• Show Date: 19/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gary Quest Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society


A super entry of quality Pugs, I was spoilt for choice today and in several classes I was literally splitting hairs to pick my winners. Thank you to all exhibitors for the sporting way my decisions were accepted. It was great to hear applause from around the ringside.

Puppy (9,1a)

1st Phelps-Terrett & Phelps' Bilohka Bang Tidy.

11 month fawn bitch of lovely type. Liked her beautiful feminine head with good mouth and dark muzzle, correct eye shape, good wrinkle and clear thumbprint. Arched neck leading into correct front assembly. Good cobby body with well made hindquarters. Level topline held on the move. Good curl to tail. Eager to please her handler, she moved out well with a typical Pug gait. BP.

2nd Crothers’ Hazempugs Cocoa.

7 month fawn bitch of similar type to 1st. Correct head with nice dark eyes, small dark ears, good mouth and wrinkle. Well boned, level topline, moved out positively. A very nice puppy, unlucky to meet 1 on such top form.

Junior (6)

1st Phelps-Terrett & Phelps' Bilohka Baby Baretta.

11 month bitch, I see is litter sister to my Puppy winner, and she is so similar. What a super pair of littermates! Beautiful typy feminine head with correct properties and lovely dark pigment. Cobby body developing well, lovely positive movement. Presented to perfection as were all the Pugs from this kennel. Moved very well. Pushed hard for best puppy, I just preferred the overall panache of her sister.

2nd Linnett’s Conquelle Cause a Snigger.

13 month fawn bitch of good type. Another feminine puppy. Pretty head with correct ears, eyes and mouth. Arched neck leading to well set shoulders, level topline, well curled tail. Moved well.

Post Graduate (9,2a)

1st Stuart’s Zobears Commander In Chief.

18 month dog of good type. Super masculine head with large open nostrils and clean wrinkle, dark pigment throughout, well set ears used to advantage, good mouth and round, clean, dark eyes giving such a typical Pug expression. Well set slightly arched neck leading to well assembled front, well sprung ribs, level topline, correct rear angulation. Good bone and tightly curled, well set tail. Moved well with typical Pug gait. Overall a cobby, solidly made, sound boy that just could not be overlooked. BOB in excellent company.

2nd While’s Roxmarr Moriarty.

16 month fawn dog. Well proportioned with a good head. Clean wrinkle, well set ears, super pigment, good mouth. Well off for bone and in hard muscular condition. Well curled tail. Moved out well with drive.

Limit (7,1a)

1st Beach’s Lady Lilibet Myfanwy.

4yr fawn bitch. Very typical feminine bitch. Liked her very much. Good head proportions. Clean wrinkle, super pigment, well set ears and good mouth. Slightly arched neck leading to well made front, level topline and correct hindquarters. Well boned, good tail set and curl. Correct coat. Moved well with typical gait.

2nd. Edwards’ Rhodenash Livin a Dream.

Almost 2yr fawn bitch. Two similar bitches, both with lots to like. Similar comments apply, this young lady is also very typy and moves out well. Today I just preferred the finish of head of 1.

Open (5)

Toughest class of the day. My 1st and 2nd are both quality Pugs of super type.

1st Linnett’s Conquelle At A Glance JW.

3yr fawn dog of great type. Super masculine head with good wrinkle, dark pigment, correct in eye shape, ear set and mouth. Typical expression. Arched neck leading to well laid shoulders, level topline, correct hind quarters and well curled tail. Good bone and cobby all through. Moved typically and with drive. RBOB

2nd Phelps-Terrett & Phelps’ Bilohka Little Spitfire.

2yr fawn bitch. So pretty and unmistakably feminine. Typical head with correct properties, good dark pigment, well made all through. Moved well with drive. A really tough decision to split these two Pugs. Just lost out to the male today, who I felt was more together. Could, and I’m sure will, change places on another day.

Gary Quest (judge)