• Show Date: 29/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Fay Matthews-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Luton Canine Association

Luton Canine Association – 29/12/18 


Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) 

Class 144 – Puppy (4, 2) 

1. Ginger & Parkinson’s, Jodeschi Incoming Blizzard – 11 months, nice little male, good mouth, well rounded skull with correct dome, nice eye and good ear set, well-proportioned body, moved well with character, nice tail carriage and level top line.  BPIB. 

2. Halls, Jorazan Rocky Balboa – 6 month, quite a bit younger than 1 which, I feel, made all the difference, this boy was lacking in confidence and lost out on maturity.  He had a good mouth with nice eye and ear set.  Not as together as 1 overall. 


Class 145 – Junior (3, 1) 

1. Crowley’s, Christalchi Taraking – 12 months, pretty dainty bitch, nice eye and ear set, good mouth, nice level top line together with nice movement.  Wish she’d used her tail more. 

2. Hall’s, Jorazan Apollo Creed – 6 months, not wanting to use his tail today, at just over 6 months he was lacking in confidence.  Nice eye and ear set (when he didn’t have them back), good mouth and moved well despite his nervousness. 


Class 146 – Graduate (1 entry) 

1. Hall’s, Jorazan Hearts On Fire – 6 months, well-proportioned bitch, as with her brother in the previous class, she needs more confidence.  Good mouth, ear set and eye, moved well keeping her top line level. 


Class 147 – Open (2, 1) 

1. Crowley’s, Nikitos Namethatdog – 3 years old, what a lovely boy.  Absolutely stunning head and expression, good mouth, beautiful eye and ear set.  Well ribbed with excellent body proportions.  Wonderful movement coming and going with correct tail carriage and holding his top line at all times.  Chihuahua attitude in abundance!  BOB. 



Class 176 – Puppy (3, 2) 

1. Petitpom Legend Of Love – 6 month orange sable male, sweet head and expression with small ear and good mouth.  Still with fluffy baby coat but change is underway with correct coat coming through.  Nicely proportioned and well balanced.  Held his shape well on the move although his movement could be a little untidy when he wasn’t concentrating; hopefully this will improve with age and training.  Nice Pom puppy attitude.  BPIB. 


Class 177 – Junior (4) 

1. Sueacres Just a Dream – 15 month orange sable bitch, the sweetest of head and expression, nice eye, good ear size and set, correct mouth.  Ideal size for a bitch; well proportion and nice tail set.  Always alert and attentive to her handler.  Nice movement in all directions.  Not looking her best today as she’s well into her junior moult however she has a correct coat type with absolutely nothing to hide.   

2. Snowvilla Moonlight Magic – 12 month orange bitch, another bitch of correct size, preferred the head and expression of 1, good mouth, nicely proportioned bitch who moved well. 

3. Petitpom Starlight Kiss 


Class 178 – Graduate (2) 

1. Aizens Dreams Of Being A Star At Trenarwyn (Imp Esp) – 12 month black male, stunning head and expression, nice eye, correct ear and good mouth, held his shape well both standing and on the move, lovely black jacket of the correct texture which can improve with maturity, attentive to handler.  BOB & TG4. 

2. Keisyl Dunen Dusted TAF – 7 month orange male, raw baby with plenty of mischief in him, typical head and expression, slightly rounded eye, correct coat type coming though, needs to settle on movement. 


Class 188 – Open (4, 2) 

1. Sueacres Bettin On Evie – 15 month orange sable bitch, litter sister to winner of the junior class and similar comments apply, she’s also not looking her best due to the coat change however still a beautifully made bitch with nothing to hide.  Sweet head and expression, correct mouth and well proportioned.  Nice movement in all areas.  Graduate winner just made the all round picture for me today although this could change another time. 

2. Lireva’s Dream Maker For Petitpom – 13 month orange sable male, nice head, eye and ear, lovely expression with him always looking for mischief, good proportions with correct coat in abundance however would prefer it not to be as sculptured, good movement when settled. 


Fay Matthews-Jones