• Show Date: 27/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Stourbridge & District Canine Society

Thank you to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this show. Also thanks to all those exhibitors who entered, giving me the honour and privilege to assess their dogs. A special thanks to my two very efficient stewards.


Puppy (4) 1. Sansom’s Tarkaswell Bond Girl. Well balanced, super 7 month old puppy bitch. Correct otter type head with good stop. Dark expressive eyes and well placed ears. Straight front, with deep, narrow body and level topline. Well muscled hindquarters for one so young. Nice small feet. Correct harsh, dense coat. Moved extremely well, presenting a lovely outline. I was pleased she went on to be Best Terrier Puppy and is being well placed at championship shows. BEST PUPPY, BEST OF BREED & BEST TERRIER PUPPY. 2. Read’s Roxambor Loving the Music. Another very promising puppy of a good type. Correct head, good body and nice feet. Coat, harsh and dense. Did not have the muscle tone of the 1st, resulting in not such extended movement. 3. Nightingale’s Knowbury for Blue Label.

Post Graduate (2) 1. Read’s Roxambor Space Invader. Well developed, mature dog, not easily spanned. Up to size, but being a dog, not quite so important. Good head and expression, with short strong muzzle. Excellent scissor bite with big teeth. Nice reach of neck. Straight front with good bone, standing on thick pads. Good hind angulation with nicely set on tail. Thick pelt and harsh coat, presented in lovely condition. Moved well and covered the ground with ease. Lost his topline on the challenge for BOB. RESERVE BEST OF BREED. 2. Read’s Rosie Amber Rose at Roxambor. Been on maternity duty and has lost her figure. Head not so good as 1st. Not such a good stop, giving the appearance of having a longer muzzle. Nice topline. Super small feet. Correct harsh, dense coat. But did not have the movement of the 1st.

Open (3) 1. Read’s Badgerbeck Cha Cha Cha at Roxambor. Another lady, who appears to have been on maturity leave and lost her figure. Head OK. Had a ‘winter’ nose which did detract from the appearance, but not a serious fault. Nice front with well laid shoulders and good topline. Correct harsh, dense coat with good pelt. Moved OK.


Puppy (1) 1. Inett, Claydon & Harrison’s Carradine Jo. Another super 7 month old puppy, full of true Cairn character. Took a time to settle in this ‘free standing’ breed, but she did not stand still for long! Broad head with good furnishings, nice small, pointed ears carried correctly. Good neck, nicely bodied. Strong muscular thighs, for one so young. She loves her food and needs to slim, otherwise, very nice. Presented in excellent coat and texture. BEST PUPPY.

Post Graduate (2) I found this class hard to judge, as I liked different things about the different dogs. 1. Harrison’s Carradine Winnie. Both had good, well-furnished heads with definite stop and broad skulls. I felt this bitch’s ears were more pointed and better placed. Nicely bodied, but on the fatter side. Good ribcage and length of loin. Good muscle tone, nicely angulated and moved with a free-flowing stride. Very good weather-resistant coat. 2. Bateman & Ravenhill’s Carradine Fizz Bomb. Similar attributes to 1st. I felt she had a better eye shape. She tended to roach her back a bit on the move. When stood she turned her feet out more than 1st.Nice neck and body. Correct coat and showed extremely well.

Open (4) 1. Harrison’s Carradine Whiskey Oscar. A super mature, masculine Cairn, who I felt should have been placed in the group. Had true Cairn character, standing naturally, well forward on forepaws, showing off his good balance. Very good, well- proportioned head with broad skull. I could feel the indentation between the eyes producing a definite stop, having the sunken eyes and shaggy eyebrows. Ears small, pointed and correctly placed. Correct neck and slope of shoulders. Level back, good body with well-muscled hindquarters and correct tail set. Moved very well, with drive. Excellent weather-resistant double coat, which is important in the breed. BEST OF BREED. 2. Clayton’s Carradine Here Comes Dolly. Smart, feminine bitch. With correct head and well set, small pointed ears. Excellent double coat of correct texture. Good bone and muscle, nice proportioned body, kept a level topline on the move, well set on tail. She had to give way to the male for 1st place and BOB. RESERVE BEST OF BREED. 3. Bateman’s Carradine Whiskey Mac.


Puppy (2) 1. Rees’ Pantycelyn Main Man at Amical. Another super puppy of 6 months old. Handler not used to showing terriers. But she will get used to this super chap with typical terrier temperament and characteristics. Well- proportioned head, with nice flat skull of medium width and well defined stop. Super ears and carriage. Strong neck, straight front legs with well laid back shoulders. Spannable, nicely bodied with level back. Good tail set. Strong and muscular hindquarters, giving him good movement with drive. Nice broken weather proof coat. BEST PUPPY, BEST OF BREED, TERRIER GROUP 3 & TERRIER PUPPY GROUP 3. 2. Thornley’s Locheil Stop Right There NAF. A very different type. Lovely temperament. Good scissor bite. Spannable and nicely muscled. Smooth weather proof coat.

Open (1) 1. Smith’s Locheil Talk of the Town. Masculine well-shaped head, having flat skull and showing a stop. Forequarters not the best, a shame because otherwise he was a nice dog. Good body with firm level topline. Well sprung ribcage & good depth of chest, spannable. Hindquarters angulated, strong and well-muscled, producing a movement with plenty of rear drive. In good coat. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.


Puppy (1) 1. Bettis’ Ornella Lover Boy. Another lovely puppy, quite mature for his age, handsome and powerful, presented in immaculate condition. Nice head with slightly domed skull and super ear carriage. Good mouth and strong jaw. Fairly straight front with well let down chest. Level topline with correct tailset. Deep and muscular thighs, giving good movement with drive’ when settled. Correct long, hard and wiry topcoat with weather-resistant undercoat. Skirt developing well. Deserved a placing in the Terrier Puppy group. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

Open (3) 1. Bettis’ Ch. Ornella Country Living ShCM. Certainly a worthy champion, presented to perfection. Thank you for showing him under me. He should have been well placed in the Terrier Group. My notes read – ‘lovely, wonderful, and just oozed!’ A top quality dog, full of breed type. He has all the right proportions, hard and fit. Correct head, body of ample bone and substance. Powerful hindquarters with deep, muscular thighs and well bent stifles, giving him the correct brisk and vigorous movement with drive. Super hard and wiry topcoat with weather proof undercoat and wonderful skirt. BEST OF BREED. 2. Jones & Bull’s Oldstable Bruce Banner. A nice type, longer bodied. Good head and ear carriage. Well let down chest. Powerful hindquarters, giving good movement. In nice coat with skirt, but not to the perfection of 1st. 3. Jones & Bull’s Ornella Idaknow.


Puppy (2) 1. Curtis’ Skye Terrier, Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill. Yet another outstanding puppy of nearly a year old. Mature for her age, but feminine. Thank you for showing her under me. Should have been better placed in the Terrier puppy group. Long and powerful head, super eyes, full of expression. Pricked ears, nicely placed and covered with feathering. Strong jaw and correct scissor bite. Good depth of chest. Long, low body with level top line. Oval ribcage, deep and long. Strong well developed and angulated hindquarters. Giving free, effortless fluid movement. Excellent tail carriage. Beautiful coat condition with lovely dark markings on ears and muzzle. Unfortunate to come up against the mature Smooth Fox Terrier and Australian Terrier. One to certainly watch for the future. I see she has already beaten her father and won many top awards. BEST A.V.N.S.C. TERRIER PUPPY & TERRIER PUPPY GROUP 4.

Junior (2) 1. Brookes’ Smooth Fox Terrier, Zetamaz Just Inked. Litter brother to the best in show winner. But not the showman. Very nice but not the top class of his brother. Correct head of good length, narrowing to the eyes, with flat skull. Small well set v shaped ears. Fair length of neck, well laid back shoulder. Short back, body condition excellent, strong loin, small round feet, long & powerful thighs, tail well set and carried. In good coat, well presented, as would be expected from this kennel. 2. McIver’s Irish Terrier, Pinleygreen Golden Rocket. Nice bitch of good type. Good mouth and correct eyes. Well shaped ears, but not set so well. Straight front legs. Nicely muscled thighs. Good harsh, wiry topcoat, but not a lot of undercoat.

Open (3) 1. Brookes & Wildig’s Smooth Fox Terrier, Zetamaz Carbon Copy JW. An outstanding showman, presented to perfection. Very smart young dog, so mature for his age. Super head, small dark, circular eyes with bright, intelligent expression. Wonderful V shaped small ears, well set on head. Good neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Deep chest, short back and well set tail. Strong and muscular hindquarters, hocks well let down with good turn of stifle. Giving good straight movement with drive from the rear. Small, round and compact feet. In excellent coat. BEST A.V.N.S.C. TERRIER, BEST TERRIER & BEST IN SHOW. 2. Russell & Ferris’ Australian Terrier, Wyeafon Percival. Lovely temperament. Correct head, flat skull with thumb marks. Definite stop, equal length of skull to muzzle, topped with a ‘top-knot’ of lighter colour. Nice almond eyes, small, pointed ears, well placed. Correct scissor bite. Slightly arched neck and good straight front. Strongly constructed body with level topline. Nicely muscled and fit, giving good movement. Blue and tan coloured coat of a super harsh texture. Ruff coming around his neck, which will come with age. RESERVE BEST A.V.N.S.C. TERRIER.