• Show Date: 15/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gary A Steele Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Saltburn & District Canine Society

Saltburn & DCS – 15-05-18 – Gary A Steele

I was honoured to be invited to judge BIS my first at this level, I was presented with some lovely representatives of their groups. Was splitting hairs in my final decisions.

BIS: Peirsons’ Bearded Collie – Denters Whirlwinds Broadway Baby (Imp Deu) Junior bitch who typified the movement of this breed. Lovely headpiece and expression. Was balanced throughout, albeit, a bit lacking in coat, but did not detract from her workman like gait and movement.

RBIS: O’Connor’s German Wirehaired Pointer – Karlejay Gump Kin Ya Work Male who impressed for muscle tone and soundness of movement, a dog certainly fit for function. Well put together with everything in good order and moved as one with handler. Lovely head and eye without a hint of coarseness.

BPIS: Burns’ WHWT – Burneze Wild At Heart - My notes say WOW, could completely understand why this lil fella won the terrier group at 6.5 months old. Super bone and substance with a head to die for, he moved like a pro, owning the ring. Will definitely have a bright future I am sure.

RBPIS: Patterson & Murray’s Pekinese – Bratilda Maddison I fell hard for this young lady the minute she entered the ring. Lovely to go over and on the move she was like a steam train with a super model attitude. Was a warm day and no slacking with her, put in her all. Was unlucky to meet the fabulous Westie.

BVIS: Clegram’s Sheltie – Smiddyshaw Relight My Fire Sh Cm 7 and a half year old tricolour bitch, shown in full coat presentation A1. Moved out well with matching angles for and aft, lovely head piece and handled sympathetically to get the best out of her.

Field Spaniel Open (1-0) 1. BOB & BP Shipton’s Winterbourne True Love for Mishules (imp Swe) – BP & BOB Black baby who fairly bounced around the ring, keeping her handler on her toes. Lovely head and eye good dentition and loved her for breed type. Put together in good order and has the best of feet.

Irish Water Spaniel Open (1-0) 1. BOB Cunningham’s Foulby Fidelma of Elvandar- BOB Bitch of good body proportions, well off for bone and substance. Good shoulder placement, plenty of depth and width and good ribbing. Exhibited in hard condition.

Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla Open (1-0) 1. Newton’s Zoldmali Kitty of Jaktay’s ShCm - BOB Sweetest of heads on this bitch, good dentition. Lovely flow of neck in to shoulders, adequate depth of chest and tight elbows. Coat harsh and a little lacking today. Good muscle tone and moved with drive and purpose.

Irish Setter Puppy – (1-0) 1. Wheeldon’s Colemist Take A Chance On Me - BP Very much a baby at just 6 month old, but a lot to like about her. Lovely head shape and planes. Good angle fore and aft, forchest adequate for age. Moves with drive and purpose.

Irish Setter Post Graduate – (3-1) 1. Glaspar’s Esbrown Lord Of The Dance at Danetop – BOB Heavier headed than 2nd, but without coarseness. Good muzzle and correct dentition had a lovely expression. Well made with correct angles to front and rear with correct shoulders. Moved out well and was well balanced. 2. Sloane’s Ferasheen Fire Emblem

Irish Setter Open - (3-1) 1. Eusnit Action Master at Danetop A heavy coated dog, excellent front assembly, plus return of forearm. Plenty of depth and width to chest. Masculine head with correct eye shape with a biddable expression. Well-muscled and moved out well, pushed hard for BOB, just preferred, cleaner outline of his kennel mate. 2. Wheeldon’s Bardonhill Jealous Guy for Colemist A dog built on more elegant lines than 1st. Pleasing head and eye and correct muzzle shape. Matching angles and close elbows, well-muscled and moved out well.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – (1-0) 1. Sharpe’s Tivalake Crystall Ball at Rosettia – BP & BOB 6 month old baby developing nicely in head with an intelligent expression. Good bone and excellent feet, well placed shoulders and exhibited in good hard condition. Obviously adored her young handler who go the best out of her.

American Cocker Spaniel Junior (4-1) 1. Morris’s Mycalleys Daniel – BP 11 month old buff dog with the best of heads – good dentition. Strong neck set in to fine shoulders, best top line on the move. Matching correct angle and front and rear, was well balanced with good front extension. Put down in 1st class condition and order. 2. Morris’s Ashclares Kiss ME Quick by Mycalleys Black and tan bitch with an exquisite head, ultra-feminine. Dark eyes portraying an intelligent expression. Well made all through, although dainty, she did not lack substance and moved out well. 3. McMaster’s Mycalleys Blond Bombshell

American Cocker Spaniel Post Graduate (2-1) 1. Morris’s Ashclares Kiss ME Quick by Mycalleys

American Cocker Spaniel Open (2-0) 1. Steel & Jefferson’s Misticolas Kickin Up Dust at Sharanbar - BOB Black and Tan dog in full coat, good head shape, well chiselled with kind dark eyes, making for an appealing expression. Correct dentition. Moderate well-muscled neck set into correct shoulders. When moving correct top line and good front extension. 2. Morris’s Naisaileen Witchcraft with Mycalleys

Golden Retriever Puppy (5-1) 1. Anderson’s Linchael Livia – BP Sweet head and kind expression. Grand width to chest and best return of fore arm in this class. Correct shoulders and matching angles fore and aft. Loved her balance when moving with good front extension. 2. Vicar’s Peersbrook Game Set Match Lovely boy who caught my eye when entering the ring, just lost out on maturity to 1st, but still a lot to like. Masculine head without being overdone, moved true and positively for one so young. Just needs time. 3. MacKenzies’ Leynosk Top n Take That 4. Wright’s Palton Pavarotti

Golden Retriever Junior (1-0) 1. Anderson’s Linchael Salvo Litter brother to winner of the previous class, similar remarks apply. Lovely masculine head and kid dark eye. Well off for substance and well-muscled for age, just preferred the front on his sister for BP. Moved well.

Golden Retriever Graduate (5-2) 1. Johnson’s Jaymardy Lily The Pink Lovely headed bitch with a soft biddable expression. Good width and depth to chest and tight elbows. Muscular neck set on to correct shoulders. Good bone and substance and best of feet, moved really well and positively. 2. Robinson’s Lamancha Keep The Faith Handsome headed boy, not as mature as 1st in ribbing. Good angles front and rear with well-placed shoulders. Moved with drive and purpose. 3. Bell’s Enchanters Nightshade Hogmanay for Hoaaloha

Golden Retriever Post Graduate (1-0) 1. Gerhold’s Jaymardy Indigo Pacific JW – BOB This boy impressed for overall breed type and soundness on the move. Masculine headpiece without being overdone. Well-muscled neck set in to correct shoulders, well off for bone and substance all through, with well-muscled quarters. Moved out well with good front extension and good width to rear.

Golden Retriever Open (6-2) 1. Maddison’s Jaymardy Hidden Secret JW Another lovely headed bitch and litter sister to the 2 previous class winners and beat her father in to 2nd. Excellent matching angles at front and rear, sound positive movement, well balanced. Well-muscled providing strong rear driving action. 2. Gerhold’s Ramchaine Fabulicious (Imp Nld) JE ShCm Powerful masculine dog, great head piece, plenty of heart room. Muscular neck set in to correct shoulders. Good front assembly, plenty of bone and substance. Just felt his daughter was more on her toes when moving. 3. Johnson’s Gaelleda Golden Arabella 4. Bell’s Hoaaloha Ma Cherie D’Amour

Welsh Springer Graduate (1-0) 1. Chandler’s Chanangel Dujardin Sweet headed bitch with an appealing expression. Clean in throat leading to wide chest. Correct angles fore and aft. Moved out positively, good front extension and well-muscled.

Welsh Springer Open (1-0) 1. Chandler’s Chanangel Sticky Wicket JW Sh Cm BOB 6 year old dog that belied his age. Full of quality, masculine head with a kind dark eye. Powerful neck set in to correct shoulders. Well of for bone and the best of feet. Moved out positively and presented a balanced picture.

English Springer Spaniel Puppy (1-0) 1. Calvert’s Calvdale Storm The Starts BP B&W bitch who ticked all the boxes constructionally. Lovely feminine head with a dark eye, providing for a biddable expression. Unfortunately, slipped on the floor when entering the ring and put her off her stride. But much too like.

English Springer Spaniel Post Graduate (1-0) 1. Calvert’s Beresford Night Spell B&W with the sweet head good muzzle proportions, dark eye, nice expression. Correct front assembly and plenty of depth to chest. Good bone and substance and best of feet. Moved out well using her well-muscled quarters.

English Springer Spaniels Open (2-1) 1. Calvert’s Calvdale Hot Momma BOB B&W bitch cut out of the same cloth as previous class winners, bred in the purple which showed today. Feminine broad head, good chiselling and proportions. Muscular neck set in to correct shoulders, well-muscled hind quarters. Moved with drive and purpose.

Gundog Group Adult

1. O’Connor’s GWP - Kalejay Gump Kin Ya Work It

2. Chandler’s Welsh Springer – Chanangel Sticky Wicket JW ShCm

3. Robert’s Labrador – Stormrose Golden Fortune JW Sh Cm

4. Glasper’s Irish Setter – Esbrown Lord Of The Dance at Danetop

Gundog Puppy Group

1. Robert’s Labrador - Bronia Yokanga Gold

2. Shipton’s Field Spaniel – Winterbourne True Love For Mishules (Imp Swe)

3. Morris’s American Cocker Spaniel – Mycalley’s Daniel

4. Sharpe’s Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – Tinlake Crystall Ball at Rosettia

AV Gundog Puppy (8-2)

1. Sharpe’s Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – Tinlake Crystall Ball at Rosettia 2. Vicars’ Golden Retriever – Peersbrook Game Set Match 3. Morris’ ACS – Ashclares Kiss Me Quick by Mycalley’s 4. Rainey’s – Cocker Spaniel – Coleela Red Admiral

AV Gundog Junior (6-5) 1. Lintern’s Labrador – Northernjoy Cherry Lips Black bitch, nice head and dark eye, good dentition. Good tail set and carriage, well-muscled quarters put too good use on the move.

AV Post Graduate (4-0) 1. Gerhold’s Golden Retriever – Jaymardy Indigo Pacific JW 2. Tait’s Cocker Spaniel – Amaroanne Glory Days Honest blue boy with the very best of heads – masculine but not overdone. Kind dark eyes making for a lovely expression. Good width and depth to chest, short in loin, level top line, good muscled quarters. Powerful rear driving action. 3. Palmer’s Cocker Spaniel – Dreamist Rock ‘n’ Rye at Colmeir 4. Rainey’s Cocker Spaniel – Kisscan In It To Win It

AV Gundog Open (0)

AV Gundog Veteran (4-1) 1. Steel & Jefferson’s American Cocker Spaniel - Mycalley’s Denisse Sharanbar Sh Cm 8 n ½ yr. old black bitch, full of quality moved out well and presentation tip top. Lover her head and eye, so very typical of this brfeed. Correct shoulders, short in loin and correct top line when moving. 2. Robert’s Labrador – Sh Ch Stormrose Morning Jewel JW Sh Cm Yellow boy who exuded quality, strong head piece, well-muscled quarters, good coat and tail set. Just felt he was a bit heavy today. 3.Radcliffe’s Pointer – Sniperay Star Turn

The Phyllis Dyke Memorial Stakes 1. Bryan’s Lowchen – Teejay Struck Gold – 11month gold and cream, a great head piece with a kind intelligent expression. Well-constructed all through with the best of feet. Super rear action and full of attitude on the move. 2. Vicar’s Golden Retriever – Peersbrook Game Set Match 3. Gooderham’s Beagle – Saltcliff Ophelia 4. Scott’s Border Terrier – Craigshield Fagan

The Cobbydog Graduate Stakes 1. Delgarno’s Beagle – Eardley Shirley Knott Avec Vencharno Hound Group Winner, lovely balanced bitch, sweet feminine head and kind, intelligent expression. Well-made constructionally, moved well with great front extension and positive rear driving action. 2. Dobson & Wolfe’s Alaskan Malamute – Sutkara La Dolce Vita Nice headed bitch, good size, deep front and correct angles. Moved out well and put her strong quarters to good use.

The Pamela Gibson Memorial Stakes – It was a privilege to judge this class in memory of Pamela, brought back some happy memories of talking to her around about the merits of exhibits. 1. Gerhold’s Golden Retriever – Ramchaine Fabulicious JWE Sh Cm 2. Faicus’ Basenji – La Bomba Mysterious Talisman Pharael (Imp Blr) Smart young dog, well put together and typified the attitude of this breed. Great expression and ears. Moved out effortlessly and was well balanced. 3. Delgarno’s PBGV - Nykark Magic Moment 4. Dobson & Wolfe’s Alaskan Malamute – Sutkara La Dolce Vita

The June Huthwaite Memorial Veteran Stakes 1. Steel & Jefferson’s American Cocker Spaniel - Mycalley’s Denisse Sharanbar Sh Cm 2. Drady’s Mini Long Dach’s – Jumanda’s Silver Sparkle at Indiko Sh Cm Correct head plane and angles, good overall make, shape and type. Moved out well.