• Show Date: 21/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southampton & District Canine Association

Thank you to the officers and committee of this show for inviting me to judge on both days of their show. I had shown here many times with my mother, years ago and admired the venue. It was lovely to return and judge. The weather conditions were extremely hot, but the committee dealt with the situation as well as they could. AIREDALE TERRIERS JUNIOR DOG OR BITCH (3) Three nice young Airedales, two being half-sister puppies and very much alike, with not much to choose between them. 1. Turner’s Crillee Cool Wishes. Won because of her head, which I felt was narrower between the ears and she was very slightly the better mover on the day. Super head of equal proportion with long, flat skull. Small, dark eyes with well set on ears. Muscular neck. Forelegs perfectly straight, shoulders well laid back. Very well bodied, boned and muscled, giving a balanced picture. Small round feet. Good tailset. Moved straight and exceptionally well, with propulsion from the rear. Hard, dense and wiry coat coming through nicely. BEST PUPPY & PUPPY GROUP THREE. 2. Johnstone’s Jecadie Just a Spicy Sparkler. Similar remarks apply to this one, who appeared more mature. Super young bitch. The standard states - ‘tail not curled over back’, which to me detracts from the final overall picture. A lot of the breeds do have their tails curled over now, which I should ignore, but find it difficult. 3. Atterbury’s Rokso Lana. OPEN DOG OR BITCH (2) 1. Brown’s Jokyl Noble Princess for Oceanaire ShCM. I have judged this bitch before and she is still just as good. She is a beautifully balanced bitch, looking an absolute picture when standing. Super head with lovely ear placement and carriage. Good strength of muzzle. Clean, muscular neck, correct front and layback of shoulder. Good depth of chest and balanced throughout. Level topline. Correct tail set. Well-muscled quarters with good angulation. Very well presented and handled. Hard wiry coat of rich glowing colour with undercoat. Excellent movement. Won Best of Breed on maturity. BEST OF BREED & GROUP FOUR. STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIERS JUNIOR DOG OR BITCH (4) 1. Thomas’ Sunnystone Limited Edition. A truly lovely example of the breed. Well balanced, super personality and expression. Correct scissor bite, well-proportioned head with distinct stop and pronounced cheeks. Round, dark eyes and correct ears. Straight, well boned forelegs and correct width of front. Well bodied of correct shape when looking down on him, level topline, with slight tuck up. Well-muscled hindquarters with second thigh. Correct angulation and hocks. Nice tailset with tail carried correctly. Moved straight and freely, powerful with drive. I was disappointed he was not placed in the terrier group. BEST PUPPY & BEST OF BREED. 2. Bowin’s Esprimo Love From Down Under. Correct well-proportioned head with nice round eyes. Good body, side profile and correct shape when looking down on her, with correct tuck up. Well-muscled. 3. Turner’s Harkline Ruffian at Tidestaff. 4. Peachey’s Pantycelyn Show Yourself for Vanayres. POST GRADUATE DOG OR BITCH (2) 1. Mitchell & Ashton’s Blooming Lovely. Very feminine smaller bitch, but balanced. Correct bite, good head shape and nice round eyes looking forward. Wider in front with straight forelegs. Turned out in Good Condition. OPEN DOG OR BITCH (4) 1. Daly & Lee’s Starolestaff Arabella at Boscador. Lovely feminine bitch with nice attitude, well balanced and everything in proportion. Well-shaped head, correctly pronounced cheek muscles, nice dark, round eyes looking forward. Correctly placed rose ears. Excellent teeth and bite. Straight front legs with enough bone & width for size. Correct length of neck, shoulders nicely angulated & set on. Level topline, with body of correct shape when looking down on her and nice tuck up. Short coupled, well angulated rear assembly, balancing to front. Moved OK. Reserve Best of Breed. 2. Mitchell & Ashton’s Our Little Cracker. Very masculine dog, up to size for me. An unusual blue brindle colour which is a colour in the standard. Well-proportioned masculine head with good scissor bite. He has a keen expression with lighter eyes, which does detract, but does match his coat colour. I thought they could be rounder. Well bodied and muscled, with correct tuck up. He moved well front and rear, holding his top line on the move. BORDER COLLIES Thank you for exhibiting such lovely Border Collies, on my fourth time of judging the breed. POST GRADUATE DOG OR BITCH (4) Three lovely puppies. 1. Shahmatova’s Nashdom La Vie Est Belle. Lovely feminine bitch puppy. Super head of correct proportions with distinct stop. Nice dark eyes, correct ears, well carried. Good lay of shoulders and straight front legs. Super oval feet. Had a lovely athletic appearance with well-constructed body. Level topline, being slightly longer in body than height. Nicely muscled, angulated hindquarters which helped to give smooth graceful movement around the ring. Lacking in coat a bit, to complete the picture. BEST PUPPY & PUPPY GROUP TWO. 2. Shahmatova’s Nashdom Putting on the Style. Not enjoying his day in the hot weather. Super well-proportioned, masculine head with distinct stop, dark eyes and good ears. Well bodied, correct length, with good bone and feet. Very nice profile, with level topline. His sister showed a lot better on the day. 3. Sheridan’s Parisway Albarine. OPEN DOG OR BITCH (2) Two lovely dogs, a shame one had to come first and one second. 1. Shahmatova’s Nashdom Unpredictable. A true showman, handled to perfection. Strong head, distinctive stop, correct oval brown eyes with keen expression. Well placed ears. Correct front with equal length of shoulder and upper-arm. Strong muscular arched neck leading to well-placed shoulders. Level back, deep chest with plenty of rib length. Correct length of body to height. Strong in loin with good turn of stifle. Sloping croup with well-set tail of good length. Moved with drive and minimal lift. Could watch him all day. In super coat and condition. BEST OF BREED, GROUP ONE & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW. 2. Angier & Stacey’s Tullacrest Signd Syld Delivered to Bilyara (Imp AUS) JW ShCM. Another really lovely smart upstanding mature dog. Strong head, dark eyes, distinct stop, tight scissor bite with excellent teeth. Enough neck into correct shoulders, tight front, strong bone, good knuckling, tight pads, good depth of brisket, well bodied with strong muscles. Perfect topline, nice turn of stifle, good tail set. Presented in superb condition with excellent coat. Moved well. JUDGE Felicity A. Snook