark eye. Nice fill in front. Neat feet.Well sprung ribs, muscled loin, excellent tailset and rear which he uses with his rotary movement, Nice type,BOB and later group 1.

2) BISHOP- REPERTOIRE SIMPLY RED, elegant dog with lots to like. Lean head with flat skull and strength of underjaw, A shade longer cast than 1 but overall very nice , elegant neck. Holds topline on move. Steady mover with good foot placement but could have more reach. Good bone and feet. Ribs of good length. Close decision. Just preferred proportions of 1.

Giant Schnauzer


1) ROE,STEWART-ECHODREAM ATHENA,head of good length, neat ears. Moderate angles throughout. Deep chest. Short loin, prefer a better topline, could be neater in front, low set hocks, has tendency to side wind.


1)HOUSLOP-ESKAIDEE FIREFLY AT ALIGAEL,typey bitch with good leg length, lean skull. Ears could be smaller. Holds topline, tailset could be higher. Neat feet. Excellent coat texture and colour all through, positive mover using her rear well. Ideally like a little more bone. BOB



1) CAMERON-CAMOIRE GHOST KATO, lovely bitch, square muzzle. With good skull. Excellent front neat ears., well proportioned and balanced already. Tail of good length, steady easy gait. Well sprung ribs, lovely mover, nice type and im sure has a bright future. BP, BOB and later PG1.

2) LEECH-CAMOIRE NANDBEARS AT HALO, another very nice bitch, just preferred front on 1. Head with good balance and strength,tight lips. Well placed eye, Strong bone. Holds topline, Low set hocks but needs to tighten still. 2 nice puppies.


1)1st in Puppy

2)LEECH- MILEOAK SAMWELL TARLEY,masculine dog with noble appearance, large bone,broad skull, deep square muzzle, tight lips, nicely proportioned, still needs to fill in front but full of promise. Level topline with broad back. Steady mover.


1)2nd in Junior 

2) LEECH-MILEOAK SANSA STARK,clean outline, good bone and front. Pleasing head with square muzzle,a shade longer,holds her topline, a little overdone in her rear and not fully settled on move. Has good breed points.


1)COLDWELL-ZENTAUR AINT NO THING,nicely balanced bitch with broad skull, tight lips , well placed eye with tight rims. Clean neck and shoulders, ok feet, ribbing extending well back. Good rear angles, low hocks, tail could be longer. Steady mover 

2)NEWTON- STELAMAH QUIANG AT SHLARRA, A taller male with good bone and substance. Masculine head deep square muzzle ears a little big. Deep chest,Tight feet. A little loose in topline. Steady mover.



1)WILLIAMS,CARTER- RARJO RED HOT MAMA,well made bitch with strength and substance already at this age. Has strength in the front , defined stop. Moderate neck, well angled rear carrying tail correctly. BP

2)JOHNS-AQUAFORTIS SERENDIPITY AT GEMSON typey dog who needs to come out of himself a little. Finer in muzzle than ideal. Good proportions. Moderate neck. Prefer better carriage on the move. Thick tail.. needs time 


1)GREEN,JOHNS-GRANDWAYS RIVER RAMBLER BY GEMSON, nicely shaped dog, muzzle has some strength. Thin well shaped ears.Needs to develop in front and body. Moderate neck , carries tail well. A little loose in front on the move.


1)JOHNS GEMSON PALOMA,femine bitch. Square blunt muzzle.holds shape, ideally like more strength in front quarters. Tail well set and carried. Could have more animation on the move.


1)WILLIAMS- Ch RARJO QUIKSILVER, a very nice dog, large skull with defined stop and occiput, muzzle slightly shorter with strength, proper swimmers build, body shape good. Short muscled neck,tight round feet, robust dog. Excellent mover with tail carried correctly, nice type. BOB

2)BARTON,JOHNS-Ch/Ir Ch AULDHELM ABSOLUTELY,upstanding mature dog, square muzzle. Strong and muscular shoulders. Lovely proportions. High set thick tail. Nice type. Just preferred the carriage of winner but 2 nice dogs. 

AV Working


1)2nd in Newfie puppy 

2)TINKER- ZALTANA KISS MY AWS AT LOLOTEA Sibe. Nicely balanced dog with good leg length, neat erect ears. Moderate stop.\holds topline on move, straight forelegs neat feet. Positive mover..


1)PARLER-COLTRANA MY COOL DUDE, ROTTWEILER, masculine head, broad skull with neat ears., square muzzle, well proportioned dog, ideally like a little more bone, positive mover in profile 


1) FERGESON-HAVROSHKA, Black Russian, has strength of skull. Neat ears. Muscular neck. Level back. Ideally like more leg length, strong bone., once settled moved ok


1)OWEN-ZOBULLEA’S KOOLER THAN ME AT KEEPERSWATCH, upstanding male with strength and substance. Large skull,short muzzle, high set ears, deep chest with short muscular back,ideally like more strength in hock. Muscled throughout.

Vet1)NIALL,ROTHERY-Ch DEBBOLLINBY ABOVE THE STARS AT DAVENHEATH, Leo, nicely balanced elegant dog,deep chest, ribs extending well back with nicely rounded croup, really uses himself on the move from all angles, strong bone, nice type, good condition.

2) GROVES- LATEAGAIN JAZZS DELIGHT,nicely shaped Dobe bitch, elegant neck. Level head planes, deep chest, nice bitch, 2 good examples of their breeds.