• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gary Plummer Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Lhasa Apso & Tibetan Terrier

20th September 2018

Thank you for asking me to judge at your show, a lovely day judging at Thame and Oxfordshire County Canine Society open show. Had a super quality entry of 17 TTs also did Lhasa’s. Thank you to each and every one of you who entered today, and the very sporting way in which you took my placings and the way you all congratulated each other, it was an absolute pleasure. Such a shame for these long coated breeds that it was so windy.

Lhasa Apso

Class 301 Puppy 1/0

1 Anderson’s Zentarr Osbourne, dog 10 months, D, Gold, honest young dog, well balanced ,pleasing head and mouth with correct shape of eye, good neck and shoulders. Coat in good condition and length, presented well, moved with confidence and ring presence in abundance. One to watch in the future. BoB, BPIB, UPG 1.

Tibetan Terrier

Class 321 Puppy 5/2

1 Andrew’s Lasang Mr Ivor Hardy, 9 months, D, Black and White, well constructed young dog, pleasing head with good scissor bite and strong jaw, giving correct expression. Good length of neck into good lay of shoulder, with good level topline. Big feet and good angulation.BPIB,UPG3

2 Gilbert’s Gandaki Rhythm n Blues, 8 months, B, Gold . Balanced with square outline, Good feminine head with correct expression and bite, eye could be a shade darker. Good depth of rib and well proportioned to loin. Coat of correct texture .

3 Andrews Lasang Missysippy.

Class 322 Special Yearling 7/2

1 Hearne’s Snoanda Designer Label, 14 months ,D, Black and white, lovely well balanced sturdy dog with masculine well furnished head with well marked stopped and resolute expression. Strong neck into good lay of shoulder. Well boned and good muscle tone. Good spring of rib. Good turn of stifle,Nice big feet. Moved well but would like a little more reach.

2 Andrew’s Lasang Oops I Did It Again. 15 months,B, Black and White. Feminine balanced head with correct shape eyes and good colour, just the right amount of neck into well laid shoulders. Level topline held on the move.

3 Walton’s Gandaki Rockabilly

Class 323 Limit 2/0

1 Cherry’s ,Lynces Made in Heaven, 2 years, B, Gold sable and White. Very feminine outline with a pretty head with good ratio of skull to muzzle, correct bite, pleasing expression. Level topline held on the move, good texture and length of coat, moved with matched reach and drive.

2 White’s Araki Fabulous Figtal. 22 months, D, Gold Sable and White. Sturdy boy with well proportioned head well balanced head good length of neck into good lay of shoulder, level topline when stood. Well constructed front and rear. Coat in good condition and plenty of length. Good reach and drive but only topline not held when on the move.

Class 324 Open 3/1

1 Andrew’s Lasang Star Proformer, 3 years, D, Black and White. Well what a fitting name. Sturdy and Well balanced throughout square outline . Masculine head with tight scissor bite with lovely expression. Strong good length neck, into well laid shoulders, level topline held on the move. Well boned and beautiful muscle tone. Strong front, with nice shape and depth of rib. Moved with purpose and presence. BoB,UG3.

2 Cherry’s Ch.Lynces Diamonds and Pearls, JW, ShCM. 7 years B. Black and white , Shown in beautiful condition. Feminine head with nice expression. Square outline in profile. Lovely angulation moved with reach and drive.RBoB.


Gary Plummer (Tetsikarma).