• Show Date: 13/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hunt, Point, Retrieve Club Of Scotland

HPR club of Scotland. 13/10/18, judge GAVIN ROBERTSON.



Balanced head piece, moderate stop, parallel head planes. good bone and feet , like a bit more forechest,well sprung ribs.cobby body, level back, high set tail, compact feet. Full of energy.lively mover, firm body with good muscle tone,

Hungarian Vizsla

Puppy 1)CLUBB/MASON- OROSHAZA, elegant collected youngster, clean outline, lovely feminine head and expression, blunt muzzle, good length of neck, level topline with good chest for age. Good angles with positive movement.a little happy with her tail, Nice type.

2)MURRAY/PARKER-MENTA OF SKYROCKET,another with a nicely detailed head, good bone and feet. Needs to develop in body and settle in rear. Well proportioned with sound movement.


1)GRANT-FLIXRAIGN VA VA VOOM, feminine chiselled head, moderate and balanced angles throughout. Ribs extending well back, good feet. Has lovely carriage with good skin and coat.

2)BUTTERS-HOOKSIDE TRESZKA, little stronger build than 1, very nice head and expression, strong neck. Feet a little flat. Holds topline on the move, just preferred front assembly on winner. Ok rear.


1)AYNSLEY- RECUERDO MONIKA OF CAORUNN,lovely bitch, very good shape and proportions. Moderate stop. Slightly rounded skull, good lips and square muzzle. Good bone and feet. Ok topline. Nice width in rear quarters. Places her feet well on the move. 

2) winner of PG


1)LEGG/ALEXANDER- SH Ch RHAPSODY IN THE BLUE, lovely size and shape. Moderate throughout. High set ear. Ideally like more strength in muzzle. Lovely lay of shoulder with neat elbows, compact feet. Level back with slightly rounded croup. Nice style on the move. Good type..BOB

2)CLUBB/MASON/FINDLAY- OROSHAZA CHUKAR, headstrong characters who would be better suited in a bigger ring to settle masculine head. Strong neck. Also well proportioned throughout. Preferred front on winer

Hungarian wire hair vizsla


1)WATSON- FITZROVIA ISLAY MALT, heavy boned masculine dog. Balanced head piece with slight stop, good strength of muzzle. Deep chest, good bone and feet, back and ribs of good length, A little steep in croup. Places feet well. BOB



1)BOWLEY- LEXUS Z POGANSKIEGO WZGORZA BY GUNSYN, eye catching masculine dog. Lean skull, prominent occiput. Noble expression. Strong bone, excellent feet, well proportioned body, needs to develop in front. Balanced angles.has lovely style in profile. Nice type with good quality throughout. BP and BOB.


Puppy 1)DUFFY- ALMOURS LADY GAGA, raw youngster, feminine head. High set ear. Well proportioned who just needs to settle and develop. Holds topline on move. Good bone and feet


1)McMahon- SILVERKELVYN JUPITER, mixed class of sizes and maturity. Winner is well proportioned with good bone and feet. A little fine in muzzle and underjaw. Good leg length and nice profile movement.

2)DICKSON/MACLAINE- GREYSPIRIT HOPE SO, muzzle of good strength but a little rounded in skull over 1. Clean neck and shoulders. Prefer more leg length, deep chest, level back. Needs to settle in front, collected in profile but needs to develop.


1)same as 1st SY

2)same as 2nd SY

Open dog

1)O’DONOGHUE-SIREVA LINESMAN AT WEIMSMYRE, very nice dog with super balance and strength without being overdone. Good proportions, lovely head, expression and skull. Super front and chest.ribs extending well back, Holds shape on the move with good foot placement. Good breed type.BOB and later BIS.

2)DICKSON/MACLAINE-SH CH IR Ch GREYSPIRIT ROYAL SCOT AT TRILITE, looks super for 10yrs, another nicely headed dog, strong neck with deep chest and prominent chest. Slightly taller stationed dog than 1. In lovely condition. 

Open Bitch

1)WHITE/SCOUGALL- SILVERKELVIN RISING STAR, another well made bitch in lovely condition for 9yrs. Balanced head with nice skull, a little fine in muzzle. Moderate neck, compact feet. Holds back on move, good rear angles, prefer a little more width in rear movement. 

AV import

1) GORRIAN- IR SH CH PERDIZYCO ANDRES,masculine dog, defined stop with broad skull. Strong bone, compact body. Oval feet, moderate angles. Firm condition. Nice profile 

AV Veteran

1) Was 2nd Weimaraner OD

2) RINTOUL- SILBERSTERN WATER BUOY, masculine dog, ok skull, a little heavy in body for ideal, deep chest with neat elbows. Well angled rear, slopes off in topline a little. Sound mover


1)I/Spin, Knowles- SPINFANDEL WORLD WAS WIDE ENOUGH WITH BESSALONE,collected puppy with good bone and feet. Needs to develop in skull, clean neck and shoulders. Gentle topline with moderate rear.still has puppy coat , nice profile movement. Promising youngster.

2)GSP. GALLOWAY/ANDERSON- TORRANPOINT GILDA FROM ALAYGLOW, Lovely head and expression good round bone, neat feet. Ribs well sprung for age. Holds shape on the move. Close decision

AV Puppy

1)CIESIELSKI- JAVAL WEARS PRADA, feminine head, head coat a little soft. Moderate angles. Needs to develop in body. Tight feet with good bone. Correct topline.

AV Memorial stakes open

1)GSP, KNOWLES- WILHOLME HAD A LOVELY TIME WITH BESSALONE, super bone, feet and clean outline. Chiselled head with lovely expression, deep chest, positive mover. Hard condition. Nice type

2) UKERKOVICHOVA/GREY- FRANORST LADY PAMELA,lovely balanced bitch. Clean skull. Moderate neck with good front. Level back. Sound from all angles.

AV Champion Stakes

1)GWP-KIRKWOOD- SH CH ARIELLE VOM GLINZEGRUND MIT HELYDON, lovely shape and proportions. Lovely head and expression Deep chest, harsh coat. Correct tailset.Good bone and feet with positive profile movement.

2)Vizsla, 2ND Open

BIS was the Weimaraner O’DONOGHUE-SIREVA LINESMAN AT WEIMSMYRE, who i had earlier in the day awarded BOB. A very unexaggerated balanced example of the breed who was steady all day keeping his outline at all times. 

RBIS was the GSP, LINDRIDGE-AMILDALA FAST AND FURIOUS. Nicely balanced feminine head piece, dark expressive eyes.deep chest with good spring of rib, good foot placement-in super coat and muscular condition. Nice type.

BPIS was the Bracco, really likes this dog with his style and attitude, lovely shape and whilst he still needs to fill out he has all the hallmarks of a super dog. I’m not a breed expert but felt his head was correctly proportioned with a slightly arched muzzle and good lips, nice expression. Loved his powerful rear with a truly air of arrogance on the move. Sure he has a bright future.

BVIS was the GWP who i had awarded the champion stakes to earlier