• Show Date: 22/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: GARY SOUTHGATE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bedford & District Canine Society


Thank you all for allowing me to judge you dogs as a replacement judge at this well run show

Min Schnauzer J (1a0)

1 Parker & Mcdonald's VIOLIS VIXEN 8 month old bitch very alert with well shaped dark oval eyes and v shaped ears dropping forward .Strong jaw with good scissor bite well arched neck shoulders laid well tail carried well nice short wiry coat moved very well. BPIB

PG (3a1)

1 Gudgin & Campbell's JENNAYR ETERNITY 23 month old bitch well set ears. Dark oval eyes nice cat like feet good arched neck shoulders flat and well laid in good coat moved well RBIB

2 Parker & Mcdonald's RISEPARK SHOOTING STAR 16 month old bitch good deep chest and cat like feet did not move as well 1st

O (2a0)

1 Gudgin & Campbell's JANNAYR OBESESSION JW SHCM this 23 month old dog caught my eye as soon as he came to the ring of good breed type with good strong head and skull with a medium stop dark oval shaped eyes and well placed v-shaped ears. level topline good arched neck and a deep chest well laid flat shoulders with straight front legs well muscled hind hindquarters and cat -like feet carried tail well movement free with lots of drive and power MY BOB

2 Parker & Mcdonald's SILVERSOCKS SCARAMONGA 6 Year old dog again of good breed type presented well by a young handler head not as strong as 1 with a good topline deep chest cat like feet move well when settled down by it's young handler who listen to what i asked them to do and did it very well.


J (0a0)

p/g (1a0)

1 Woodgate's DASVAL GOOD AND READY 2 year old dog with a strong head and powerful muzzle dark oval eyes neatly shaped ears well laid back shoulders and a deep chest well muscled at the rear correct feet. Tail set high and carried well in good coat moved well i watched later in the group and moved a lot better MY BOB

O (1a0)

1 Hounslop's EAKADIEE FIREFLY A ALIGAEL ShCM 4 Year old bitch lovely feminine head good top line with dark eyes well shaped ears broad deep chest good scissor bite movement was not as good on the surface as it was uneven R BIB


P (0a0) J(0a0)

P/G (1a0)

1 Arkell's CAMNORIE BLACK POWDER Nearly 3 year old bitch broad head small dark clean eyes small ears well set on head correct mouth nice reach of neck front legs well muscled broad & deep chest well shaped webbed feet a little low on back pastdens not as good on movement as open winner my RBIB

O (1a0)

1 Arkell's DEL OSO'S JUST IN LOVE JW (IMP) Again nearly 3 year old bitch of good breed type well built and in proportion level top line good strong head with small clean eyes ears small and well set correct mouth strong neck deep chest well ribbed body tail set good with a nice length below the hocks well shaped webbed feet move so well over the soft surface my BOB and later working group 3 


Mr Gary Southgate (santicana)