• Show Date: 13/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Eleanor Bryant Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society

Tunbridge Well & District Canine Society 
Sunday 13th May 2018 
English Setters and Clumber Spaniels
Judge: Eleanor Bryant (Phenset) 

English Setters

P: (1) Poynter & Lewis’ Quensha Cowboys and Angels. OB dog, just short of 7 months old. Soft expression with perfectly shaped dark eyes. Excellent bone. Good depth of chest, short coupled and mature in body for his age. Balanced angulation and extremely well muscled. Positive front and rear movement with a lovely head carriage. BP.

PG: (1) Loakes’ Goldbirch Wings of Desire JW ShCM. 20 month old BBT bitch with the most beautiful head, stunning dark eyes, good bone and full coat. Good depth of chest and strong topline. Front and rear angulation are perfectly balanced, though I would prefer a little more of both. Elegant movement with nice head carriage and desirable slashing tail action. Well presented, in hard working condition. BOB.

O: (1) Deering’s Sky Lark of Rosetimber. 3 year old OB bitch. Pretty head with a lovely reach of neck leading to well-placed shoulders. Well ribbed up with good depth of chest. Correctly angulated hindquarters with plenty of muscle. A little distracted on the move, though when she settled I preferred her length of stride and width of rear. Unfortunately she was completely lacking in clothes today and this distorted her outline. Could swap places with the BOB on another day. RBOB.

Clumber Spaniels

P: (1) Wilson’s Anbrook Fair Maid of Kent by Winhampton. 11 month old bitch. Feminine head with perfect bite, clean eyes and proportionate reach of neck. Straight front, plenty of heart room and ideal weight. Correct angulation both front and back. A little wild on the move, but once settled she moved true, with an ever-wagging and well-set tail. I would not want her any longer, but she holds her topline perfectly. Really eye catching and definitely one to watch. No hesitation in awarding BOB in addition to BP.

O: (2 abs).


After sending the above to Our Dogs, I found out that the Clumber really was ‘one to watch’ as she went on to win Gundog Puppy Group 1! Congratulations to the Wilsons and their lovely pup.