• Show Date: 15/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gary Fletcher Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Evesham & District Canine Society




I always feel very privileged to judge huskies and must admit I did feel a little rusty and very nervous at first, with it being over 2 years since my last appointment. The open class I judged today was probably my largest class to date and I was probably fortunate enough to have such a diverse selection of type of dog, otherwise, the task may have proved more daunting. I was particularly pleased to see a lot of dogs today with good eye set and shape, something I’ve not seen a lot of in my short term of judging. All dogs seemed healthy in weight, which I was surprised about considering the temperatures over the past couple of months and all were well presented and nicely groomed. The only unfortunate part of the day was probably the lack of experience from the stewards, they only asked me to reward 1st to reserve and there was also a lot of bewilderment when it came to selecting best dog and reserve best dog, I can only apologise to everybody involved with this, but you live and learn and hopefully this will not happen again in the future. Many thanks to all that entered and hopefully, see many of you on the trails soon….

Puppy (3, 1 abs)

1st Snelson, Salazka’s Mr Abernathy, D, 09.09.17, really like this youngster, all black with a few white bits and will be interested to see how he develops. Starting to see more of these black dogs in the ring now and a couple today have been of a good standard. Good fox-like head with correct eyes and ear set and thickness too. Well-proportioned and moved well in the ring and showed a lot of maturity for a pup. Well handled and presented, a real credit to breeder and owner. PD

2nd Beirne, Snowrun Oconee River, D, 05.11.17, first show for this young lad and showed a lot of nerves. It was very difficult to get really hands-on with this dog, due to mine and his inexperience, but it would be nice to judge him again in the future. Overall appeared to have a nice outline and some good features.

JUNIOR (2, 1 abs)

1st Wakker, Barking Brooks Mountain Mist at Ceannabeinne (IMP USA), D, 21.04.17, another mainly all black dog with the odd dash of white, a well-proportioned youngster with good angulations front and rear, who needs to mature now and muscle up. A nice head with correct eyes and ear set. Overall showed a nice outline, with correct coat and carriage of tail, a level top line and looked nice on the move.

POST GRADUATE (5, 1 abs)

1st Cooper, Janskcoo’s Fortitude JW, D, 29.04.16, love this dog and would expect him to do well in the future. With being bi-eyed, it gives him a distinct expression combined with near perfect head a fantastic looking dog. Good depth of chest, perfect angulation front and rear. A very striking outline with good tail set and a nice fox brush. Beautifully presented and in fabulous condition with plenty of muscle in the rear legs. Moved effortlessly across the ground considering it was a warm day. Still, only a young dog and can only see him maturing to be even better in the future. My only fault would be his slightly sloping top line. BD

2nd Grisbrooke, Azgard Spindrift, D, 05.03.15, a nice boy that showed well with textbook movement, nice head, with correct eyes and head shape but would have preferred slightly smaller ears. Good length of leg with plenty of room for movement, into a well-shaped rib cage and good depth of chest and nicely muscled in rear legs tracked perfectly out and back.

3rd Beirne, Penkhalas Itaska, D, 22.10.16,

OPEN (9, 1 abs)

1st Grisbrooke, Ch Azgard Glock, D, 14.11.14, this is certainly one of my favourite dogs, with near perfect overall balance and showed and stood like a soldier. Shows huge presence in the ring, the perfect dog to show. A nice general outline and shown in lovely condition. Nice muzzle and eye set/shape but would just prefer less broadness to his head. Good angulation front and rear and moved lovely around the ring. Ran close to being my BD and on another day probably would. RBD

2nd Robinson, Charoite Skookum Blend, D, 20.09.10, a nice dog and one I’ve liked for many years, but this was the first time I’ve judged him. Moved well in the ring and look nice in profile covering the ground with ease. Good angulation front and rear with good depth of chest. Plenty of muscle and showed the drive in his movement. Lovely head expression with correct almond-shaped eyes and ear set. Nice and straight at the front but as much as I would have liked in the rear.

3rd Winter & Unwin, Nashanessen’s Dirty Harry at Snowtrekka JW ShCM, D, 08.06.10,