• Show Date: 13/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gary Plummer Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society

Open show 13/05/2018

Thank you for inviting me to judge at this very friendly and efficiently run show.

Tibetan terrier

Class 112 Puppy


1st Bett’s, Q’Karma for Tibettsi from Heaven’s Earth ,D, 11 month old ,Gold sable. Head of good proportions with good dark eye and tight scissor bite. Good level topline, would like a little more depth of rib, moved with confidence.BPIB & Utility puppy group 2.

Class 113 Post Graduate


1st Hadlow’s, Quidditch a touch of Sass, B 14 months, White and gold ,well balanced and very feminine, nicely matched proportions of mussel to skull. Would like slightly darker eye, Good length of neck and level topline. Moved with reach and drive. RBOB

2nd Elvidge & Webb’s, Abelenus Black Ice Ciel, D, 5 years, Black, Masculine head with the darkest of eye, strong neck level topline, but a little to much loin. Coat of good texture and length.

3rd Gell’s Araki Dhazling Dhimond.

 Class 114 Open


1st Short’s, Araki Turn Back Time at Parkmist (ShCM). D, 3 years, Gold sable and White. Good square outline and sturdy looking dog. Well balanced. Masculine head good colour and shape of eye, tight scissors bite, strong neck into good lay of shoulder, nice proportion of rib to loin.coat of correct texture and length. Moved with reach and drive. BoB & Utility group 2

2nd Elvidge & Webb’s Delta Alyssa. 4 years, B, Black and White square outline feminine in appearance, Good head correct bite, level topline kept on the move. Coat of correct texture but would like a little more length. Moved with confidence.

3rd Hadlow’s Quidditch You Glare I Glow.

              Gary Plummer