• Show Date: 08/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Fiona Whitehead Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Treharris & District Canine Society

Treharris & District Canine Society

Open Show 8th December 2018

A big thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at what was a great show, lovely atmosphere and a Group full of quality. In particular it was lovely to see so many promising puppies. Delighted to see my Group winner was BIS and my Puppy Group winner was RBPIS.

Class 57 Field Spaniel Graduate (3, 0 absent)

1st Harding’s Kingsmist Miss Marple

Quality balanced young puppy in lovely condition. Nice head, good neck and well laid back shoulders. Lovely top line stood and on the move. Moved soundly driving from behind. Should have a bright future. BOB 

2nd Griffiths’s Sonnetend Too Funky

Twenty two month old male unlucky to meet one. Good bone and condition. Loved his head, well defined with a moderate stop, not exaggerated in any well. Moved soundly covering the ground.

Class 58 Field Spaniel Open (2, 0)

1st Harding’s Kingsmist Lady in Black

Black bitch, lacking in coat but could not be denied the class as she is full of type and moved very well. Pleasing head, strong neck. Good deep chest.

2nd Bebe & Sutton’s Cochin Flamenco

Four year old bitch in good coat and condition. Nice head and body, not moving as well as one today.

Class 59 Irish Setter Open (2, 0)

1st Prangle’s Heathclare Que Sera

Five year old in good body with well sprung ribs, sweet head. Moved soundly making the most of the small ring.

2nd Lewis’s Quensha Dream a Dream

Very promising puppy full of quality. Lovely head for his age, clean neck and good shoulders, well bodied. A little unsettled on the move but this will come. Puppy Group 4.

Class 60 English Springer Spaniel Open (2, 0)

1st Lewis & Bullock’s Trixhund Talking Obsession JW SchCM

This dog is a real showman and all boy. Strong body with a deep chest and good ribs, well developed muscular hind quarters. Easy to watch on the move and so sound. I was delighted to award him the Gundog Group and lovely to see him go Best in Show.

2nd Lewis & Bullock’s Trixhund Creg Ny Baa

Just 6 months this puppy is lovely, Well proportioned head, good neck and well laid shoulders. His body is spot on for his age as are his hindquarters. Moved very well. One to watch for the future. Puppy Group 2.

Class 61 Welsh Springer Spaniel Graduate (1, 1)

Class 62 Welsh Springer Spaniel Open (2, 1)

1st Williams’s Isfryn Spot the Difference Trebettyn

So much to like about this 3 year old male, everything is in proportion and on the move he covers the ground driving from behind. Strong, muscular body, well developed hindquarters. Pleasing head with a lovely expression. Gundog Group 2.

Class 63 Weimaraner Open (2, 0)

1st Burgess’s Greyspirit Rock Star from Hantzburg

Handsome young male, balanced standing and on the move where he kept his topline. Moderate head but all dog, strong forequarters, well ribbed body, well muscled hindquarters.

2nd Burgess’s Gunalt Rock Out with Hantzburg ShCM, RL1, P-Beg Ex

Not as settled as one on the move but another quality male, Nice tight feet, strong forequarters. Nice head with kind expression

Class 64 Flat Coat Retriever Graduate (1, 1)

Class 65 Flat Coat Retriever Open (2, 2)

Class 66 Golden Retriever Graduate (4, 2)

1st Vicars’s Peersbrook Game Set Match

Well made junior dog who was balanced and made a lovely picture stood and moving. Whilst he still has more developing to do he has a well developed head for his age, clean neck and well laid back shoulders. In lovely condition, well bodied with deep chest and good spring of ribs. Moved freely with good drive. BOB

2nd Vicars’s Illeyhall Una at Peersbrook

Another dog in good condition, not as settled on the move as one. Nice head and well bopned body.

Class 67 Golden Retriever Open (4, 1)

1st Vicars’s Peersbrook Game Set Match

2nd Nicholl’s Largymore You’re My World JW Sh CM

Lovely to see a rich golden colour. A little unsettled on the move carrying his tail a little high today. In good condition with nice deep chest and strong quarters.

Class 68 Labrador Retriever Graduate (2, 0)

1st Evans’s Farnfield Clarity

Feminine young yellow bitch with a sweet head. Good bone, well placed shoulders and well developed body for her age, short-coupled. Sound on the move, covering the ground.

2nd Barker’s Sharouns Yellow Ribbon Round Deerbrook

Another nice bitch who made a lovely picture stood with good head and body, a little unsettled on the ove.

Class 69 Labrador Retriever Open - no entries

Class 70 Pointer Graduate (3, 1 )

1st Matthew’s Medogold Tartini with Sonham JW

Smart black and white dog, good body, nice head with well defined stop and evident dish, moved well.

2nd Cooper’s Trosnant Cider with Rosie

Young puppy who was a little over awed by the occasion. Head still has some developing to do, good body. Moved ok.

Class 71 Pointer Open (3, 2)

1st Philo’s Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist JW ShCM

Striking young dog with a lovely head, well muscled neck and good lay of shoulders. Forelegs are strong and straight. Good body and strong muscular hindquarters. Sound on the move but struggled with the small ring. BOBShortlisted in the strong Group.

2nd Cooper’s Trosnant Cider With Rosie

Class 72 Cocker Spaniel Open (2, 0)

1st Harvey’s Tomerine Super Trouper ShCM

Well put down sturdy compact black dog in good coat. Nice head with good stop. Good spring of ribs, strong hindquarters.

2nd Perkins and Leighton Perkins’s Rockllocers Ice Crystal

Blue roan bitch who epitomized the saying “Merry Cocker”. Sweet head and expression. Nice body with good top line.

Class 73 American Cocker Spaniel (3, 0)

1st Bedding’s Sanparti’s Jiggy Vigie With It (Imp) (Naf)

Sometimes a dog just takes your attention as soon as it enters the room and this young male certainly did! Six months old and everything is there. Loved his head, nice short body, well ribbed and on the move he is so sound. Good bone and lovely condition. 3rd in Gundog Group, won the Gundog Puppy Group and Reserve Best Puppy in Show. One to watch ....

2nd Robert’s Veltuds Buff Hello Bill From Adiaha Sh CM

Unlucky to come up against the puppy as a lovely dog in excellent coat put down to perfection. Nice head with correct eye, good neck and well made body. Strong, well muscled hindquarters. Moved well covering the ground.

Class 74 German Shorthaired Pointer Open (1, 1)

Class 75 Hungarian Vizla Open (2, 1)

1st Jackson’s Addaci Living The Dream

Well bodied male in lovely condition. Lovely shape stood with pleasing head, well muscled neck. and strong hindquarters. Moved well.

Class 76 AVNSC Gundog Open (6, 4)

1st Stirk’s Gloi Donn Believe In Angels Above Grakar

Very smart 8 month old Irish Water Spaniel. Good head and eye, lovely shape, held her top line on the move, in good coat for her age. Well angulated stifle. Good reach and drive. Best AVNSC, Gundog Group 4 and 3rd in the Gundog Puppy Group.

2nd Martin’s Laoirebay Steel Blue Ocean At Shannonstyle

Young Irish Red & White Setter Dog. In lovely condition and coat. Nice head and well ribbed body, just a little unsettled on the move.

Class 77 AV Gundog Puppy (5, 4)

1st Cooper’s Trosnant Oops A Daisy

Liked the head on this young bitch. Nice front assembly. A little hesitant on the move but settled in time and then moved ok. Good body

Class 78 AV Gundog Open (6, 4)

1st Vicars’s Peersbrook Game Set Match

Class 79 AV Gundog Veteran (2, 1)

1st Trosnant Shadow of Dreams

8 year old Pointer dog in lovely condition. Nice head, good front, well muscled quarters with correct angulation. Sound on the move.

Fiona Whitehead - Judge