• Show Date: 10/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

MANCHESTER TERRIER POST GRADUATE (1) 1. Hemsell’s Tetani Lux Mundi. A shame she did not seem to want to show well. Nice head of correct length with long skull and small dark eyes. Ears a little erratic. Fair length of neck, deep chest and short back. Correct semi-hare feet with well arched toes. Very good markings of correct colour in all the right places. OPEN (4) 1. Boot’s Ttombowor Princess Phoebe ShCM. Correct compact, elegant outline of good shape and size. Head OK. Good straight front, muscular, arched neck into well angulated front. In excellent condition. Good brisket, strong coupling with correct cut up. Well angulated rear. Moved with good reach and drive. In super coat and condition, with correct markings in the right places. BEST OF BREED. 2. Greenslade’s Utterbygreen Mint Chocolat. A smaller version, but of a very nice type. Preferred head to No 1. Nice long, flat skull with super ears, carried well above top line of head. Well-made body, straight front and good turn of stifle. Markings not so good. RESERVE BEST OF BREED. 3. Hemell’s Tetani Wizard of Dreams JW ShCM. STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER Thank you so much for entering so many lovely Staffordshire Bull Terriers. The puppies were wonderful. I was really spoilt for choice. PUPPY (6) 1. Hemstock, Sanjesh & Hemstock’s Blazen Staff’s Over The Top Jolihem (Imp Deu). Such a hard decision here. They were both so lovely. The same age and will often change places. This dog was well put together without any exaggerations. Super head of correct proportions, with broad skull, pronounced cheeks, distinct stop, strong muzzle and under jaw. Well set ears. Nice round, dark eyes. Straight, well boned front legs and tight feet. Muscular neck, level topline, short loin and well-muscled hindquarters. Hocks well let down with stifles well bent. Low set tail of correct length carried correctly.. Moved well, holding a level topline. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED. 2. Blanch Calonge’s Stormfire Lebron James. Another lovely dog puppy. Nice head, correct bite, good under jaw and depth of skull. Correct ears. Preferred rounder eyes of No 1. Straight front, neat feet, level top line with ample rib, short coupled, good depth to brisket, strong well-muscled hind quarters. Compact and well balanced, presented in good condition. 3. Martinez’s Stormfire Princess Fire and Ice. 4. Preston’sTillcarr Fire Starter. 5. Hirst & Bibby’s Taraiel Soulja Boy. JUNIOR (4) 1. Hemstock, Sanjesh & Hemstock’s Blazen Staff’s Over The Top Jolihem (Imp Deu). 2. Blanch Calonge’s Stormfire Lebron James. 3. Martinez’s Stormfire Princess Fire and Ice. POST GRADUATE (3) 1. Fox’s Jolihem Sugar Pie. Nice head of good proportions. Correct ears and set. Good scissor bite. Would prefer a rounder eye. Close-coupled body, wide front with good bone. Good shoulders, correct topline. Well-muscled hindquarters. Hocks well let down with stifles well bent. Moved well. 2. Fox’s Stand By Me. An all-white boy with pigmentations to match. Good head and ear set, with lovely round eyes. Well boned, level topline, short loin with good angulation. Low set tail of correct length and carriage. Did not put a lot into his movement, but it was a hot day. OPEN (2) 1. Fox’s Jolihem Honey Bunch. Super well-proportioned head, short broad skull, pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop and short foreface. Dark, round eyes and correct ears carried well. Straight front, wide chest, level topline, short coupled and strong well-muscled hindquarters. In lovely shape and condition. Moved well. BEST OF BREED. 2. Fox’s Jolihem Solid Ground. Good strong head, scissor bite, correct ears and placement, with nice round eyes. Wide in chest. Well-muscled shoulders. Level topline. Close-coupled body of nice shape. Muscled hindquarters with hocks well let down with stifles well bent. Moved OK. Shown in good coat. ANY VARIETY NOT SEPARATELY CLASSIFIED PUPPY (4) Both puppies were very young and immature. 1. Satherley’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Silkcroft Point and Shoot. Very well balanced and super outline. Well-proportioned feminine head with excellent ears and set on. Good neck and shoulders. Well-muscled with good angulation. Moved very well. Coat colour and texture coming. 2. Davies’ Smooth Fox Terrier, Llyunamill Ruby Slippers. A promising bitch, but needs to grow on and mature. Super head with flat skull. Nicely folded ears dropping forward with fold of ear above level of skull. Correct overall shape, with good tail set on. Will be nice when fully mature. JUNIOR (4) 1. Satherley’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Freeze Frame. Brother to Point and Shoot. Very little to choose between them. Outgoing youngster, with super temperament. Well balanced and a good size for his age. Well-proportioned head with flat skull and defined stop. Good scissor bite. Ears set correctly and used well. Nice reach of neck. Straight forequarters, well boned and muscled. Compact body with level topline. Immature in coat, but correct colour and texture, it will come with age. Excellent movement. BEST NOT SEPARATELY CLASSIFIED PUPPY. 2. Bradbury’s West Highland White Terrier, Petalam’s Lion King. A very nice type and with better presentation could look nice. Under too much coat, there was a correct head with slightly dome skull and small, erect, pointed ears. Compact body with level topline. Movement OK. POST GRADUATE (2) 1. Turley’s Smooth Fox Terrier, Zetamaz Paris By Night Avec Llyunamill ShCM Lovely shaped head, nice eye, giving bright, intelligent expression. Scissor bite, good ear set and flat skull. Good neck and shoulders, deep chest, short back, powerful loin, slightly arched, giving lovely overall appearance and balance. Strong, well-muscled hind quarters. Resulting in superb movement. Nice and straight with good drive coming from well flexing hindquarters. In excellent coat, straight, flat, hard, dense and abundant. 2. Turley’s Smooth Fox Terrier, Llyunamill Black Tie Affair. Not so well balanced as No 1. Lovely ear carriage. Nice straight front. Body of a good type. Tail set correctly high and carried well. In excellent coat. Not the movement of No 1. OPEN (6) A very difficult choice between 1st and 2nd. Both dogs are excellent examples of their breed. 1. Bannister’s Bedlington Terrier, Miteymidgets’ English Dream. Presented to perfection, which one would expect from this kennel. Super graceful appearance. Narrow skull, deep and round, covered with silky ‘topknot’, creating a lovely shaped head. Correct triangular shaped small bright eye creating the true Bedlington look. Ears set on low, thin and velvety in texture. Lovely length of neck, well laid back shoulders, good straight front with nicely sloping pasterns. Deep chest, flat ribbed with natural arch over loin creating the correct amount of tuck up. Well-muscled hind quarters. Correct turn of stifle with hocks well let down. Super long hare feet. Had the distinctive, rather mincing Bedlington movement. Presented in superb coat, thick and linty. So pleased to see him go Reserve Best in Show. BEST NOT SEPARATELY CLASSIFIED. 2. Satherley’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Silkcroft Auroras Encore JW. A lovely example of the breed, so feminine and well balanced. Lovely proportioned head, good stop, flat skull, keen dark eyes and thin well set ears. Slightly arched neck into well laid shoulders. Compact body with level top line. Well-muscled with good angulation, well set tail with plenty of substance behind it. Moved very well. Excellent silky, soft coat of a lovely colour 3. Moules’ Airedale Terrier, Doraemi Buffalo Soldier. 4. Catlow’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Flaxela Too Fast For Love At Just Jingo ShCM. ANY VARIETY VETERAN TERRIER (3) 1. Hemsell’s Manchester Terrier, Tetani Spirit of the Wind. A very nice 11 year old. A shame she was not entered in the breed classes, as she would have been well placed. Correct head, eyes, ears and placement. Well bodied and muscled for her age. She had all the correct markings and moved very well. 2. Hemstock, Sanjesh & Hemstock’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Aus. Ch. Budstaff Boagy of Jolihem (imp Fra). Now nearly 12 and showing his age. Was obviously a great chap in his day and still a great showman. Correct head, but lost some of his teeth. Still got a very nice outline. Handled by a very young handler. 3. Kay’s Jack Russell Terrier, Jackopeaks Princess Peach. TERRIER GROUP BEST TERRIER - Bannister’s Bedlington Terrier, Miteymidgets’ English Dream. RESERVE BEST TERRIER - Fox’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Jolihem Honey Bunch. GROUP 3 – Keeves’ Cairn Terrier, Ch Seveek Hopes N Dreams JW ShCM. A worthy champion, with a lovely natural appearance, standing well forward on forepaws. Correctly proportioned head and skull, with small pointed ears. Liked her size and shape, being very well balanced. Good reach of neck and sloping shoulders. Level topline. Very good mover. Well presented in super coat, double-coated with harsh outer coat. GROUP 4 – Taylor’s Border Terrier, Nottorg Nostalgia. Still young, but the type of Border I like, being very workmanlike. Well proportioned ‘otter’ type head with broad skull. Good eyes and excellent ears. Straight front. Nice length of neck. Spannable behind the shoulders with good pelt. Correct body and harsh coat. Moved soundly. BEST TERRIER PUPPY - Hemstock, Sanjesh & Hemstock’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Blazen Staff’s Over The Top Jolihem (Imp Deu). RESERVE BEST TERRIER PUPPY - Satherley’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Freeze Frame. PUPPY GROUP 3 – Unfortunately the steward gave me the wrong ring number, but I believe it was the Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Stanley’s Sokrovische Gardariki Aristokrat at Waffelin. Strong, large head, but in proportion to body. Broad skull, large, dark hazel round eyes with pendulous ears. Strong neck with good depth of chest. Correct length of back, dipping slightly at shoulders and arching over the loin, dropping to the root of the tail. Moved fluently. Coat correctly presented. PUPPY GROUP 4 – Smith’s Jack Russell Terrier, Locheil Talk of the Town. A good type. Nice shaped head with almond eyes. Good neck and shoulders. Nicely spannable behind shoulders. Harsh coat. JUDGE Felicity A. Snook