• Show Date: 29/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Emily Thornton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Luton Canine Association

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Puppy (1, 0ab) 1st – Bartley’s Erylan Zeus Roi Des Dieux 10 months old and of the larger mould, he has a lovely masculine head with well-defined stop, friendly expression and correct set of ears. Deep chest, with shoulders well laid back, and nice padded feet. Moved with purpose and tail carried well. BPIB. 

Junior (2, 0ab) 1st – Reid’s Fox’s Nightmare Zeta Jones At Maudaxi (IMP RUS) I loved watching this sound and free moving hound, reaching well forward and with excellent drive. A nicely proportioned bitch, she has good firm lines throughout. A pleasing feminine head, with ears set on low, and sweet and lively expression, with a nicely shaped dark eyes. Pleased to award BOB. 

2nd – McEwan’s Marunnel Orinoco A happy boy with a masculine head with well developed occiput and defined stop, with friendly expression. Level topline, which he held well on the move with a nice drive. Correct rough and natural coat. 

Graduate (3, 1ab) 1st - Bartley’s Erylan Loki Maitre Du Mal These two could easily change places on another day. This 23 month has a very pleasing head and good length of neck. Nice tail set. Moved OK but would prefer more enthusiasm. 

2nd – McEwan’s Marunnel Miss Adelaide 17 months old bitch with nice front angulation and feminine head. She was a little unsettled for her handler today which made it difficult for me to assess her properly, but was a very excited mover with good profile movement and tail carriage. 

 Open (3, 1ab) 1st – Reid’s Maudaxi Nick Nack An attractive rough coated breed-typical 3-year-old male who has a balanced profile. Well-shaped head on a strong neck onto level topline and correct set of tail when moving. Straight forelegs and well boned in proportion. Moved freely when in action. 

2nd – Reid’s Fox’s Nightmare Jessica Biel At Maudaxi JWW18 (IMP RUS) This bitch has a nice feminine head with low set, fine ears and clean and well laid back shoulders. Moved well.