• Show Date: 12/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gary A Steele Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Preston & District Canine Society



1. Mason Nosam Kwatile BP – Sweet headed bitch, clean dark eye, good topline, clean lines, and correct matching angles, well-muscled.


1. Mason Nosam Never Say Never Again at Kiswhali – Good head, not as free flowing on the move as his sister in the previous class. Pleasing head piece with dark eye, good substance and best of feet.

Post Graduate

1. Astbury Millpoint Simply In Step with Dorbury JW – Balanced B&W boy who impressed for overall breed type, matching angles fore and aft, good turn of stifle and good bone. Was not as precise when moving as I would have preferred.


1. Disley Ridanflight Rum Truffle BOB – My star of the day loved for her breed type and free flowing sound movement. Floated around the ring with precise foot fall, well-muscled, gorgeous head and eye, deep brisket, straight bone and correct substance.

2. Weaver Annieuz Lovely Day ShCm – Pleasing headpiece and eye, strong substance, good width to chest. Well-muscled moved out well.

3. Kirby Pipeaway Master Design JW


English Springer Spaniel

Junior – 0

Post Graduate

1. Joyce Kingsheath Total Diva at Felltops BOB– Pleasing head and eye with good proportions, nice shape when stacked and on the move. Level topline and moved out well powered by strong quarters. Would have preferred a tad more weight.

Open – 0

Irish Setter


1. Hart Gwendariff In The Limelight with Gillirgrae – Well developed male, good heart room and depth of brisket. Straight legs with good substance, best of feet. Was the most mature on the move with good extension at front and well presented. I believe this gave him his Junior Warrant.

2. Heather Sixoaks Leading Lady – Just out of puppy and not as mature in body or movement as 1st. That said, pleasing head, good substance, nice feet and well-muscled.

3. Walker Thendara Soul Sister.

Post Graduate

1. Hart Gwendariff In The Limelight with Gillirgrae

2. French Diervilla Zen Power – Pleasing head and eye, correct shoulders, well off for substance, good body proportions and well-muscled.

3. Gilks Danwish The Lion King


1. Loynd Anlory Poachers Brook join Crimbledale BOB – Lovely head proportions and eye shape and colour. Excels in breed type, loved her proportions and correct well laid back shoulders with best of angles. Free flowing movement with correct extension and rear driving action.

2. French Balintyne Just You Just Me – Pleasing head, good angles and body proportions. Was not as free flowing on the move as the 1st.

3. Jepson Twoacres Lucky Charm


Junior – 0

Post Graduate – 0


1. Stamp Gunalt Two To Tango with Tynsil BOB – Very pretty headed bitch, ample forechest, correct shoulder placement and angles, good bone, cracking feet. Powered around the ring, propelled by excellent muscling.

2. Young Silverkelvin Lunar Eclipse over Noreaster JW – Really pleasing dog with a lot to like, unfortunate to meet 1st. Good shoulders, deep chest with good width to front. Clean lines all through.

Golden Retriever


1. Catterall & Jackson Golmas Guardsman – BP -Cracking headpiece on this young dog, loved him for breed type and substance without any coarseness. Well-developed for age, good depth and width to forechest. Moved out well with level top line and level tail carriage.

2. Vicars Peersbrook Game Set and Match – Dog of good body proportions, matching angles front and rear, just need time to mature.

Junior - 0

Post Graduate

1. Carrington Largymore Lustre JW - Pretty headed bitch with good flews and dark eye making for an appealing expression. Good angles and correct shoulders, lots of substance but not over done in any way. Moved out well, well balanced and used her tail well.

2. McGuffie Milltimber Moonriver – Pleasing head and eye, all angles in good order, good ribbing and depth to forechest, well of for bone. Well-muscled good quarters put to good use on the move.

3. Kennedy Dilworthey Darsy Bustle

4. Burrows & French Dilworthey William Prince JW


1. Vicars Catcombe Calico At Peersbrook JW – BOB - Upstanding dog , lovely head and eye and pleasing expression. Good pigmentation. Everything in good order contructionally, moved out well, powered by well-muscled quarters.

2. McGuffie Milltimber Maid Of The Mist – Feminine bitch with a soft appealing expression. Correct angles all through. Loved her shape and moved out well, although a little out coat, had nothing to hide.

3. Burrows Dilworthey Princess Lottie

4. Falconer Siatham Kall Me Madam

Labrador Retriever


1. Edwards Sharouns Alice Springs (BP) – Yellow bitch, lovely type, feminine head and dark eye, lovely expression. Plenty of heart room and good depth, correct substance without being overdone. Good coat and tail carriage, free flowing on the move with best front extension.

2. Edwards Sharouns Wizard OF Ozz at Serendale – Litter brother to 1st, similar remarks apply, just needs to mature a little. Both had the best of feet.

3. Disley Acredam Capercaille

4. Long Carpenny Pheya


1. Thompson Meadowline May Mist (BOB) – Yellow of good type, excellent feminine head, kind dark eye and good pigmentation. Correct angles fore and aft, good width to chest, well balanced in body proportions. Good muscling and moved true.

2. Green Meadowline Mothers Secret – Black bitch not as mature as 1st. Still a lot to like and am sure given time will come in to her own. Sweet feminine head, good substance and pleasing body proportions.

3. Edward Oakhouse One To Beat at Serendale

Post Graduate

1. Markham Stmakajo Boba Fett – Upstanding yellow, all male with a kind dark eye. Well of for substance, good width and depth to chest. Good angulation all through, good tail set and shape. Moved out well with good front extension.

2. Harris Shadbudpips Aghios Sostis – Pretty bitch with a biddable expression and everything in good order. Good angles and substance.

3. Gower Meadowline Mon Amour for Aughtonchase


1. Thompson Meadowline Mi Chico - Yellow dog with a masculine head without coarseness. Good angles all though, deep chested, good substance, excellent quarters and correct coat, used his tail well when moving. Best of feet.

2. Oakhouse Ordery - Black bitch with a lot to like, lovely headpiece and kind eye. Good matching angles and good width to front excellent strong quarters. Just preferred the footfall of the 1st when moving.

3. Markham Stmakajo Boba Fett

4. Harris Cuerdenlake Pukaki at Shadbudpips


German Shorthaired Pointer


1. Harris Barleyarch Pringle (BP) – Lovely headed male with a kind dark eye, making for a biddable expression. Best of angles in this class, shoulders and return of forearm with matching angles at rear. Deep chest and good substance, best of feet, powered around the ring, demonstrating free flowing movement effortlessly, holding the correct top line.

2. Sielski Orchidstar Bonds Of Speed JW – Another dog of good type and typical of the breed. Good depth of chest and correct width. Pleasing head and eye, good mover.

3. Court Orchidstar Miss Piggy

Post Graduate

1. Milligan Jessophia’s Oberyn Martell – Well-made dog, good angles and width to chest. Good substance without being overdone, good feet. Well-muscled, moved well.


1. Milligan Isara Kurzhaar All Spice (BOB) – Lovely bitch who typified his breed. Feminine sweet head with correct eye shape. Good head and body proportions, correct shoulders and matching return of forearm, Good quarters which were well muscled. Correct width to rear when moving away. Level topline and free flowing movement.

2. Brown Newlands Pass to Montalba – Pleasing head and eye, adequate substance, best of feet, Level topline when moving, good quarters, just preferred the more positive movement of 1st.

3. Sielski Orchidstar Zid Zaid Zana

4. Stewart & Currie Winterwell Dominique at Levagrad

German Wirehaired Pointer


1. Donnelly Kimmax Knock Yourself Out – Dog with a masculine head, dark eye and pleasing expression. Best return of forearm in class, correct shoulders, good width and depth to chest. Well of for substance and good feet. Felt he was more positive in movement today than 2nd.

2. McCullough Sh Ch Kimmax Koz I Kan – Litter sister to 1st, a lot to like and typifies the breed. Feminine head, pleasing dark eye with intelligent expression. Good substance and correct movement, well-muscled not as settled on the move as 1st.

Post Graduate

1. Donnelly Beechlawn Oooh Betty – Pleasing head to this bitch, adequate angulation. Would have preferred a little more width all through. Good harsh coat, well-muscled and moved out well.


1. McCullough Sh Ch Kimmax Miss Kongeniality (BOB) – Bitch full of quality and show presence. Loved her feminine head, dark eye and strong jaws. Correct front assembly and shoulder placement, good ribbing, elbow space and overall body proportions. Moved out well and freely.

Hungarian Vizsla


1. Bain Dunnydals Hajna Is Gracious BOB – Bitch who won this class on maturity compared to 2nd. Pleasing head and eye, good angles all through, was more together moving and held her topline better. Good quarters and well-muscled. A typy bitch whose handler did not get the best from her.

2. Rollings & Verity – Szellem Es Sors – Very much a baby today that said a lot to like. Pleasing head and eye, correct depth and width to chest. Good bone and stood on the best of feet.

Post Graduate

1. Bain Dunnydals Hajna Is Gracious


1. Bain Dunnydals Hajna Is Gracious


Italian Spinone


1. Thompson Testaverde Back For Good (BP) – Brown & White dog loved his head and correct eye, making for a kind expression, all male without being coarse. Good bone, deep chest and well spring rib, nice feet. Good angles front and back with correct shoulders. Good body proportions for age. Well-muscled.

Post Graduate = 0


1. Bennet Hochopepa Gladys Emmanuel (BOB) – Feminine head, lovely expression and good eye shape, strong jaw with a deep muzzle. Pleasing neck lenghth set in to well-placed shoulders. Deep chest and good spring of rib, correct topline. Good bone and strong well-muscled quarters. Moved out well.

2. Gill Teazledown Moonwalker at Jocagil JW ShCm – Pleasing headed dog with kind expression. Well of for bone, good feet and matching angles. Moved well with good quarters, just placed the outline of 1st.

AVNSC Gundog


1. NSDTR – Sharpe Tivalake Crystal Ball at Rosettia (BAVNSCP) – Bitch I have judged before and if anything has got better. More together on the move with better footfall. Well-presented and handled to advantage by her young handler.

2. English Setter – Stead Ultra Violet – Loved this puppy for breed type, stunning feminine head with soft kind expression. Everything in the right place, good bone and excellent feet. Moved well, unlucky to meet 1st.

3. IR&WS – Hart Ianbro Mystic Quartz Shinesat Gillergrae

4. WSS – Yacoub Laithmoors Red Grenadine

5. IWS – Lavender Santarocca Fergus


1. NSDTR – Sharpe Tivalake Crystal Ball at Rosettia

2. English Setter – Stead Ultra Violet

3. WSS - Yacoub Laithmoors Alinka

4. IWS – Lavender Santarocca Fergus

Post Graduate

1. English Setter – Upperwood Michaelmas Man – Divine head on this O&W dog, loved his planes and eye shape, providing for a really appealing expression. Great substance and matching angles front and rear. Well-muscled and moved out well, pushed hard for BAVNSC.

2. FCR – Hedderwick Torwood Paw Trait – 5yr old liver dog with a pleasing head and kind eye. Good width to quarters and well-muscled.


1. ACS – Fryers Grennyne Night in the City at Carolco (BAVNSC) – Black male with a lovely head and kind eye, well arched neck set into fine shoulders. Good bone, best of feet and plenty of heart room, short coupled with well-muscled quarters. Presentation impeccable.

2. English Setter – Crimbledale Seaing Stars JW – A favourite of mine that was unlucky to meet 1st on such top form. O&W bitch with a lovely head and dark eye making for a kind expression. Moved out well, was a little without her party dress today.

3. FCR – Buckley Buckleyhill Venus

4. FCR – Hedderwick Torwood Paw Trait

AV Gundog Veteran

1. Hochopepa The Bug Explorer – 7yr old bitch who belied her age. Pleasing head shape and good eye shape. Deep muzzle, good dentition, clean neck set into correct shoulders, deep brisket and good ribbing. Strong bone and good shaped feet.

Gundog Group

1. Disley Ridanflight Rum Truffle – Pointer

2. Milligan Isara Kurzhaar All Spice – GSP

3. McCullough Sh Ch Kimmax Miss Kongeniality – GWP

4. Loynd Anlory Poachers Brook join Crimbledale – Irish Setter

Gundog Puppy Group

1. Catterall & Jackson Golmas Guardsman – Golden Retriever

2. Morris Riondel Caribbean Blu – Cocker Spaniel

3. Sharpe Tivalake Crystal Ball at Rosettia – NSDTR

4. Harris Barleyarch Pringle – GSP

Best In Show

Doberman – Rimmer Amazon Touch The Breeze in Millwood

Bitch who oozed breed type and whose showmanship when moving was undeniable. Loved her head, eye and intelligent expression. Great substance without being overdone, best of feet. Moved out and back true, held her rock solid topline and the best of side gaits.

Reserve Best In Show

Jack Russell Terrier – Irving Hunter Hope for Twinan ShCm (Imp Nor)

What lol poppet, great headed bitch whose confirmation was excellent. Matching moderate angles fore and aft. Close fitting elbows and adequate depth to forechest. Attitude a plenty when moving with good ground covering movement.  

Best Puppy In Show

Golden Retriever - Catterall & Jackson Golmas Guardsman

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Fox Terrier (Smooth) – Brookes & Wildig Zetamaz Carbon Copy

Black and White Dog who pushed the Goldie hard for top honours. Loved him for his breed type, alert expressive dark eyes, well placed ears, providing for a fab expression. A real showy fella, whose clean outline impressed on the move, a small racy chap who covered the ground well.