• Show Date: 30/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gary Dybdall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Reading & District Kennel Association

Reading and District Kennel Association

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at such an organised show and to my lovely steward for assisting in the smooth running of the day.

Rough Collies

Junior (2, 0 abs)

1. Hanson’s Ambartr Plancee At Jards NL JW. Pretty bitch with lovely rich pigment and lovely almond-shaped dark eye. Alert ear set and kind expression. Head in proportion to her body. She had the better shoulder placement in the class and firm topline with correct slight rise over the rump. Would prefer her a touch cleaner coming and going but sound and active in profile movement with a balanced stride. RBOB

2. Tame’s Rahlissa Charmaine. Pretty bitch, slightly smaller than first, although bone in proportion to size and overall fairly balanced. Sweet expression with nice dark almond shaped eyes and correct ear set. Not quite the shoulder of first. Knitting a little in front today but Ok in profile and sound going away with firm hocks. Lovely rear.

Post Graduate (4,1)

1. McDade’s Fridens Captivation With Lyndale (imp Rus) JW. 2 yr old blue merle. Beautiful outline of balance, elegance and dignity. Would prefer touch more leg length and slightly kinder expression. Well-arched neck leading into good lay of shoulder. Straight front legs, well-boned and lovely oval feet. Good body and firm back with short loin. Very sound on the move, clean coming and going with good length of stride in profile. Firm, well-let down hocks and good rear-angulation. Pleased to award BOB

2. Tame’s Rahlissa Charmaine. See 2nd in Junior.

3. Lyall’s Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas

Open (3)

1. Mc Dade’s Beldones Sweet Illusion. Loved this bitch’s beautiful head and expression, just oozing breed type. Nice kind dark eye. Head perfectly balanced and in proportion to the body. Good length of neck, shoulder adequate and straight front. Moved well in profile with extension but could be cleaner coming towards and firmer in hock going away. Slight rise over the rump, accentuated a little more by excess fur. Good overall proportions, well ribbed and deep chest.

2. Daley’s Tremaro Tainted Love At Rahlissa. Not quite the head of first – little longer in the muzzle. Alert ears and correct set. Lovely outline and shape with good depth of chest. Sound on the move going away and in profile. Slightly narrower in body. Good bone and feet.

3. Lyall’s Santoly’s Sky Amidalas

Australian Shepherds

Puppy (1)

1. Krupa’s Neeko Zulajo. 7 month old blue merle puppy dog. Good pigment and lovely rich colouring. Head developing ok but stop a little too pronounced for me and would prefer kinder expression. Moderate in angulation both fore and after, which may improve once he drops into his body. Good length of leg and compact in proportions. Firm back, good spring of rib and depth of chest. Well-muscled and strong in loin. Moved true enough coming and going but would prefer more extension in profile. BPIB

Junior (1)

1. Baker’s Noble Amberslade Of Baiwells Royal Aussies (ATC AV01340FRA). 16 month old male developing into a nice dog. Well-arched neck and good shoulder placement. Lovely straight front, well-boned with good feet. Would prefer better upper-arm and more reach in front. Slightly domed in skull and a little round in eye. Good bone and feet. Level topline and strong loin. Moved well in profile and with drive from the rear.

Post Graduate (4)

1. Baker’s Amberslade Nevada. 5 year old quality male with correct overall outline and balanced shape. Clean head and expression and all in proportion. Good shoulder placement, would prefer little more upper arm. Moved very well in profile with very easy, active gait. A little close going away but moved with drive and extension. Good body, level topline with firm loin. Well-angulated rear and well-let own hocks. Presented well and in good condition. Pleased to award BOB.

2. Barr’s Allmark Yogi Bear. Very attractive, flashy male who gave his handler a hard time. Lovely head with flat skull and strong muzzle, oozing quality. Had a tendency to pace but once he got into his stride he moved soundly from all angles. Well-arched neck, shoulder placement ok but would prefer little more chest and upper arm. Straight front, well-boned. Good body and spring of rib. Tail-set and carriage spoils his outline on the move. Well-angulated rear and firm, sturdy hocks.

3. Virgo’s Aoiristar Supernova ShCM (IKC)

Open (3, 1)

1. Baker’s Amberslade Nevada. 1st in postgraduate.

2. Knott’s Lyveden Texas Ranger. Very handsome male with a super outline and shape. Clean head and expression with lovely almond-shaped eye and strong muzzle. Good length of neck leading into well-placed shoulder, but again would prefer better upper-arm. Good depth of chest, well-ribbed and firm loin. Well-angulated rear and firm hocks. Could be a little cleaner on the move coming towards and outline spoiled by high tail carriage. Close decision for RBOB but preferred the overall shape and balance of the more compact Texas Ranger.

German Shepherd Dog

Puppy (1)

1. Jones’ Suzdans Ollivanders. 9 month old puppy dog with a good frame and shape developing along the right lines. Good length of leg and well-boned. Shoulder placement ok and forechest developing nicely. Quite narrow through in both head and body at present. Deep chest and straight front legs. Ok for proportions. Moved well in profile but would prefer stronger in rear movement. Balanced in angulation both fore and aft.

Post Graduate (2, 1)

1. Shaw’s Astradine Keepsake. 2 ½ year old bitch with good angulation and very sound on the move. Balanced head with kind expression and strong muzzle. Good length of neck and well-placed shoulder with pronounced prosternum. Clean coming and going with great extension in profile. Would prefer her to be a little more compact in body and with more length of leg. Bone in propotion to size and firm hocks. RBOB

Open (3, 1)

1. Jones’ Kintaro Hot Off The Press. 4 year old beautifully balanced bitch with the shape and soundness that I was looking for. So well-made. Lovely type with a strong yet feminine head and expression. Good length of neck, well-laid shoulder placement and super forehand. Correct forechest and good depth of chest. Correct for proportions and balanced outline without exaggeration. Moved well with easy, active stride with great extension and clean coming and going. Pleased to award BOB.

2. Shaw’s Astradine Kornishman JW ShCM. Masculine male. Strong head and muzzle,but a touch light in eye colour. Good breadth to skull. Good length of neck and front construction with super forechest. Good depth of chest and breadth of body. A little too much slope to topline for me. Good rear angulation. Would prefer him a little firmer going away but moved well in profile and clean coming towards.


Puppy (2, 1)

1. Duff’s King Of Helluland My Queen (imp SVK). Pretty puppy bitch. Lovely clean head and expression with dark almond shaped eye and dry lips. Strong muzzle, slightly sloping stop, broad skull and correct ear set. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulder. Forechest developing. Bone in proportion for size and I hope she grows on. Straight front and tight cat-like feet. A little long in the body and would prefer a firmer level topline. Lovely rounded rump and well-angulated rear leading to well let down hocks. Could be cleaner coming and going but moved well in profile with an easy active stride and light on her feet. Best Puppy in Breed and went onto Puppy Group 4.

Junior (2)

1. Pallett’s Blessed Heart Tender Ebony for Sheenmarie (Imp Rom). 16 month old strong bitch who moved soundly once I removed the “safety” pin she must have stood on during her first run around the ring! Beautiful outline with good length of neck and compact sturdy body. A little overdone in head for me and would prefer better eye shape. Strong muzzle and broad skull. Well-placed shoulder, strong bone and straight front. Good body, sturdy loin and well-angulated rear leading into firm hocks.

2. Duff’s King Of Helluland My Queen (imp SVK)

Post Graduate (4, 1)

1. Pallett’s Blessed Heart Tender Ebony for Sheenmarie (Imp Rom). See 1st in Junior.

2. Duff’s King Of Helluland My Queen. See 2nd in Junior.

3. Duff’s Bearisle Margaret Macdonald

Open (5)

Two quality bitches headed this class.

1. Pallett’s Sandbears Hawiian Hot Stuff To Sheenmarie. Quality bitch with a beautiful outline and the soundest of all the dogs I judged on the day. Feminine head and expression, perhaps would prefer a touch stronger with a little more work in the head. Kind dark almond shaped eye and dry lips. Good length of neck leading into well-placed shoulder contributing to her super forehand. Good bone, straight front and tight well-arched feet. Good depth of chest, well-ribbed, strong and sturdy in the loin. Level topline and well-rounded rump. Balanced rear angulation leading into well-let down firm hocks. Sound from every angle, really using her rear to advantage and clean coming towards. Very pleased to award BOB and went on to win Working Group 2. Should make up.

2. Owles & Bristow’s Zentaur Love Me N’Mend Noirbear. Lovely overall for type, balance and soundness. Quite strong in head and muzzle. Good length of neck, but hands on would prefer better shoulder placement and front could be cleaner coming towards. Good bone for size and well-arched feet. In good body and condition. Loved her broad back and well-sprung ribs. Good depth of chest and level topline with lovely rounded rump. A touch longer in body than 1. Well-angulated rear with well-let down firm hocks. Moved soundly in profile and with drive from the rear. Presented immaculately. Easy winner of RBOB.

3. Black’s Camnoire Crush Blackcoast

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Puppy (1)

1. Kyleburn Night Wayfarer At Kilnpond. Very raw 7 month old puppy. A little overawed by his first show and therefore difficult to assess via hands on. Head developing along the right lines with lovely dark eye. Lovely rich pigment and well-marked. Good length of leg, if a little rangey at present. Lacked forechest and front extension on the move. Good topline and correct croup. Could be cleaner coming towards and needs to drive more from the rear but easy moving with active stride in profile. Needs time. RBOB/BPIB

Junior (2, 1)

1. Goodyear’s Harvestbank Indian Summer. 13 month old junior bitch with good pigment and lovely rich colouring. Pretty head and expression with kind dark eye, enough strength to muzzle and breath of skull. Good temperament. A little short in neck and would prefer better shoulder placement. Straight front legs and tight cat-like feet. Enough bone for size but could do with losing a little weight. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Well-rounded rump and good rear angulation leading into firm hocks. Moved balanced in profile with drive from her strong hocks. Pleased to award BOB.

Gary Dybdall BVM&S MRCVS (Rodiveco/Meadowpark)