• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Eli Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Marlborough & District Canine Society

Marlborough & District Canine Society 07/05/18 – Whippets 

I was delighted to be invited to undertake my first judging appointment at Marlborough & District Canine Society’s open show. It was great to see almost all of the exhibits in proper muscular condition and most had nice clean teeth too. Many thanks to my lovely steward Peter Sheppard and to the exhibitors for entering under me. Very pleased to see my BPIB taking Hound Puppy Group 1.

PUPPY (4E, 2A) 

1. Davis, Mrs H. A. & Mr J. P. Jemalsheva Goldikova
Pretty 8 month old fawn brindle bitch. Moved well front and back, perhaps lacking a little drive from the rear. Lovely dark pigment and eye, nice length of rib and good tuckup which will serve her well as she fills out. Nice deep chest for a youngster. BPIB. 

2. Severn, Ms. Vensuter Morse at Nattah
6 month old blue brindle dog. Kept in excellent condition. Nice length of neck, decent front, but lacking bend of stifle in the rear. Lost to 1 on movement as moved wide behind today. 


1. Taylor, Miss T. Selinko Sugar Love at Musblaiks
14 month old brindle bitch. Great mover this one. A bit unsettled to start with but settled by the end of the class and moved with typey long, low daisy-cutting strides. Lovely sweet head and great feet. Good length of rib. A bit nervous in the challenge otherwise would have been a great contender for breed.

2. Severn, Ms. Courtbirch Wind of Change for Nattah
16 month old fawn and white parti dog. Great muscle and depth of chest on him. Nice rear angulation and length of neck. Moved well with low hocks but not as excellently as 1 and somewhat over-large for the ring today.


1. Kirtland, Mr G. & Mrs V. Erinnis Stargazer
20 month old fawn dog. Despite being neutered, this dog shone in his class today. Excellent typey dog with lovely sweeping movement and drive from the rear. Great head and expression with soft rose ears. Balanced angulation front and rear, just a little too flat in his topline to get into the top honours.

2. Severn, Ms. Magia Blanco con Nattah
2 year old black and white bitch. Good length of neck and body with a nice depth of chest. Balanced angulation front and rear so moved well, but less typey than 1 as was a bit rangey. 

3. Taylor, Miss T. Musblaiks Pyromania
18 month old fawn and white dog. Shame to come up against 1 and 2, as this dog had lovely depth of chest and angulation. Just a bit unsettled today and his movement reflected this.


1. Taylor, Miss T. Selinko Lady Lydia at Musblaiks
21 month old brindle and white bitch. Nice expression on a good bitchy head. Really nice tuckup from a deep chest. Held her topline well on the move and had great rear drive from low hocks. Just lacking a little substance and forechest to get into the top honours today.

2. Severn, Ms. Nattah Venus’s One Dream
2 year old brindle bitch. A lovely picture when stacked but lost it on the move, along with tail held a little gay. Nice length of neck though and full of enthusiasm.


1. Taylor, Miss T. Willingwisp Moment Of Hope to Musblaiks
2 year old fawn and white bitch. Beautiful typey whippet with an exquisite head. Excellent matching front and rear angulation with great drive and daisy-cutting action. Neck flowed superbly into shoulders, forming of a series of elegant curves. Fought hard for BOB but lacked the underline and length of rib of BOB so took a very worthy RBOB.

2. Hill, Miss M. Kierpark Its My Life
6 year old fawn and white parti dog. Very well put together dog with a decent head, excellent depth of chest and lots of gentle curves. Kept in muscular condition which accented his great substance and topline. Just lost out to 1 with his movement, as he lacked drive from the rear.

3. Whitmore, Mrs K. & Mr J. Whitleara Truly Scrumpy
3 year old brindle bitch. Lovely dark eye and depth of chest on this one. Shorter in loin than 2 and had nice low hocks; it was close between them. In the end, this bitch took third place as she lacked the curves and overall style of 2.

OPEN (6E, 1A)

1. Hill, Mrs K. Kierpark Livin On A Prayer ShCM
6 year old fawn and white parti dog. Lovely typey whippet; he just outshone everyone else from the moment he stepped foot in the ring. Great deep chest and tuckup, moved excellently front and back. A nice length of body without being overly long in loin and just the right amount of substance. Held his topline well and didn’t put a foot wrong. BOB.

2. Taylor, Miss T. Musblaiks On Thru The Night
3 year old brindle bitch. Great soulful expression from dark eyes, good deep chest and tuckup. Strong, arched neck and nice extension on the move. Fought hard on movement but couldn’t beat 1 today.

3. Smeath, Miss L. Willingwisp Moment Of Love

Eli Jones (Judge)